Tapping into Our Uniqueness, It is Time to Defend It – New Moon in Aquarius

Astro Facts: Moon conjuncts the Sun at 8° in Aquarius this 27th of January 2017, creating our first New Moon of the year. They stand in 45° to Saturn in Sagittarius to one side, and 45° to Venus/Chiron in Pisces. Venus/Chiron squares Saturn. Pluto/Mercury in T-Square to Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra.


This is the end of the first month of 2017. Time flies and the energies are building up. This New Moon in Aquarius is a night in which we should become masters of our own uniqueness.

Aquarius is different, radical and special. Each of us have something of Aquarius. Each of us have something unique that nobody else has. So, the question here is: Do you know yourself? Do you know what makes you stand out wearing green while the rest is wearing blue?

So, New Moons are about the merge of the Sun and the Moon energies: the conscious and the unconscious. The need for self-realisation, and the need for inner-realisation. These are two different things.

To realise oneself is to accomplish, to bring the creative energy to the material plain, is to succeed and to pride oneself. But this accomplishment can be either true or false to your real soul. This accomplishment can be real to others’ eyes, but: Is it true to your essence?

We can go on and work and have success in many things. It can be that we do are on our real path, but it can also be that we are on the so called wrong path that has nothing to do with what make us individuals, or with what makes us different or special.

This is about the need to assert both externally and internally. Both consciously and in the unconscious. Is to meet the needs of the outer self and the inner unique self. That which makes you feel good with yourself inside.

It is time to tap into ourselves, explore deep down and see what makes us be different? What makes us unique and special? And it doesn’t stop there.

Aquarius is the Water Bearer, the bringer of truth and knowledge. It is the person that stops and say: “This is what it is, because I just know it”. Aquarius sees the truth and defends it.

What are we seeing out in the world? It is a collective rebellion against a system, against the politics, against the law, against the oppression and against what is not working and must be changed. Of course, each people have their own ideas about what the truth is, but the fact is the same: Aquarius defends its truth. Aquarius rebels against the status quo.

Taking this to your individual life: What is your truth? What do you have to rebel against?

They told you that you couldn’t sing. – Why not? Go on and sing. Or get some lessons. Discover it all yourself.

They told you that you’re a clown with your jokes. – Why? Go on and keep your Sun light shining.

They told you: ‘Whoa! You’re crazy. That is a stupid idea! It won’t work” – Why? Persevere, and give your best try.

They told you that you have to cover yourself, your tattoos, shave your hair, dress this way or the other, get this job or the other, get married, make a family, trust this religion or the other, believe in this or that, or that you’re not good enough at this or that. – Why? Have you ever given a try to defend yourself, your convictions, your ideals, your goals, your visions, your needs, and your purpose?

You told yourself: ‘You are crazy, you are not worth it, go back and stick to the rule, your ideas are stupid’. – Why? Fear is the top limitation in one’s path, and this is a lesson taught by Saturn.

We are INDIVIDUALS. We are the same species. We are part of a wholeness and we are this wholeness. But yet, we remain as individuals because each of us has a different purpose in this universe, in this life, in this world. We have been made different from the other, because we all serve for something different.

These coming nights and the night of the 27th January 2017, the New Moon in Aquarius: trust your inner call. See within. Connect with yourself.

New Moons are dark. At night, we don’t see the projected light from the Sun. New Moons are dark nights. But in darkness, we get in tune with a different level of consciousness. In darkness, there are no distractions. The night embraces you and covers you. In darkness, we are freer. The subtler senses of emotions and feelings are higher.

It can be deep, and in the negative manifestation, it can be a bit of an emotional turmoil. We can become very moody, we can become very sensitive. But when we are focused on ourselves and we accept the darkness, we get a new level of awareness, of inner awareness. Our intuition goes to its peak in the dark night.

This is a New Moon to blossom our intuition. To find the light within, while there is darkness outside. To ignite this light and to bring it out. To defend your individuality. That which makes each of us special in what we are.

There can be a high feminine energy attunement and defense (Venus in Pisces). Women are getting more conscious of their worth and defending it. We see it out there in the world with the marches. Men with higher feminine energy are defending their own too. We see it out there with men discovering their soft side: men in the culinary arts, men in the healing arts, men in the spiritual arts, men in the artistic arena, and men in the fashion. All these men are defending their own, going against patriarchal pre-set standards (and this shift has nothing to do with their sexual inclinations).

We see also the opposite: women with a higher masculine defending their truth (Saturn in Sagittarius), working towards assertion, competition, practical work, becoming the bosses at the company and with a thirst of control and power. Women going against the status quo.

Despite of your masculine-feminine energy proportion, it doesn’t matter: we all have something unique. We all have an individual gift. We all have a talent (and this normally won’t be the talent that your mother, your father, your friends or society told you).  Isn’t your individuality worth it?

The polarity of Aquarius is Leo: your own unique creativity and way of expressing it. Aquarius is about bringing it out, defending it, exposing it, and living it.


Sense it, feel it and embrace it.



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