Changing Old Ways: Love and Work

Venus Conjuncts Pluto

Astrological Facts: Pluto transit will be reflecting our on-going evolution, changes and transformation, through the Capricorn archetype, until December 2023. During this period, Pluto will be aspected by other planets, which will modify its reflection down here on Earth. Now, Venus is conjunct to Pluto, at exact 0 degrees today. Venus/Pluto conjunction will be present until November 30th.


Transformation is the key word.

We need to evolve into new ways of understanding reality and the world we live in so that we can keep growing into our own unique purpose.

The soul is infinite, and so is its evolution. On Earth, we have time, which keeps things moving. Our lives are running through time, circumstances, people and environments. But we came into the world each in a separate body, for a purpose. And we need to keep growing towards reaching that purpose, in case we already know it, or to keep growing to see what is that purpose. 

During this time, the soul needs to transform the way it assimilates and approaches the world. Currently looking at the planetary conjunction Venus/Pluto, this has to do with different aspects.



What is love for us? How do we think love has to be? What has society/religion taught us about love? Does it feel right? Expectations, rules, “I gave you love, so the least you can do is to give me love too”. How do we co-work our relationships with our partners? With our loved people? Is it all smooth? Is there something wrong in our relationships? Is there something we are missing? “Why am I alone?” “Why am I not getting the love I am expecting? The love I deserve?”

All these questions, have an answer. We need to go to the depths. Sometimes these depths will be reached through crises, through sudden problems, changes, deep emotions, or deep self-analysis. But once we touch the depths, we need to change and transform the old ways (that don’t work anymore for us) into new ways.

If something doesn’t work: change it or leave it.  Sounds pretty basic, but is a key in evolutionary process. I quote here Viktor Frankl:


“When we are not able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”.



In life, we need to work in order to get the good fruits. We can get fruits in the form of money, luxuries, social approval. But the good fruits, the good rewards, come from a dedicated work and true commitment to ourselves. Not by wearing a mask, not by getting it through the dirty untrue way, not by trying to pass above the natural law. When we play “the controller” role, we are only being the fool.

These valuable rewards can take the form of money earned by hard work or the accomplishment of a project, it can be a new step in our life after a hard work period, it can be spiritual growth, it can be personal satisfaction at a good project we have been working on, it can be also something at home (example: “We finished our house!”, “I reached my weight goal this week!”). This can take the form of anything. It can be professionally, it can be spiritually, it can be personally, or it can be in  relationships and partnerships.

We will possibly need to change some old ways of being, ways of coping, some old habits, and some old routines. We might need to leave our comfort zone too (and this can be very tough). But this is part of the evolutionary process.

In any way, the main lesson is: work and deep transformation lead to fruitful profits and personal growth. You reap what you sow.


Other Possible Manifestations

This time can also be felt through other subtler ways (sometimes not perceivable).

At emotional level: deep emotions (that we don’t understand why), mood changes, sensitivity, need to feel loved, need to express love and affection, need to receive (which can also take the form of food/possessions/parties/indulgence). It can also manifest through the opposite: disconnection from love/affection, rigidness, coldness

At physical level: a need to penetrate, a need to connect with the other in order to feel the ecstasy (sex).


~ Art Image made by Cosmic Sensations