Full Super Moon in Taurus

Between 13th and 14th of November 2016, we will be experiencing the Full Super Moon in Taurus.  Will look bigger than usual, because it is the closest to Earth than it can get (perigee). Brighter and bigger than what we have ever seen it (nearly 70 years ago). So, this phenomenon amplifies its manifestation down here on Earth. This is a powerful time for deep grounding. To re-connect with Earth.

Taurus. The bull. Physical, earthy, steady.

Let’s dive into the symbolism. Taurus is fixed earth. It is stable, patient, persistent and steady. It knows Earth and how it works, it is grounded and connected to the physical realm, to reality and to the physical senses.

But first, let’s look at the inner symbolism of Taurus: self-sufficiency, which brings self-security. Taurus knows its capabilities, its skills, and how to apply them to be safe. Safe through the possession of material and physical security, obtained through a well materialisation and application of mental and physical skills. So, what does the Scorpion Sun light in the Taurean Moon means? It is an invitation to explore and use our own physical and mental capabilities and apply them with others in mutual reception (Scorpio).

How can we do this? Acknowledging what we have. What we can do. Exploring ourselves. We all have practical skills that we can apply. But let’s not forget that we live in a social world. Taurus is self-sufficient, and it needs to learn to co-create and co-work. Let’s work together consciously by using our own special and unique skills for better results.

Now, let’s look at the physical side of Taurus. What is our first link to the physical realm? Our body. With our body, we sense. Experiences such as massages, sensorial therapies (such as aromatherapy), eating and last but not least, sex, can connect us to the physical.

Also, Scorpio and Taurus are related to sexual experiences. From Scorpio, it connects us to the depths of human experience, physically embodied (Taurus) in this third dimension.

Now, our connection to our planet is something we have gradually been losing as individuals. We live so fast, so busy with our ambitions, our work and our duties. We hide behind vain activities to distract us from our realities (television, social networks, drinking, possessing, etc.) that we forget where we live. We travel and we don’t stop to feel, sense and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us because we are too busy with getting the perfect photo for our Facebook account. This is the downside of Taurus.

We forget that in this life, we came to Earth and we are bound to it. We forget to feel, to se sense and to enjoy slowly and delectably the beauty of life in Earth.

Life passes so fast in front of us, and we just don’t stop to savour it consciously.

This Moon, is a powerful time to penetrate into the depths of sensations. To merge with Earth, with Nature. No matter if we do it through exploring our own capabilities to serve in this social world of co-working, or through physical experiences, or through nature or through sex. The aim is to be true to us, to consciously appreciate life, what we have, what we’ve been given and what we can do. The aim is to embody the miracle of life on Earth.


~ Art Image made by Cosmic Sensations