Sensing Our Inner Power – Full Moon in Cancer, the Source of Our Emotions and Creativity

Astro facts for 11-12th January 2017: Cardinal Grand Cross: Moon in Cancer opposite Sun/Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries. Moon Trine Neptune/Mars in Pisces. Jupiter Sextile Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn Square Mars in Pisces. Exact Full Moon at 22° of Cancer (22° Sun in Capricorn). Mercury recently turned direct. 

11th and 12th of January 2017.

The first Full Moon of the year is always powerful when one acknowledges the meaning behind it. If you do, you will establish a special forceful connection with the cosmos and with your unique own power within. If you do, every little experience of this New Year (either good or bad) will be more exciting, transformative and invigorating than ever.

The Sabian Symbol, by Marc Edmund Jones for Cancer 22° says:

“A young woman awaiting a sailboat”

To which Dane Rudhyar, in his work An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases, adds: “the longing for transcendent happiness in the soul opened to great dreams”.

The time of the Full Moon in Cancer is always at the beginning of a new year and it represents the threshold between dreams and realizations, ideas and action, imagination and creation, plans and starts, unconscious and conscious, water and earth.

Cancer, is creative watery energy uprising. This energy is coming from the bottom of our souls, where our emotions dance and create energy. This energy takes form of pure creativity ready to emerge through some way (Uranus in Aries).

Emotions can be so powerful when one is aware of what one is feeling. This Moon opposite the earth sign of Capricorn, invites us to ground deep to Mother Earth, on the here and now. Recognize and observe the space that surrounds us, the Earth that supports us, and then look and feel within ourselves. Get in touch with the authentic representation of our soul. Of what we are and what we feel in a physical and ethereal level.

The light coming from the Sun in Capricorn radiates upon us, enlightening and energizing all this cardinal initial creative energy, bringing an optimistic determination towards what we want this year, and towards the rest of the people we will relate with (Jupiter in Libra). Pluto conjunct with the Sun represents the possibility for making this year, a transformative one.

To complete this idea, what we see represented by the image of the Sun in Capricorn at 22° in the Sabian Symbols:

“By accepting defeat gracefully, a general reveals nobility of character”

To which Rudhyar adds: “the realization that one may grow through defeat as well, and perhaps more than, through success”.

We can choose to become a greater person, every second of our lives. Pluto in Capricorn, conjunct the Sun, enables one to opt for a new positive attitude, learning to benefit from the bad times, from the hard times, from crises and deceptions. It is an attitude that when consciously applied, enables one to recognize their own strength and their own force within, to re-emerge.

Now, let’s take a look through what some people might be experiencing during this time.

On the positive, we can find ourselves through a confusing or bizarre environment in a positive way. The energy is surrounding us strange, but positive. We are living an emotional bliss looking at all the angles with a big welcoming smile to what is happening and what is about to come. We are feeling good with ourselves.

In addition, we feel energized or invigorated towards what we are working on and towards our coming plans. There is an optimistic positive energy that is driving us and pushing us to achieve something greater, something new and different. It is an energy unable to be explained coming from within, and from our surroundings.

We feel in good terms with our people, we feel supportive, and enthusiastic. It feels like the downsides from the recent past, have just cleared out.

The sky is optimistic. Current challenges don’t seem like challenges for us anymore. We have opened ourselves to the transformative regenerating power of Pluto. We have evolved. We are connected and grounded with Earth, but we are also grounded within. This is bliss.

On the negative side, some will find themselves in a challenge between the dynamics of different dimensions of experience. Therefore, this Full Moon can be the starting point for a change in our attitude towards ourselves, others and towards the world.

Some people will experience deep confusion with themselves (maximized by the multiple planetary presence in Pisces at the moment).  They have chosen to feel their emotions without recognizing them, without grounding them and without coming out from the shell. They can only see up to the limit of their own shells. They cannot observe the world that stands out.

At the same time, this can represent a difficulty to relate harmoniously with other people. By focusing only on the self’s impulses and not opening to the infinite possibilities that other people have to foster our own growth, these persons are victims of their own self-slavery.

Life can seem harsh and unfair to these people right now.

What to do with the Full Moon in Cancer?


The solution starts on the very most inner place of our hearts: where emotions emerge. This is a time for getting in touch with ourselves through PEACE. Our inner radiant truth.

Meditation at home, lightening up a candle visualizing and feeling the energy around in silence, going out and see the Moon for some minutes. Or, something as simple as enjoying a minute of silence and solitude in our homes, allowing ourselves for introspection can get us in tune with this power to connect with a greater force.

Try to have your own personal relaxing time: cook something special, write something that makes you smile, paint or draw in your office notepad something positive, read a book and when you finish just stop for a minute and go back through what you just have learned. Then: What do you feel?

At nights, pay attention to your dreams. In the solitude of your home, close your eyes for some minutes in silence. What do you see? Breathe consciously. What do you feel? Is it bad? Then what can make it good?

When waking up, if you are one of those creative masters, remember what you dreamt. You might find interesting insights there, in your unconscious.

In summary, try to get in touch with yourself in a way that allows you to immerse in the refreshing waters of the heart and soul. With your kindness, with your pure happiness (the inner child). It is about recognizing this power that lives within, that can make you feel a greater force.

Once you get in touch with you, you stand in a radiant position, ready to embrace everything and everyone with a welcoming attitude. With a positive and optimistic view, you are able to accept other’s input not as critique, but as an opportunity to become better and to learn.

If you consciously embrace this power, you will keep it on, and this year will become an exciting adventure. When 2017 is over, remember this moment you read this, look through the year, and feel proud to smile to you.

Cancer is associated with solitary, deep emotional experiences. When one attunes with their own feelings, their dreams and with energies that are so difficult to put on words, because they are simply feelings. Cancer brings out the yearnings of our inner child. Of our souls.

This can only be experienced through a special voluntary connection with something greater. When one is alone. When one is in bed and the rest is in silence. When one closes the external eyes to open the inner third eye, and see who we are inside. This is an inexpressible experience of rejoice and love. A greater force.

If by weather conditions we find ourselves lucky to go out and see the Moon for some minutes this 11th and 12th of January 2017, don’t hesitate to do it. Look at it and feel this special connection.

Keep this energy enlightened for the rest of the year.

Art by Trashriot