The Zodiac Signs I: The Personal Signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer

The following descriptions deal with the basics behind each sign principle, and are only intended to give general information.

I strongly advise you to read the introduction about the Zodiac, which will be an interesting reading. And take this article just as basic information.

The Personal Signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer

The first four signs of the Zodiac, represent the first quadrant, and are associated with the personal development of the self. The personal needs, urges and activities. These are archetypes intrinsically linked to every single person.

Every person has something of each of the twelve Zodiac signs (no exceptions). The signs are archetypes within the psyche of every individual.

You know you’re Libra, or Scorpio, or Aquarius, for example. But that sign is just the sign that represents where the Sun was in the ecliptic at the moment you were born.

There are other major nine celestial bodies that are important just like the Sun. In addition, there are many other important factors to consider.

So even if you “are not” any of these signs, it is worth for you to read, because you can have a strong Aries, or a high-lightened Gemini within your constitution by other celestial positions beside the Sun itself.

The need to be, the need to have, the need to think and communicate, and the need to feel.


Zero degrees Aries is the rise of spring. Located at the very exact point of the Vernal Equinox (Spring Equinox), Aries is the beginning of all. The beginning of life, creation, consciousness.

The ram. Aries is animal, instinctual and a burst of energy ready to act, create and just do stuff! It is wild. It is ecstasy.

By its cardinal position, that initiates a new stage, the first stage of the cycle of life, Aries is the most impatient of all signs.

Aries is cardinal fire. Initial fire. Initial spark. It represents impulse, excitability, restlessness, drive, and the need to do things. It represents the urge to assert the self in the world.

Because Aries is animal, it is instinctual and therefore, it is correlated with sexual desire.

The planet that rules Aries is Mars (action). When Mars is in Aries, it is said to be dignified. Mars is a planet associated with redness (blood) and war. So within the archetype of Aries there is also the warrior.

Aries behaviour is natural, pure and raw. In moments it can be irrational, impulsive and defensive. Imagine a strong wild animal, provoked. This animal will react in defense, and can be violent. So does Aries. Aries can be defensive, and can be violent (of course, this does not mean literally physical violence, but it can be verbal violence, or polite violence). It is just the instinct to defend.

But that’s not all. Since Aries is pure energy, pure bloom, blossom and life, it is also correlated with high creativity. They are exceptional creatives (in the form of arts, or simply through practical solutions!)

People with a strong Aries quality will often do their most to find a solution once a problem is given. And they won’t stop until they find it. Depending on the type of motivation and abilities, their solutions can be practical, “handy”, analytical or intellectual.

Think about creativity, practicality and energy drive. All combined. If the Aries energy is properly channeled and used by the individual, these guys can do anything.

If not, their impulses and their reactions can be their own enemies. Too much of everything can be bad.

The position of Aries in a person’s chart represents the areas of lives in which this person will naturally have the motivation, will and power do excel their own pure energy.


Once spring has begun and all the thrill of life blossom, the instincts, the excitement of being alive, there comes passiveness.

This passiveness is crucial for the person in order to attain security (in all forms: physical, financial, emotional, and social).

Taurus, the bull, will stop, sense the environment and observe what resources he or she has. Yes, the thrill of life is exciting, but life itself is not safe. They need to connect with their resources and their environment (Earth) to attain security.

Taurus is fixed earth. Steadiness on Earth. Stability. Taurus is about sensing the environment and their capabilities in order to attain security. It is the need to use the senses and the urge to obtain security. Taurus is physical.

Merging physical senses and steadiness, we have pleasure. Taurus is associated with earthly pleasures: food, wines, massages and of course, sex. They like all activities that activate their senses.

In addition, many Taurus people will often feel attracted to physical activities or physical work. An engineer, a handyman, or a physical worker. Also, a massage therapist, a doctor, a healing therapist or an artisan. Of course, the possibilities are many.

With this on mind, Taurus is the part of us that is connected to the environment (Earth or physical plane). It is the part of us that examines what we have in our favour and we can use in order to gain stability (so that we can “enjoy Earth”).

They will seek to possess more assets, to “have more”, and feel more secure. It is that point when we need to have, to possess resources and material things, skills or knowledge (because they will place us in a “safer” position).

So, if we take this into our modern life, Taurus is associated with: finances and money (financial security), life pleasures and possessions (food, wine, shopping sex). If we observe clearly, all these things are just possessions.

A highlighted Taurus archetype in the mind will often be associated with attaining more, either financial security (through patience and work), intellectual security (through the acquisition of new skills, knowledge and new abilities), physical security (through the materialization of “security”, like material possessions, regular shopping, and physical exercise), emotional security (through emotional relationships, sex, and comfort food).

In addition, because they are very fixed to their resources, their knowledge, their views, their security, and their pace, they will often be also stubborn. They understand the natural laws (because they sense them), so they are very secure about their own convictions and ideas. Difficult to make a Taurus change their mind.

Of course, a balanced Taurus archetype is essential to be safe in the world and to enjoy this life journey with delectable pleasure. They just seem to enjoy life! Enjoy work, they don’t stress out, they have all the time, and they just get all they need and live a good life. They know what they want, they know what they need, and they will get it (eventually) right on time.

However, an unbalanced Taurus archetype leads to extreme behaviour: compulsive shopping, comfort eating, and urge to have sexual activity a lot, or too much possessiveness about others.


Once we have gathered our resources, understood our environment, sensed the Earth and what it has to provide us with safety, the next step is rational, logical.

The use of the intellect, of the mind. The use of the intellect to communicate with other beings and see what they have to offer, or what can we offer to them. The need to learn.

Gemini, the twins. Two separate entities that are so connected to each other. They learn from each other, they communicate with each other, they are playful, curious and quirky. They know that together they can do more. In fact, the need each other.

So this is the archetype of Gemini: the next step to come out from the self, and communicate with other beings.

It is mutable air. Words travel through space, through the air. Communication moves through air space. The air moves things around: smells, particles, sounds. Air is just constant moving! Just like Gemini. It is restless, never stops. And they can change their minds.

The need to communicate, to learn, to know the whys of things and events, makes them open to new ideas, new visions, new skills, and new hobbies.

They mutate (in seasonal sense, Gemini is the mutation from spring to the warm sunny summer). Gemini is transition. Change. Evolution.

A highly developed Gemini archetype is associated with a restless mind. With the need to keep learning, the urge to communicate with others (be social).

They will often challenge into debate and argument, but they are very open to accept other views, and accept when they might be wrong.

A strong Gemini archetype is very smart and very intellectual. Their mind is rapid and swift. They are people of words, numbers and symbols. That is their language. It is logical. If something doesn’t have a “logical”, “verbal” explanation, they won’t stop until they get that explanation! Then, they will be “in peace”.

They have so much ideas, and are very good creatives. Their mind is like a feast of ideas pop-ups! One after the other one. Same is with their skills and knowledge. They like to know all. Therefore, they tend to store their knowledge in archives in their mind.

A properly channelled Gemini embodiment will be very smart and fast. Their curiosity and their openness to learn makes them adaptable to different circumstances, and even in crises periods. They will have creative ideas and solutions. They will be very analytical, and have great communication skills. They just need to do it!

However, an improper use of the Gemini archetype can lead to literal restlessness and mental tiredness. It can lead them to fast actions, but ineffective results. It can also be the reason why they can’t settle into something (because they are just interested in too much). And with that on mind, they might get a bit of knowledge in this, a bit in that, but never enough to master just one thing.


After the first encounter with another, there comes the feeling. The feeling! For the first time! The rise of emotions, abstract thoughts, abstract sensations and sentiments without explanations. Things we are feeling, but we can’t see. Reactions.

Melancholy, for the home. Where we felt safe. Where we felt secure. Being alone. It was all perfect then! Now we met others that challenged us. We met others with other attributes that challenged us. We met others who told us something that challenged us.

The crab. Always protecting himself from the environment. Moving sideways, always watching out. Has made a hard shell that keeps him safe there, at home. Warm and cosy. Afraid of taking a step that can put his feelings in danger.

Emotions and feelings are moving inside us. The water realm.

Cancer is cardinal water. The first emergence of feeling. It was when we were born, the first impression of the world, of the contact with air. We instinctually felt insecure. We cried out. Until we reached our mamma’s chest. Then we felt secure again.

What Cancer represents at its simplest, is the need to feel protected, and the need to protect others. This is why it is associated with the figure of the mother or father simultaneously with the figure of the inner child.

Of course we cannot live a life wearing a shell. There is a world out there and we will go out and interact with this world. We will go out and make the most of it (the most we can!)

But a strong Cancer will always have strong emotions, strong feelings and strong reactions. Cancer is emotional. Cancer is sensitive.

Because of its cardinal initiatory energy, people with a strong Cancer archetype will often be impatient. All cardinal signs share this trait. Sometimes they just don’t seem to understand that some things take time, effort and work. They want things now. That innocent and vulnerable creature. In the very bottom, even though this sounds very evident, Cancer just wants to feel safe and happy, like the child inside.

Because Cancer dwells in the realms of emotions and feelings, sometimes they cannot comprehend logically things that happen around. In many cases, they cannot express what they are feeling because they just don’t have logical words to express it. They feel so much.

This tendency of strong feelings can lead them to moodiness. The slightest phrase can open a memory in their souls and all of a sudden they can experiment extreme changes from happiness to sadness in a matter of one second.

Cancer has emotional memory. They never forget. They might forget visually or intellectually, but the emotional realm, which is abstract, is a repertoire of endless memories that can be awakened easily at any time.

In addition, because they know how to feel, they can also be very empathetic with others. Their intuition is highly developed and they are very sensitive to others emotions. They can feel the pain, anxiety and worry that other might be feeling. This leads to a compassionate and sensitive personality that protects and takes care of the other.

A properly channeled Cancer energy, will lead to an empathetic being that understands other people and provides them with a nurturing feeling. In addition, they will appreciate the beautiful unseen things from life, which is a gift that not everyone has. They will have special creativity skills, which if successfully identified, can be used for their own good and for others. They will have a good aura that surrounds them, which can be felt by others. If they know the source of their emotions and learn to recognise them, they can surpass “emotional crises” periods successfully.

An unbalanced Cancer energy, will create an extremely sensitive individual that can react negative to small triggers, be overly defensive and resentful. If this person does not learn how to get out of their shell, they can become shy and insecure.

If they do get out of their shell, but they cannot manage their emotions, they can become victims of vulnerability, fear and resentment. Just as they can be the happiest and funniest people at their highest, in a matter of second they can become the saddest or bitterest. The source of their moodiness lies on their emotions. These are too strong. A blessing and a curse.


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