What Astrology Really Is

A good friend of mine told me, few days ago, that he held an argument with a group of men and women about astrology. He expressed that he failed upon convincing the group about what astrology really is, or at least, the way that he sees it. How disturbed he was by the fact that this group of people were bombarding astrology.

I could feel on him a mix of disappointment and shame, because he didn’t know what else he could say to make these people “see”. He thought that he did not comprehend astrology at all and asked me for clarification.

Now, after this event, I feel the need to give few words about astrology, and how it can help us live a better life.

All of us have something of each of the 12 Zodiac Signs (without exception), so even if you’re not an Aries or a Virgo, you have something of Aries and Virgo anyway!

I might take the initiative to quote some well known astrologers to reinforce this cosmic educational journey.

The Language from the Cosmos

In a nutshell, astrology describes the meaning of the sky. Astronomers observe and measure the sky phenomena. Astrologers know the meaning, and translate it to human language, so that we as humans can understand it and use this knowledge in a positive way that enables us to grow, live better and more conscious of ourselves.

Some say that Astrology is a science, since science literally means “know. Astrology is knowledge, cosmic knowledge, translated to human language (by the astrologer). It is highly effective (when the astrologer has experience, ethics and love for his profession).

Where does this knowledge come from? I can’t have an explanation for that, I just know it. And I can guarantee that once you listen to the language of astrology, you will know too.

Do you have an explanation for life? You don’t. But, you’re alive, aren’t you?

When we get to the bottom of these trivial questions, it is always difficult to find a complete answer.

But let’s try.

The cosmos. Many people don’t even know what the cosmos is. Cosmos means “universe. Astrology is the language of the universe.

The universe is “all-ness”. Therefore, we are the universe too. We are the human representation of the universe. Our reality then, is reflected everywhere: on people (e.g. “projection” in psychology), on nature, on animals, and on the sky.

The sky, in this context, is what is up there: stars, planets, constellations, transits, asteroids, other planetary bodies, etc. From the observation of the sky and human life, astrology was born. The sky is the reflection of our human nature.

As above, so below, as within, so without”, this is a famous hermetic saying I am just using to reinforce this explanation.

Astrology, is a form of psychological knowledge. Psychology is the study of the soul (etymologically: Greek psykhe- or “breath, soul, spirit, butterfly” and –logia or “study”: then we have “the study of the soul”). However, let us be clear: astrology and psychology as we know it, are not the same at all.

When applied to person, astrology describes the soul. This is a supreme experience when people open up to see the knowledge of their souls. The symbolism is a butterfly (the Greek psykhe) opening up and free. The mind is free.


Few Words on History

Astrology is the oldest type of psychology. Its knowledge has been active in our world for 2,000 years (probably more). It is the legacy from the ancient civilisations the Egyptians (embraced later by the Greeks and Romans) and Ancient Mesopotamia, especially in Babylonia. And that is the root of what we call today western astrology.

In addition, other ancient civilisations were also amazed by the sky and its link with human nature, so they developed their own methods of studying the sky: Chinese, Hindu, Mayans, and Aztecs. There is evidence of lunar calendars tracing the sea tides from 25,000 years ago.

From the beginning, astrology has been applied to study nations, events and people.

If you’re interested in more history, visit Kepler College website http://www.kepler.edu/home/index.php/articles/history-of-astrology

The Wrong View of Astrology

Throughout history, astrology has passed across a whole lot of evolution. From ups to downs. From being embraced to being banned and persecuted. Falling into the hands of many enthusiasts, it has also gone through new techniques, modifications, ideologies, movements and all sort of licenses. In a sense, that is good because it opens to new approaches and visions that can enhance knowledge; but bad at the same time because it diminishes credibility and a unified approach of the science.

Unfortunately, today, most of what we see available out there about astrology, displays the wrong meaning and purpose of this profession. Many of the very same astrology practitioners have created this hype and puffery about their profession, and many have fallen into the category of charlatanism and deceit for money. Promising to predict events and future, and many times failing to meet this promise.

That is not astrology.

There are clairvoyants and there are astrologers. Clairvoyants have the ability to see beyond natural phenomena. Astrologers read the meaning of reality: the sky and human nature.

There are also many books published out there that teach astrology through a fixed approach, defining individuals as if following “a recipe”. In addition, there are many computerised astrological reports free online, leaving out all what a real human is. Each human is different. There is not a recipe to fit an individual. You cannot receive effective astrological counselling by a free computer report.

You can’t fully measure astrology.

The Natal Chart

Separately from astronomy, astrology emerged from the observation and correlation of the Sun, Moon, and planets. They observed their angles to each other, their positions to each other and where in the Zodiac they were. These movements of celestial bodies around the Zodiac and their relationship had observational correlations with changes, events and with people’s behaviour or traits in their personality.

So, a new art and science began. The Cosmic Science. A practice that describes human meaning in celestial phenomena.

It is geocentric, since we live on Earth and all changes happen on Earth.

The astrological natal chart is a graphic containing the position of the celestial bodies and points of energy at the moment we were born. It consists of:

  • The position of the planets, the Sun and the Moon
  • The twelve signs in the ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth)
  • The division of the Earth hemispheres into twelve spaces called houses
  • The angles between planets, or aspects

To understand this through symbolism and meaning:

  • Planets: they are the agents of the mind. They are the actors, the ones who engage us into action of some sort (e.g. Mercury: to think, Venus: to embellish, Sun: to live, Moon: to feel, Mars: to act, Jupiter: to expand, Saturn: to discipline)
  • Signs: they are the attribute of the agents or planets. Signs describe traits within the psyche or the mind, which each of us have, but some more developed than others, because of the planet that takes over this sign (e.g. Aries: energy, Taurus: patience, Gemini: curiosity, Cancer: emotions)
  • Houses: these are the areas of life or the scenarios of life in which the sign-planet will manifest (e.g. the first house: the formation of identity, the second house: the acquisition of security and safety, the third house: education, the fourth house: home)
  • Aspects: these are the interactions between planets in their house and sign position, measured in angles (e.g. 0°: conjunction or merge, 90°: square or difficulty, 120°: trine or ease, 180°: opposition or polarisation of forces).


Iovi Astrologia

Iovi Astrologia finds the union point between the cosmos and humans. The contents on the blog are are about feelings, desires, challenges, joy, stress, difficulties, fears, guilt, love, infinite love and all the passions that conform the human experience. All this human nature in words, correlated with the sky and its meaning.

My language and my words are just the mere translation of the cosmic or universal language seen in the sky. At least that is my attempt.

The astrologer is the channel of this universal knowledge. Then the person can know. The person actually has always known, but the astrologer places knowledge right in front of their eyes.

That is what some might call awakening.

Unfortunately, this experience won’t happen to everybody because not everybody has an open or broad view of life (and that is fine). Here I quote Stephen Arroyo’s Practicing the Cosmic Science: Key Insights Into Modern Astrology (1999):

“One does need a broad, wholistic view of life in order to reach the deepest understanding and knowledge that astrology can provide. It’s not available to just any lazy cynical intellectual with a closed mind, who is completely blind. It’s only accessible to those with a large vision. The fact that such a breadth of vision is necessary to utilise astrological science effectively does not deny astrology’s scientific precision and value.

In other words, just because not everybody has that breadth of vision, that doesn’t deny the value of astrology. If somebody’s blind, they just can’t see – that’s all. So they don’t know what’s there and they have no business talking about it, either.”


In Summary

What astrology IS:

  • Astrology is a discipline
  • Astrology is descriptive
  • Astrology is counselling
  • Astrology is prescriptive (this how my friend saw astrology, because it can heal)
  • Astrology can induce a change in people’s lives (attitudes, beliefs, behaviour, acceptance, esteem, clarity and vision)
  • Astrology has the key to reveal one’s purpose


What astrology IS NOT:

  • Astrology is not predictive
  • Astrology is not a ritual
  • Astrology is not a religion
  • Astrology is not a sect
  • Astrology is not clairvoyance
  • Astrology is not Sun signs horoscopes (or what you know as “your sign”)
  • Astrology is not a Tarot Reading or a Palm Reading (this is a classic! Tarot Readings are about reading cards symbolism to find intuitive guidance. Astrology is about reading the soul through the heavens)
  • Astrology is not “hippies, meditation, yogis, new agers”


Astrology is so much more than “your sign”.


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