End of the Year: A Personal Way to Work with Mercury Retrograde

Astro Facts:  The 19th of December Mercury turned retrograde, less than 1 degree before the exact conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury will be retrograding Capricorn, and getting back into Sagittarius for few days. This retrograde transition will last 3 more weeks. Sun is now in Capricorn, along with Pluto and Mercury: end of the year. Mars is now in Pisces, along with Neptune and Chiron.  


This is an interesting way to leave 2016 and start a new year.

Mercury was conjunct to Pluto, and less than a degree before the exact conjunction, it turned retrograde on the 19th of December, 2016.

As some people already know, Mercury retrograde is a time to slow the pace of our activities and re-think, re-assess, reflect and re-evaluate our choices and actions.

With Mercury retrograde, important decisions deserve more time for being evaluated, while every-day experiences deserve assimilation and calmed observation. It is a time for grounding our perceptions. For appreciating the things we normally don’t.

I remind everyone to “not stress” with the typical Mercury retrograde communication “bugs”. As some of us know, one of the quirky characteristics of Mercury retrograde time is experiencing trouble with communications, messages and information: “lost” emails, car traffic jams and issues, misunderstandings, problems with computers and mobile devices, waiting on transport means for “forever”, crazy people moving around, etc.

Nevertheless, on a deeper level, I sense a more profound meaning for each person unique life.

Present life circumstances might have turned challenging (for some very little and for some a lot more challenging). And these hard situations create a crises (whether conscious or unconscious) which then transforms the person (Pluto).

Transformation is the key (and it will be the big theme for the next year as well). There will be times in which transformation processes might be felt stronger, while other times in which we might not even become aware of what is occurring within ourselves.

Mercury hitting Pluto reflects deep transformative processes inside the mind. On a collective level, we observe this influence in a negative way with the world unfortunate events that have been taking place.

Now going retrograde, we have been granted a special time to re-consider what we are doing. To re-evaluate the choices and the paths we have taken this year (and even way deeper into the past). I feel that a big transformation shift or important stage will come for many people, and Mercury going back is a preparation.

It is beautiful to see that many persons set intentions, rituals and meditations for the New Year. However, it is also good to incorporate an assessment of where have we been, where are we now and where do we want to go.

Taking these last days slow, relax, and being present is a good way to alleviate ourselves from our hard efforts and work. To calm the mind and clear the spirit vision (Mars, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces).

On the other side, the Sun in Capricorn is strong. It demands endurance and effort. Keeping ourselves grounded is essential. But this is a gentle type of grounding. It is the grounding that requires one to assess their current life position, to look back into the past and identify the learning gems. To re-assess our visions and re-shape them. It is polishing time.

And then observe: How are you feeling now? What emotions are arising? What sensations? Are you smiling? Are you anxious? Why? Do you feel something is missing? What could that be? Do you feel some guilt? How do you think you might solve that?

Venus in Aquarius can also bring some emotional/affectionate turmoil here, where one can experience some “electric charge” as a result from unmet or unsatisfied love needs kept rooted within the individual psyche. It can also manifest through an impulsive need of liberation, freedom and independence from others

As this is a time for reflection, don’t suppress any emotion that might arise. On the opposite, meditate about it.

What we want is to start the year with a new perspective of the ways we have evolved as a self throughout the year. Of the things we take with us in order to keep moving towards our visions and goals (Capricorn). To re-vitalize and re-invigorate our personal structure. Our minds, our hearts and our spirit.

It is a time to smile to the adversities that we have experienced, and the adversities that might come. Because once again, Pluto in Capricorn: each challenge is a step ahead for a greater and better self.

As an example, below you can see the most simple PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE card reading.


The PAST, the Tower, reveals a difficult time, when one felt lost and confused. A person that might have suffered from falls and unfortunate events or failures and had a hard time to overcome them and rise again. The individual felt trapped.
The PRESENT condition of this individual, the Ten of Swords, reflects the fact that he/she has still not overcome the past failures, and feels unable and uncapable to rise up. There is a lot of negativity around this person’s cirumstance. A sense of inferiority, guilt, shame and the conception of being the victim, the martyr. Nevertheless, the future points towards light. It is quite clear.
The FUTURE with the Ace of Wands means a new beginning, the birth of a new creative self. The rise of the person. This person will stand up and see the light again. This person will be able to recognise his/her infinite potential, and use it for good. Success is on the spot.

I encourage each person to do this type of analysis about their lives. You don’t need to do this with cards. You can simply seat down, with a blank piece of paper, a pen and make three quadrants. Write about your experiences, where are you now and what you want to see yourself doing this coming 2017.

With Neptune, Chiron and Mars in Pisces sextile the Sun, you will get very interesting visions and insights.

Powerful changes are coming, whether you sense them or not.

We have been given some time now to mentally and spiritually ground our souls.

So go on, and travel back through your past. Gather the most beautiful learning gems with you, and prepare stronger than ever for a new evolutionary tour.


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Art by Frida Castelli