Expanding the Perceptions of Being Alive – Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon in Gemini / Sun in Sagittarius

Astro Facts: This 13th of December 2016, we will have the Full Moon in Gemini. That day, we’ll have a mutable energy T-Square, where Chiron in Pisces will be squaring the Full Moon in Gemini, and squaring the Sun/Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius.  Full Moon will be at 22° Gemini.


Mutability is the keyword.

The ability to adapt to an ever changing environment. A time to centralize our inner logical and mental energy towards the necessary changes and mutations in order to be able to meet the demands of the present time and environment.

It starts with a change of attitude.

A shift.

I honestly feel that this is a time in which many of us are also mutating our vision and beliefs boundaries. A time of re-shaping the way in which we assimilate our lives, our purposes and our realities. A re-shape of the ways we feel, sense and love. A re-structure of our own beliefs, and the acceptance of the fact that there is more out there.

The Universe itself works through surprising ways. It brings the necessary changes, situations and the necessary people in our lives, in order for us to move and evolve into wiser beings. Hard periods might be needed for some souls, while other souls are willing to accept the changes in the emerging circumstances of life, and they mutate. This mutation is seen as growth and as part of the evolution.

So, going back to this enigma of breaking the boundaries of our own earthly preset beliefs, this is a time in which many people are going to open up to new ways of understanding the higher principles of life, the spirit and the soul. People will start feeling life in a deeper.

And at the same time, it is a call for many, that if one is living a life without a purpose, without a higher, flexible and broader vision, one must ask the question: “What do I want to get from what I am doing every day on the long term?”, “In which ways do I need to re-shape my vision in order to meet a greater sense of satisfaction and happiness in this life?”, “What is missing?

And the reason why these words might sound so distant from earthly reality, work, business, money, and mundane entertainment, is because there is a part in us that is uninhabitated.

This part lies in the waters of the unconscious realm of ourselves.

The world is going through crises of all sort of ways, and we see a lot of suffering. A lot of cruelty, a lot of disgrace and a lack of care for nature. This is the wounded collective unconscious.

It needs the mutation of the ways we assimilate what the spirit is and what the collective spirit is. It needs compassion, and the awareness of unity. And this starts with the individual person. People need to mutate, to change the ways the view life.

We are conscious in the here and now. We are conscious in the calculations we are doing at our work. We are conscious on the bills that we need to pay, on the food that we need to buy, on the party that we will be having next weekend (to forget everything else), we are conscious on the series that we will watch tonight.

But, ask yourself again, “Did I really come to this world in order to work my life off, so that I can pay bills, so that I can have a nice life, and be stressed and sick, so that I can have things, so that I can enjoy few hours of party, so that I can travel, so that I can eat this and that, so that I can later… do what?”

And of course, yes, these things are good. But on the other side, there is the spirit, the endless, the infinite. There is what lies beyond of what we see and touch here on Earth.

Imagine just the idea of being alone at night, without lights, nobody else, you can’t see anything. And there is nothing dangerous or bad going on around you, but how would you feel? Anxious, scared.

What I am trying to get here, is that we need to have a more purposeful meaning, we need to start visualizing a collective vision for unity, a higher vision of what life means to us, and we need to start acknowledging the essence of what makes us be alive: the spirit.

We need to start building our experiences, and not just superficially, but in a way that it is meaningful for us, and that enables us to structure and give shape to our own set of beliefs and higher visions, of what is important in this life and what not.

We need to break preset separations or blockages, and open up into other views. We need to start using our intellect in new ways, our bodies, but also, we need to start feeling more.


Art by Anders Røkkum