New Moon in Capricorn: the Quest for the Self

Astro facts: Pluto, Sun/Moon/Mercury retrograde all in the sign of Capricorn, in a T-Square to Uranus in Aries, and to Jupiter in Libra. Mars/Neptune, Chiron and the South Node in Neptune. Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries. 3rd of January 2017, Venus enters in Pisces forming a strong psychic sensitive stellium.

This is a powerful time that requires awareness, observation and recognition.

The New Moon in Capricorn is denoting the beginning, the initiation of a new quest, a new venture. 2017 is a year which symbolically, I have named the year of The Quest for the Self.

The current time, with four planets in the sign of Capricorn, including Mercury retrograde, is a time for introspection.  This is a time to stay focus, calmed and quietly.

By the night of the 31st of December, some people will experience a lot of sensitivity, mental time travels some melancholy and nostalgia. As years pass, we become older. For some people, this can be saddening and overwhelming. We need to see a new year coming, as the fruition of all our previous experiences and embrace what is still ready to come brand new. We need to let go from the old.

This overwhelming realization of the year coming to an end, one becoming older, and with Mars/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, there can be a strong drive for party hard and let go! Just remember to be careful and avoid excesses.

These last days of 2016 and early days of 2017 are a time for sowing. Like the embryo in the uterus, silently forming up. The year coming is a year of action, of quest, of new experiences and new adventures. But is a year that will require tremendous amount of energy, patience and very important: true commitment to our beliefs and goals.

The first quarter of the year is highly emphasized by three important dynamics:

  1. The ego desires and impulses: one might impulsivity towards decisions and actions. As the year starts, energy also starts to develop. People will focus on the self, and on the ego needs. This can be good, if properly channeled
  2. The social need: on the other side, as one is starting the quest for the self, one will recognize that one alone cannot make better than one plus one. People will face the dilemma between the ego needs, and the mutual needs. We will need partnerships and relationships for co-living and co-creating. But these relationships need balance between two persons’ energies
  3. The recognition of discipline and hard work as a necessary activity for growth: as we start learning to blend harmoniously our energies with another person or group of persons, we begin to realize the depth and seriousness of what we are working for, and we need to develop a stable discipline and order. We start to create plans and organize our activities. But we must take into account our partners and not just the ego. Responsibility is vital

The second quarter of the year will be characterized by an unconscious shift in our behavior towards the defense of the self and the need to use one’s own creative identity.

Particularly the 9th of May, will be a tremendous day with a lot of energy and desire for action. A lot of optimism and joy around the possibilities and the potential that one carries within. So we will have for the second quarter of the year:

  1. Optimism and energy drive: this can represent for some, a high boosted time in which we will be recharged with energy. This will also be a time where our sexual hormones will be on the top. A lot of creative fire can lead to new ideas and the recognition of new opportunities
  2. Inner self-healing and self-compassion: we start acknowledging our pros and cons, and embracing the totality or ourselves. We begin to recognize what our unique potential can do differently than the others
  3. Boost of creativity: maybe new hobbies, new ideas at work, new visions, new lives and new skills. This is a BOOM time

The third quarter of the year is denoted by:

  1. Dedication, work and analysis: we start steadily working our ideals and our goals. We might find ourselves concerned with attaining a healthier lifestyle as well, as part of the whole quest for the self
  2. Overwhelming deep experiences: through dreams or daydreams, in which we will find ourselves questioning our past ideas and beliefs
  3. Some confusion about how to keep moving on: as Neptune is aspected, we can develop some confusions about our decisions and choices, which can lead to some insecurity issues on how to move one. This is a time in which we need to maintain strong to ourselves. Meditation, relaxation, short getaways are good in this time.

Globally, this could be a time of some social turmoil, as Neptune opposes Mars/Mercury in Virgo.

However, by the beginning of the last quarter of 2017, there will be a latent need for depth. The need to approach to a deeper meaning in life, to deepen the quality of our relationships and to learn to trust the other person with faith, to learn to let go from fear.

The first days of October, will be powerful for deepening our relationships, as we will witness a Mars/Venus conjunction and the ingress of Jupiter in Scorpio. So, yes, it can be a highly deep and sensitive time. It can also represent a time for higher sexual drive that, in a spiritual level, seeks to penetrate de depths of the merging experience and the sensation of going beyond.

This last quarter of the year will be emphasized by:

  1. Gratefulness and affection: a sensitive time, in which we might become more affective and grateful with all the people we have been working with throughout the year, as well as to think about our families and loved ones. The trust we have put on others and vice versa will be now recognized and rewarded
  2. Strong desires: as Jupiter ingresses in Scorpio, there will be an augmentation on the depth of our desires. Some deep rooted needs might come to surface. Sexual depth will also be key in this time. Can be a good time to chat with our trusted ones and just let all out. We can find a lot of insight from our friends, partner and family
  3. Maturity and fruition in new ways: as the year ends there will be a very strong Capricornian manifestation (stronger than other end-of-the-years). For some people it will mean the recognition of our hard work and the fruits of what we have experienced, maturity and wisdom from every-day experience and from our relationships. For others it will be a new start after experiencing a delusional crises, in which the person has to re-transform and re-emerge. In any case, is a time where strength will be present (not to say needed), because our evolution in this life only ends until we die. Will be a time to set new visions

Will be a year that will bring a lot of learning and wisdom. We will learn how to co-create in partnerships and relationships, and as we evolve, we will develop deeper relationships based in truth and trust.  We will learn the true wisdom that one acquires from self-observation in relationships/partnerships.

There will be confusion, victimization of the ego, there will be hard days, but there will be also good ones, and insightful ones (if one learns to be aware of the surroundings). For some people, this will be a decisive year in which they will experience a new shift of consciousness, the emergence of a new life structure and the end of long-time believed illusions.

So, make the most of 2017 in your quest, through deep observation.

In the tradition of Astanga Yoga, there are eight limbs for self-realization. The first one is called yama (moral, integrity, ethical principles), and the second limb of is called niyama (habits, observances). These two together are the beginning for a successful quest. We need to keep integral to our truth, but we also need to learn how to observe ourselves and our surroundings.

Wisdom is there.

Happy End of the Year to everyone. Wish you an exciting 2017 full of adventures and new experiences.

Art by Roxanne Brelin Superzodiaque