As Above, So Below

As above, so below. Astrology is not predictive, is reflective. It reflects the current life condition of individuals and the world as a whole.

There are two type of primal desires, one is the desire to unite, and the other is the desire to separate. Union and freedom. They are opposites, but present in every single person’s life. And there is the root to all the problems we face.

Union, is the primal desire to get back to the source (or nature, or infinite or God, or whatever is your choice of higher power). We try to achieve this in so many different ways (through religion, mysticism, love relationships, sex, or simply overattachment).

Freedom, is the primal desire to break the principle of wholeness, and experience personal freedom. Personal free-choice, personal time, personal interests, solitude, and personal goals. Is the transformation from plural (all or everyone) into singular (the person).

However, there is a source. The beginning of all, the meaning of all. The reason why we exist in matter, time and space. And all of us are parts of a whole. All of us and all we experience is united and linked into a wholeness principle. And no matter how much freedom we get, we will always have this desire (sometimes mysterious and unspoken) to get back there.

Having on mind that we live in a universe that encompasses all we experience, we can infer that we are a reflection of the universe and viceversa. And there are hints in what we we experience that make it possible to tell a full story for each of us.

Astrology, then, is about analysing the symbolism occult in the sky and the movement of the planets. As a result, we can understand what is going on below (our lives, our world) from what is going on above. It is our reflection.

~ Photo by Mara De Diego