New Visions about Ourselves: Ceres and the New Moon in Sagittarius

Astro Facts: Sagittarius New Moon at 7 degrees. Square to the North Node of the Moon in Virgo. Square to the South Node of the Moon in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces. Conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Ceres is in Aries, conjunct to Uranus.

New Moon days are always a good for doing inner work and inner reflection, because we tend to be more intuitive and receptive. Today we have New Moon in Sagittarius.


The keyword for today is: truth.


So the first thing we need to do, is to recognize our own unique virtues. What is in me that serves others and makes me feel good about myself? What things motivate me every day to get out of bed and do stuff? What are good things I have done that made others release a smile?

A real fact here is that we live so fast that we don’t have time to learn more about our own creative potential. We live so fast that sometimes, we don’t even know ourselves. We don’t know our own unique potential.

In the cards below, we see the Queen of Wands. She is associated with Ceres, the goddess of nurturing, supporting, love and agriculture.


She is feminine, receptive and intuitive. So she symbolizes the infinite unconditional love and she is an example of an authentic unique virtuous quality. The one of nurture: loving, taking care, and being an unconditional to support our loved ones. She is next to the Jack of Wands, who brings “something new”.

So, Virtue is one word for a very broad meaning. Virtues are our own unique good qualities that help others. Virtue is doing the right thing. Virtue is being honest, being true, and keep up our integrity. Integrity is one of the attributes of Saturn.

When we acknowledge our real self and we practice it out in the world: new discoveries will appear in front of us that will lead to future goals, plans and objectives. The Universe naturally starts to unfold.

This year is coming to an end, so this is a good time to bring out our own uniqueness. Our individuality, and recognize which are our own true virtues. Our own true egos. Expand our vision about ourselves. Do self-analysis, and do some self-critic. Have you tried it? When we recognize our faults, we always learn something new about us, about others and we expand.

With the recognition of our own virtues, our own true self and our authentic real ego, the Universe opens and unfolds in front of us.

Every day that we act and do our own unique qualities, every day that we say ‘yes’ to be who we are and every day we open our eyes to learn more about ourselves and others, we see a new and better version of us.

As we act according to our natural rhythm, we flow with it. As the natural flow goes, everything happens in the right way, the right moment and the right place. News, plans, goals and visions start to unfold and appear. But when we go against our natural rhythm, against the flow: the future outcome is harder to obtain. We face hard times, and then we ask ourselves: “Why?”


Also in This Day: True Love

The exact degree in which the Sun and Moon conjoined is 7. In Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: They Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, he describes Marc Edmund Jones Sabian Symbol:

“Cupid knocks at the door of a human heart”

Once again: love.

It is the theme we have been talking about: true love. This unconditional love we mentioned about Ceres. Real true love can teach us so many about ourselves by seeing through the other. By giving and receiving. By acknowledging and learning from mistakes, and by letting go to the depths of infinite love.

Things that we might feel: high sensitivity with our loved ones, arguments with our loved ones that lead to learning more about ourselves and the others, falling in love, feeling new emotions, feeling emotional shake-ups.



Would you like to take part of a simple and small survey to analyze patterns and qualities about how women feel and are during New Moon times?

Very short and easy. Better if you answer today or tomorrow to get fresh answers during New Moon time. I will also post it again in the next New Moon, December 29.

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Art by Trash Riot – “Relax”