Our Search for True Meaning in Work – Full Moon in Virgo

Astro Facts: Sun/Mercury conjunction in Pisces opposites the Moon in Virgo at 22°. Moon itself, trines Pluto in Capricorn, and quincuxes Uranus in Aries. Jupiter in Libra quincuxes Sun/Mercury in Pisces. Saturn in Sagittarius, on the other hand, is in mutable T-Square with the Moon and the Sun/Mercury, and it is trine Uranus in Aries and Mars who recently entered in Taurus. We still have the cardinal Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter T-Square.



This is one of those times in which the life cycle is guiding us to open our perceptions and free them from self-imposed boundaries and pre-set conditions. The Full Moon in Virgo will reflect the need of the individual to pursue a life of meaning and dedication to an ideal that is aligned with his or her true life purpose.

A time in which we have to work harder. But before working harder towards a specific goal, some people will need to work even harder in order to break free from negativity, from limitations and embrace their real essence. Only after that, work will have a full meaning: both individual and collective.


Welcome the Full Moon in Virgo.


Where is my soul?

It has my meaning, it has my truth

I feel the forces

They break me into pieces

Where is my soul?

Has somebody seen it?

It has my meaning, it ran away

My skin is pale, my body shakes

But I continue, because I must

Where is my soul?

It left me, I don’t know why

I have only done what I must

Remind me please what I must do?

I forgot

My fraud smile, my fraud words

My hands in my pockets

Maybe there is my soul

Where is my soul?

It must be scared. It doesn’t have gold

It is not protected, it might be hurt

My hands in my pockets,

I found a gold coin

Maybe that brings it back to me


Where is my soul?

You, beautiful Moon,

You light all, have you seen it?

I asked you, Oh Mighty Moon,

But you don’t say a word

Where is my soul?

The night is bright

The Moon looks at me, speechless

My soul has my meaning

I have a gold coin in my pocket

I must do what I have to do,

I do not know what that is

My soul knows

Where is My Soul – Mara De Diego


Sunday 12th of March 2017, the Moon in Virgo is in a flowing aspect with the need for responsibility and work from Pluto in Capricorn. This makes sense, having on mind that Virgo quality by itself demands for work and service.

The Sun-Moon opposition is mediated by Saturn in Sagittarius, who is at 90° from each. So this adds more “responsible spice” to the scenario. Saturn is itself responsibility, integrity, maturity. Saturn is the law, the government, our boss! So there might be a heavier weight upon us that we don’t fully understand, but in a distorted unassimilated way, can cause a great deal of stress upon the individual.

The Moon quincuxes Uranus in Aries, which represents some friction or compulsive behaviour towards the need to do or create things NOW in order to get fast outcomes (impulsive).  This is still dragged from the time Mars was dignified in Aries, and now with Venus retrograding in Aries.

Stress is coming from an unknown source. We feel responsible for something. We feel duty towards what we are doing (pardon, what?). We feel duty towards our people, our family, our friends and colleagues. We want to help the other one (but we are even more confused about our own selves).

We feel there is something more we need to do, and we need to do it now! Then anxiety hits in. It is a mutable behaviour that is taking over us, merged with the cardinal need for doing things literally NOW. For seeing results now, for needing to make decisions now, for changing now. But what needs to be changed? We don’t know! Anxiety hits back. And now we also become emotionally reactive!  And we don’t even know what’s going on.

So, is it possible? Is this Moon post about needing to feel stressed? Not so.

What is true here, is the need to create or achieve something more tangible (Virgo is an Earth physical sign), and at the same time, something more valuable in terms of meaning (for us and everyone). So, yes:  to work harder.

I know. This is not what everyone would expect to read at a Full Moon Post! We always expect reading healing words, sensitive highlights, enlightening phrases and spiritual content.

But then, work. A word that sounds boring. Sounds too serious. Looks gray like the atmosphere from the office. Pale and lifeless like the chicken lights in the workplace. Does not produce any excitement.

But think twice here. Maybe we all have a wrong conception about work.

This can be a powerful time for each of us to devote more time and effort into something that is important for us. This does not mean to work harder on something we don’t value, but the opposite, to determine what our best capability is and what is that which gives us enough joy at doing which can also be good for the collective. What do you love doing, that can help others too?

The word work means an activity that involves mental or physical effort in order to produce an expected result or a purpose. It is as simple as that. So working, is indeed every activity in which we put our mental and physical (Virgo) effort to get something back.

When we do physical exercise, we are working out, in order to become healthier (or physically more attractive). Exercise is an activity linked with Virgo.

So as many other daily activities that we do are also work. But of course, with work, we all mean the daily activity we do in order to get money and make it out alive in this world. To procreate and preserve our species. For some, to become wealthy or wealthier, getting power (Pluto, Saturn).

And unfortunately, many times, this work activity we chose to do, has absolutely nothing to do with what we love doing or what our true creative fire has to do with. So then work, becomes a tedious hated activity, which we indeed don’t want to do (but we only do because we need to preserve ourselves and our descendants). Then work becomes stress. Then work becomes anxiety. Responsibility becomes distorted into a hated duty. Then the word work itself, becomes literally repudiated.

In other better cases, we do experience stress at the things we like doing. Other factors might come in and make a situation difficult, or we might become too analytical and critical, too demanding, too worried, too Virgo!

The integration between our individual essence and the collective essence can become extra sensitive. The forces inside us are pushing us to act for our individuality, while the collective forces are pushing us to act trough the reflection of the collective (call it human race, society, laws, organisations, etc.).

This inner twirl can produce amounts of uncomprehend stress, anxiety and bring other physical conditions, such as small illnesses, pain in specific areas, allergies, or digestive small issues.

What can we learn from this Full Moon? Even though in a pure astrological sense, the Full Moon is a separation from the Sun and the Moon forces, this separation brings us to an understanding. It spreads light upon us, so then we can see.

The Moon is opposite to the sensitive Sun/Mercury in Pisces, which can reflect us by operating under deep down rooted feelings and mere intuitive behaviour. Upon sensibility to the environment and the impulsive need to engage ourselves into something that can produce value socially approved (but this need might become compulsive and destructive when we actually don’t know what we can do to feel good about us, while still feeling we must do something).

Saturn in Sagittarius is in the middle of this situation by pushing us for a higher purpose and larger scope of reach through our actions.

And as usual with every Moon day (Sun and Moon in alignment), we must go inward. When we feel lost, we must go inward. When we feel stressed, we must stop, and go inward. When we feel heavy and we don’t know why, we must go inward.

The mind is constantly thinking too much. To a point that the thinking goes unnoticed. Then we act by habit and we do things without real thinking. The mind needs a break, needs to stop. A break does not mean to go out to the bar, to socialise, to the movies or to watch television. A break means to stop, sit or lay down comfortably in a quite peaceful space, close the eyes and let the muscles relax. Let it all go. Take a conscious breathes. Feel the body breathing. Relax. That is a break.

Then, when at peace, think back to all the things you love doing. To all the activities you love to do or create. Think back to that which you feel is your thing. How can it be useful to the world? Is it art? Is it music? Is it writing? Or wait, is it business? Is it problem solving? Is it cleaning? Is it teaching? Assisting? Is it being a full time mother?

This is infinite. All the possibilities are huge. But you must find out what is your true calling. (Saturn in Sagittarius). You must go deep down to reform this idea you have about work, about what life is about, about how can you be an effective useful citizen in this society we live in (Pluto in Capricorn), while still, feeling good about yourself inwardly (The Moon in Virgo). Feeling interconnectedness (Pisces) with the whole in every moment of our life cycle. Of the now. The creative moment of the now.

Letting the mind dwell in soft calmed Piscean waters (Mercury and the Sun in Pisces). Bring down the energy to the lowest. Stabilise the body and mind. And sense your own creative pure resources (Mars in Taurus). These will undoubtedly give something back to the world. But also these will give joy and value back to you.  The perfect harmony that Virgo is looking for.

The idea is not to drown into the sorrows of that which makes us feel miserable, or that which we do only for living. Life is about cycles of becoming. Ups and downs, if you trust and follow the wave, all is good.

You can do “what you must” if that is what you want, but don’t drown there. Life is not just sitting at the office and the problems coming in the emails. Life is a cycle with ups and downs. Waves that go up to the crest and down to the wave through. Things can always go wrong, but you can always make them better. Crises come, but they also go.

Your life purpose might be the work you do to earn money. And that is great, because you know your calling. But for other people, it might not be the case.

These people need to find what their light is, and just go and do it. They must find what they can do truly from the bottom of their hearts in order to serve the community. Then they will find pure joy. Pure rejoice. Pure satisfaction. Pure worth.

This does not mean go on and quit whatever you are doing that does not feel right. Virgo is about analysing and discerning.

The lesson is to see our true essence, our true capabilities as individual human beings. Tap in the Leo creative fire, and engage ourselves with that which blossoms purely from the heart. In other words, to do our truth, to do what we are good and love doing, finding joy and satisfaction after we make other smile from our deeds. Finding joy and satisfaction because we are doing what feels the right thing. We are working towards our real purpose.

Days pass so fast, we do many things simultaneously, talk with a lot of people, think a lot of things and also worry about many other more. Nevertheless, we somehow know what we are into. We somehow know when something is not right, when something is missing. We even know what we have to do in order to feel good. But rarely do we ever listen to the calling.

The Zodiac is full of life teachings. Astrology reflects life cycles in a way that is so intrinsically linked with our human essence. These cycles come and go. But they carry lessons. And these lessons become actively visible in days like this Full Moon.

Art: Innan Vinden by Sara Skogsberg