That Moment before Unveiling the Deck

Navigating Through My Words and Rilke’s 

“From indescribable transformation flash, such creations feel! And trust! We suffer it often: flames become ash, yet, in art: flames come from dust.

Here is magic. In the realm of a spell, the common world seems lifted up above… and yet is really like a call of the male who calls for the invisible female dove.”  Magic. Rilke (August 1924)


Holding it into my hands, feels vibrating. I feel an energy pulling my hand down. It is the energy that is calling, the energy of the unknown mysteries that are yearning to be told. My heart feels that initial anxiety. My eyes are focus, and ready to see what is about to be reavealed.


“…and between this and that vibrating, vibrates namelessly…”  Music. Rilke (November 1925)


The mysteries that are behind that deck, the waters of Neptune. A place where everything is possible and all can happen. A realm of multiple possibilities. A multiverse. A fractal. Possibilities which can mean anything. Possibilities which have a duality of interpretation and a multiplicity of materialization.

The realms of the unknown. The swirl of the mysteries of life. I can hear a howl from the soul that wants to be heard. The waters of Neptune. Water comes down from the deck, penetrating my hands and running through my veins. The waters of the infinite. The waters carry the unfolding potential.

A refreshing torrent starts taking over the body, and finally embraces the mind. The rationale. Covering completely and giving birth to another engine of drive: intuition. My eyes surrender, my brain shifts. I can feel something else starts to operate, and I feel it in the heart.

The waters of Neptune nurture the self with intuition, which allows all the possibilities of crystallization. Where one can discern by feeling it: what is the deck trying to convey.


“To untangle daily creation, which all differently endure, we make ourselves constellation out of the known figure… That which offers itself to us with starlight, that which offers itself to us, hold it like world in your face, with might, take it seriously” From the Cycles: Nights. Rilke (August 1924)


Can you feel it? Nothing is set in stone. The cards are aware from this forever. But not all what the heart knows is also know to the mind.

It is necessary to embrace the message, to be aware of the feeling right now, and to hold discernment of what is and what is not. But mostly, it requires absolute trust. Absolute trust needs one to surrender to the depths of the unknown. To the depths of the deck, the depths of infinite possibilities. The depths of believing.


~ Photo by Mara De Diego