Swimming the Dark Sapphire Night – New Moon in Pisces

Astro Facts: Sunday 26th of February 2017, Sun/Moon conjunction, or New Moon in Pisces at 8°. This conjunction “extends” to include Mercury at 1° in Pisces, and Neptune at 11° in Pisces. If we include minor planets and asteroids for a deeper symbolism, we also have Chiron at 23° and Pallas at 18° of Pisces. On the other hand, Uranus/Mars conjunction in Aries at 21° is semi-squaring (45°) the Sun/Moon. In addition, we have the Pluto in Capricorn T-Square with Uranus/Mars in Aries, and with Jupiter in Libra. And finally, Saturn in Sagittarius is squaring (90°) Uranus/Mars in Aries.


This is one of the most powerful New Moons, in Pisces. Beautiful chaos of emotions and the confluence of all sort of energies. Ultra-sensitive and surprisingly psychic time. A time that demands each of us to simple let go from separateness into universal union. A time that demands compassion, forgiveness and surrender in order to embrace the highest purest sensation of collective love. Let us welcome the New Moon.

Our heart wanders lost in the dark woods.

Our dream wrestles in the castle of doubt.

But there’s music in us. Hope is pushed down

but the angel flies up again taking us with her.

The summer mornings begin inch by inch

while we sleep, and walk with us later

as long-legged beauty through

the dirty streets. It is no surprise

that danger and suffering surround us.

What astonishes is the singing.

We know the horses are there in the dark

meadow because we can smell them,

can hear them breathing.

Our spirit persists like a man struggling

through frozen valley

who suddenly smells flowers

and realizing the snow is melting

out of sight on top of the mountain,

knows that spring has begun.


Horses at Midnight without a Moon – Jack Gilbert


To start this post, I would like to give a bit more of background about possible conflicts that might be going on for some people, which have a lot to do with the Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter T-Square, and how we manage the assimilation between ourselves, our others, and co-growth. So, let’s talk about relationships.

The impulsiveness and instinctual individual energy from Mars/Uranus in Aries creates an abyss between how we deal and balance our relationships and co-activities (Jupiter in Libra). This situation is mediated by a potent Pluto in Capricorn, demanding from each of us growth, maturity and responsibility about our actions.

There can be, for some people, a heavy feeling of unease, which has to do with an inner self-imposed duty towards achieving something, or towards our partners. A responsibility that we feel we owe. People work their entire lives in order to achieve something, in order to prove something, in order to possess something, or in order to protect and provide with security our loved ones. And in the routine daily life, we become immerse on this dynamic.

Now, these are more challenging times for some people. Mars/Uranus in Aries individualistic energy, in some case aggressiveness (or polite aggressiveness, as I like to call it), can “shake up” what has been covered with our daily businesses. This shake up has to do with another dimension of experience, one that makes us come out from the usual. One that makes us question ourselves: “What am I doing now with my life?”, “Is this it? What have I worked all this time for? Is this it?”, “Is this the relationship working for me?”, “What is my prize after all this time? Have I got what I deserve from my partner?”, “Have I wasted myself away in this?”, “Are my needs being satisfied?”

And after this type of questions, the ego-self “rises” in defence.  “My needs”, become stronger than “Our needs”. While at the same time, Pluto in Capricorn creates a heavier weight by forcing us to be responsible and mature. Conflicts in relationships can appear to some people. Questions, doubts and insecurities.

On the other side, Jupiter in Libra can manifest in a different operational level. For some other people that have worked to integrate the dynamics of the energies going on, that have accepted the present challenges, and decided to evolve with them, have mastered a new stage in their life evolution that has to do with the alliance between meeting our own needs, while simultaneously learning and co-evolving with our partners/colleagues/friends. Instantaneously, the result is learning, maturity and evolution.

And of course, it is not easy maintaining a harmonized and healthy relationship. This will depend a lot on each individual personality (the natal chart can reveal a lot here), environment and current circumstances.

The main issue is the feeling of separation. Feeding the idea of separateness between the individuals in a relationship. Thinking of “this is me” and “that is you”. Not thinking “this is us”. Observing the other with a critical eye, and not being able to understand that in many cases, what we dislike from others might indeed be a reflection of an inner conflict within ourselves that has not been dealt with (and that we don’t want to accept).

In addition, again, depending on the personality, environment and circumstances within the relationship, the individuals might not have mastered awareness of what is co-learning, co-accepting, co-evolving, co-failing, and co-rising up together again.

The person has not reached the awareness level of a wider perception where he or she can recognise learning mile-stones (usually conflicts) within the relationship; or the person cannot distinguish between the limits of a healthy relationship that operates in mutual growth, with an unhealthy relationship that urges for a step out.

When we don’t see clearly, when we cannot distinguish the energies going on, when we feel confused (and lost), and we simply feel like there is some sort of chaos going on, we are immersed in the Piscean sensitive waters of illusions (and delusions!).

With so much strength going on now in Pisces, this situation can be maximized and over-sensitized. Anything can provoke a reaction (which will not always be good!). Pisces is very susceptible, and can be unstable. In addition, there might be some psychic signs for people, manifested through dreams and sudden daydreams, which can tell us more about what is going on in the unconscious or what we need to pay attention within ourselves, our wishes and yearnings.

Is indeed a powerful psychic time. Not just for relationships but for all in general. There can be endings and beginnings. There can be “awakenings” and “sleeps”. Some people will suddenly “wake up” to discover a truth. Some other people will just let be delusional.

The New Moon day (Sunday 26th February 2017), will be at the peak. The persons that have worked towards a path of self-awareness, will feel the upheaval. Plus, there will be a solar annular eclipse (unfortunately not visible in every country, check yours here). This upheaval can be either extremely benefic or difficult.

What we are dealing here is with the fusion of the Sun and the Moon forces. The integration between our inner world and the outer world, when we will fuse together what is going on out, with what we are feeling in.

As a result, we can associate what we are feeling with what is out there surrounding us. This element out, can take the form of our partner, our friends, our colleagues, our boss, our parents, or the form of events, material objects, misfortunes and deceptions.  That is why this coming New Moon in Pisces, deals with the potentiality of conflict between the needs of the person inside, and what the person finds outside (Aries-Pisces semi-square).

Nevertheless, Pisces has another face, one that has the potential to create all the opposite: the potential of absolute kindness and union.

The Piscean realm is a substantial facet that some people compare with chaos. And indeed, the chaos comes from the idea that for Pisces, nothing can be explained. Nothing can be understood logically. Four our minds, things do not make sense. And in this situation, we can work against the twirls of the Piscean waters and struggle battling the whirlpools of confusion, deception and emotional weight.

Or we can simply let go and trust. We can simply let go and forgive. We can let go and embrace the light of the unknown. We can let go and free ourselves from the ego. We can stop battling ourselves and drowning in chaos.

Pisces teaches us about compassion. This is union between the Sun and the Moon representation. Peace between the ego needs and our need for outer consent. Letting the Sun radiance merge with ourselves in the mystical waters of Pisces.


United. Together. All. Oneness. All-compassing. Forgiveness. Mercy. One world. This life. This planet. My place. Our place. Letting go. Accepting. Respecting. Honouring. Appreciating. Learning. Smiling. Happiness. Trust.


For all the sensitivity, the rising conflicts, the tears and the heavy burden that some people might be enthralled with, there is something brighter. There is something absolute. There is something that is higher and stronger than any form of sadness, grief and despair. This is the awareness of the collective love. The collective unconscious. That which ties each of us to every grain of sand, to every leaf from trees, to every single being. When we become aware of this truth, there comes feeling that cannot be explained. The best way to describe it is: “There is nothing more that I need to know. This is all”.

In logical language, the main lesson here, is that of letting go. Of receiving life events, people, and situations gratefully, as part of our evolutionary growth. Understanding the other, before reacting against the other. That of giving our hand to that person. Of accepting defeat. Accepting failure. The lesson to let go from fear, and just dive in.

It is scary, it is not easy. But it is possible.

The solar eclipse brings for this special time, the opportunity to begin as new selves. Pisces is end and beginning. The solar eclipse symbolises the union of the psychic, wise and emotional energy from the Moon, together with and the active, creative and lively principle of the Sun.

Whatever might be burdening you, worrying you, disturbing you, wounding you, or saddening you: there is a greater life force that allows you to start brand new. Call it God, call it higher power or call it the universe. It heals. You just need to trust, and let go.


Sitting by the balcony, my feet hang down.

My eyes contemplate the mighty golden disk,

waving goodbye with his sparks.

A spectacle of lights and colours.

Purple haze, pink cotton, orange candy,

and then the darkest blue sapphire,

sparkling a show of stars.

The night spirit is here.

But she is not. The Moon. Where is she?

It is just too dark,

without her.

A star whispers to me ‘she has not come,

she fused with the Sun’.

The night spirit is here, it penetrates my body,

Running through every vein.

I feel a scary shiver.

My eyes close and open.

And there it is clear.

I see the night spirit looking at me

through the dark sapphire sky.

The spirit extends its hand to me,

I see its lips moving,

‘come’, it says.

Suddenly, it is different,

I feel no fear anymore,

I just let myself.

I trust.

A rush of light strikes me,

the night spirit animates my body.

We are now one.

All is possible, all is one,

All is light, we are all.

Our face smiles, our world is us.

I close and open my eyes.

I see the dark sapphire sky,

glittering an extravaganza of stars.

Far beyond in the horizon,

the city lights.

I have no fear anymore.

I am the night spirit.


Dark Sapphire Night – Mara De Diego

Want to know where the Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter “T-Square” fall in your life? Want to know where this New Moon and eclipse fall in your personal life? Send me a message to inquire consultation.

Art: The Occultation of Venus –  John Paul Olivares