Igniting The Creative Spark – Full Moon in Leo

Astro facts: Tropical Zodiac, Porphyry House System. 10th of February 2017, the Moon is in Leo opposite the Sun in Aquarius at 22°. There will be a penumbra Lunar Eclipse. Moon is sextile to Jupiter in Libra and trine to Uranus in Aries. Sun is sextile to Uranus in Aries and trine to Jupiter in Libra. So we have a cardinal-fixed rectangle in the heavens. Venus and Mars are in Aries. Saturn in Sagittarius is in a fire grand trine to the Leo Moon and to Uranus in Aries. In summary what we see here is: a powerful moment for personal spirit integration, for a new start, and for the ignition of the inner spark in each of us.


A bright archetype is represented by this upcoming penumbra eclipse and Full Moon in Leo the 10th of February 2017, carrying lessons for setting free our creativity and embracing with the heart, the fiery heart of a Lion, the thrill of expressing who we are.

Moreover, a special lesson about being individuals of human nature, human consciousness and instinct, possessors of the endless fire of energy, and living the infinite magical circle of life. Let us welcome the Full Moon.


Slowly the west reaches for clothes of new colours

which it passes to a row of ancient trees.

You look, and soon these two worlds both leave you

one part climbs towards heaven, one sinks to earth.


Leaving you, not really belonging to either,

not so hopelessly dark as that house that is silent,

not so unswervingly given to eternal as that thing

that turns to a star each night and climbs.

Sunset – Rainer Maria Rilke

Leo, the lively lion.  I personally love Leo. I have affinity with felines.

Just like Leo, we are spirited exuberant creatures. Just like the lion, we are creatures who also want to play, have fun, enjoy life and express our nature out in the wild.

The lion is pure energy, dynamism and steady constant fire. The lion carries with him the stable power of fire, vigour and passion. The lioness is exuberant, radiant, mighty and confident.

They like showing off their confidence, because it is authentic. They like to position their influence in the mysteries of the wild kingdom. They are lovely, but dominant. They are frisky and full of fun, but also powerful and redoubtable.

The lion knows more than any other creature in the wild, what they really are and what their power can do, something that humans in some cases don’t know or don’t appreciate.

And because the lion keeps true to who he is, he will always fight for him. She will always defend herself, and place herself higher (like most felines do). The lion loves who he is, and wants others to recognise and admire his mightiness.

He will often go out and cause turmoil to other species. She will go and hunt, showing off her success, so that others know what she can do*.

And so, the lion represents the expression of our own identity, the need for recognition and the urge to position oneself as a powerful unique creative being.

Through the ideal manifestation, this expression will be authentic and real, carrying with it the raw pure fire of life existence.

Through the negative manifestation, this expression can be fake due to the inability of the individual to accept their real self-identity, mirroring the identity of the social context of its environment and reproducing a copy of something else rather than who the person really is.

Leo is about expressing our own unique creativity, which comes from the fire within each person’s heart. The Sun rules Leo. Leo and the Sun are associated with the heart.


In the midst of the primordial becoming, there is the brightness of the Light (yang Guang), or the decisive. In the physical world, it is the Sun.

Man’s heart is under the fire sign. The flame of the fire pushes it up. When both eyes contemplate the things from the world, it is with vision directed towards outside. When one closes the eyes, the stare is reverted towards inside, and one can contemplate the Golden Flower.

The Secret of the Golden Flower – Carl Gustav Jung


The Sun is in Aquarius opposite the Moon in Leo, the two signs that deal with identity. This is the time to be creative and enjoy it. This is the time to say what we are, what we think. To paint it, to sing it, to write it, to dress it, to colour it, to cook it, play it and live it.

Sun in Aquarius calls for a stable and solid strength to overcome the difficulties along the way. To overcome the complaints, the criticisms, the challenges. Just like being in the middle of adversity (of the cold winter, or the killing heat of the summer), we need strength to fight for what we believe in.

The Moon then, resting in Leo, she is dressed with the soft sunny colourful rays from the Sun shining upon her. She shines, even if the Earth is in the middle (penumbra eclipse).

The principle of the Moon is the unconscious. That which lies within. But within, there is the heart, and in the heart, there is the never ending fire of the Sun. Our inner Sun.

Creativity bursts from within after having interacted with the outside. Therefore, the Moon principle also represents the inner creative power. No better time than now to welcome this unique potential and express it.

The penumbra eclipse reflects the perfect time to go inward to recognise the inner self, the unique creative power.

This eclipse symbolises the harmonisation between the self and the outer world through the Leo archetype (true identity, inner spark) and the Aquarius archetype (standing up for our identity out in the world).

Lunar eclipses have the potential to restore our original flame by bringing balance between the self and the world. Between the personal needs and the world needs. Between our unique potential and the world potential. It is a time to re-integrate the self.

Creativity is about expressing uniqueness. Each of us have uniqueness, each of us have gifts and talents and passion.

In many fields today, we see people struggling to launch something unique. That is creativity. The world needs it. That is Leo.

White Lion, by Damian K. In the past, white lions were thought to be in a disadvantageous position to conduct successful hunts and survive in the wild. They have proven this belief to be wrong. They have proven to be successful hunters just like the tawny lion. Their white colour does not make them less. Makes them different and unique.

Leo doesn’t care about being different. Leo is just authentic. A group of lions is called pride. Why? Because they are proud high-spirited animals. They are confident and in gratitude for what they are. This is another side of Leo: pride.

The roar of a lion is scary. When the Lion opens his jaws and reveals his mighty sharp teeth, one might die from a heart attack before the lion reaches out. It is something huge, impressive, strong and powerful.

But then, if we go deep down this, lions are animals. Lions are instinctual creatures (like the Moon). They live under instinct, their consciousness is not rational like ours. If the lion is hungry, he will eat (whatever he finds and wants). If the lioness feels threatened, she will defend and she will attack, no matter what. But these actions come from pure instinct, not from reason (and that is why I personally defend big felines*).

So then, the lion is always watching out and ready to defend in the case of attack or danger. And this is another characteristic of Leo: self-defence.

Lion by Aaron Blaise

In this picture, we see the bold roar of a lion. It is wild, it is raw and it is dangerous. But looking deeper into this photo, what we find is the powerful and desperate urge to defend what he is. To defend his expression, his position, his value and his pride. That is the roar of the Lion, adorned by the lively pulse of his heart.

This is what makes me personally admire this archetype. It requires a great deal of courage to stand up and defend your ideals, defend your truth and defend what you are or what you love. Especially in a world where being different is a paradox: good and bad. In a world where going against the mainstream, can signify defeat. The city is a dangerous wild habitat.

In the last post about the New Moon in Aquarius, two weeks ago, we dealt with the fact that each of us is different, and that which makes us different will make the difference in our lives.

In this Full Moon, we see the link between Aquarius and Leo archetypes: Leo is the need to express who we are and our pride. Aquarius is more about making something good for the world with this mighty power bursting sparks from our hearts.

Making something good for the world. This does mean literally changing the world. But it can mean changing a life, changing a day, stealing smiles, making a crowd shed tears by playing the piano or the guitar, moving hearts of other souls with the beauty of a painting, creating inner harmony with the teachings of yoga, or simply by strengthening the silent powerful bond with our friends and family. The methods are endless, but each of us are possessors of at least one. That can make the difference.

And yes, it is not all about working hard, being the responsible adult 24/7 and all that Saturn stuff. We already know that first, yes, there is the vision and a higher purpose or ideal that we have to work for (Saturn in Sagittarius).

Then we know we have to trust our guts and catch the striking callings that the firmament makes for us, and identify opportunities that require action now (Uranus in Aries).

Then we know that we are social animals, and together we can reach closer to our goals, rather than moving alone. So we have relationships and people to support us and we can support too (Jupiter in Libra).

And then we go out the world defending what we believe in (Sun in Aquarius).

Finally, we have this Full Moon in Leo with a penumbra eclipse, to help us recognise the special strength that we all have, and to ignite the fire of our creative self in joyful ways, even after a shadow time.

Ignite the inner unique spark of life and take it to the world with courage, with pride, with awareness of your own value, and through your very most special ways, tastes, colours and words. Share this love.

This Moon connects you with the spectre of the innocent and radiant expression of happiness. The flicker of joy. The streak of uniqueness and creative expression from within.

After the misty Moon has been sprinkled with soft Sun rays from the eclipse, a warm shadow, the spirit has the opportunity to come out the mist with a brand new light.


Go out! Have fun, enjoy yourself. Be natural, be human. Enjoy life and its colours. Leo wants to play. Lions love each other (in their special way). Have you seen how much they rub each other? It is also about enjoying this time on Earth!

Just like the lion, dare to be true, dare to be authentic, dare to see within and take out the fire burning inside your heart. If it is needed, roar and defend your pride.

Rainbow Lion by Laura Slade

But keep authentic to you. Keep aligned with the natural principle of love on earth and the higher collective spirit that bound all of us and all creation.

When you go out and watch the Moon, close your eyes and visualise a colourful bright loving and playful lion. Imagine all colours. Then open up and see the Moon. Can you feel the fire?

We cannot know his legendary head

with eyes like ripening fruit. And yet, his torso

is still suffused with brilliance from inside,

like a lamp, in which his gaze, now turned to low,

gleams in all its power.

Archaic Torso of Apollo – Rainer Maria Rilke


Want to know where the Leo archetype falls in your soul? Want to know more about your own unique creative potential and power of expression? Send me a message to enquire a private consultation.


Featured Art: Karen Tarlton


* This statement is based upon a Lioness in her natural free environment and habitat in the wild, living life according to Nature laws of collective species death and rebirth.

**Big felines (lions, tigers, jaguars, etc.) are seen by many as evil, dangerous and violent creatures. For some, they deserve “not to be here” because they can kill. And indeed, they are dangerous. But they are wild animals. There’s no need for “getting rid of them” or even worse, there’s no need to hold them captives for cruel human entertainment. These animals belong to the wild, and therefore you should keep the animals in their habitat, being what they are.  A lion in captivity, by men of consciousness and reason, cannot defend because is an animal with no power of reason. A lion that eats and hunts, is an animal in his wild radiance. A tiger that roars, is an animal defending his pride. A human being who uses his power or reason and his human consciousness to abuse the lion, torture him and eradicate his freedom, is an evil creature that deserves “not to be here”.