Water Grand Trine Today and Other Major Events

Today, I accidentally flooded the house. It was a mess. I am lucky to live in the ground floor. Another point of luck was that the whole dining was flooded, except for that little spot where the laptop charger was (plugged and on). I cleaned all.

There was so much water.

Then of course, I ran to observe the astrology behind this event.

A Water Grand Trine

“Hah, beautiful”, I thought to myself. The Moon in Cancer (opposing my natal Sun), the Sun in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces.

For some people, this can manifest through a very deep emotional day. It may have to do with our family, with how we feel today about ourselves, and with desires we need to accomplish.

It can also manifest through close encounters with water (as it did with me), unending thirst, need to feel close to loved ones, need to feel loved, compassion and self-compassion (as well as indulgence and a need to reward oneself)

Now, what else is going on in the sky?

Pluto in Capricorn: Cardinal T-Square with Uranus and Jupiter

This has been going on for some time and it will continue (until  April 2017). 


So, what we see: difficult times. When I say the word difficult, I do not intend to mean terrible (but it can be!) These three planets represent long-term changes in our personal development and growth. 

Their symbolism manifests through deep transformation process, that most of the times, goes completely out of our awareness levels.

But let’s see.

Pluto is the planet of transformation.

In the patriarchal sign of Capricorn, it calls for a reform in society, in order, in law, and in our own personal integrity and structure.

It calls us to work hard in defense of our own truth (squaring Jupiter and Uranus).

Jupiter in Libra reflects big experiences and changes that will come (mostly with partnerships and relationships), that will produce major impacts (both in society and in personal level).

Through personal level, however, we might be going through some sort of crises, adventures, entrepreneurship, initiation or changes in our habitual environment.

And no doubt we have to work harder, without losing our individuality (Uranus in Aries).

Pluto in Capricorn wants work, order, discipline and patient steady progress towards a goal. 

Uranus defines each personal and authentic goal, and can create some intensity, impulsiveness and bursts towards getting there now.  

It is just a balance between working, and staying true to our own selves.

There will be problems (lessons). There will be difficult days and breakdowns. But I encourage each of us, to be aware in each of these lessons and understand the meaning and purpose behind it. Only then, we can accept the change.

Finally, let’s anticipate a future post:

Venus is Conjunct Pluto

This conjunction will be exact this November 24th, 2016 (after that, Mercury comes and hits Pluto).

Venus conjunct Pluto can be an indicative that even though there are big changes, seriousness, hard work, major events and difficulties, we should not lose tact and we should not disregard love and affection.


~ Art Image made by Cosmic Sensations