Blooming Life Experience – New Moon and Super Stellium in Aries

Astro Facts: Pluto in Capricorn T-Square with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries.Uranus in conjunction with Mercury in Aries. Saturn in Sagittarius trine to Uranus/Mercury in Aries and square to Venus in Aries. Neptune in Pisces in semi-square to Uranus/Mercury in Aries, and sextile to Mars in Taurus. Sun/Moon exact conjunction (New Moon) in Aries, and also conjoined with Venus. 


There is a present situation going on in our lives. The issues can manifest in family level, love relationships, friendships and also work relationships. The main matter is the dual sentiment of maintaining union, while at the same time attaining freedom.

And even more, a mediating feeling of responsibility or duty both to our relationships and our own goals and needs as individuals. It is an ongoing theme and can pass a silently for some (while very noticeable for some).

This time, Uranus in Aries is conjunct with Mercury, leading to impulsive mental hits, fast ideas, quick changes and strong restlessness.

On the other hand, Saturn is squaring Venus in Aries leading to a conflict between warmth affection (yes, it applies to intimacy in love) and restriction. People might feel a little out of track dealing with their own desires for others and with their sense of being responsible correct persons.

Saturn reminds us about our ideals, the goals we have in life, or about what is correct and aligned with our beliefs. And it can be pushy. 

Venus in Aries operates a little bit like Mars: more passionate, more desire, more need of affection, yearnings and longings to be in love, or receive affection or engage in intimacy with others.

Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. But also, at its core, Venus represents attraction and what we need to project or do in order to generate attraction to give and receive affection or physical contact (intimacy). It also represents the other side: all that which we are attracted to, in order to give and receive affection or physical contact (intimacy).

And Saturn of course, can remind us about other “more important” duties. Then there can be some conflict of desires.

It is like that night you want so much to engage into intimacy, and you feel the heat starting to burst all over the body. But then, no. Tomorrow you need to work early. Or no, you should stay this night studying for your masters. Or no, you should stay this night at home, because you need to save some money. Or no, you suddenly listen the kids crying.

In addition, Saturn is in ease with the impulsive mind from Uranus/Mercury in Aries. So the need to focus harder on whatever we are into at the moment, to produce something great, or to engage in other activities and cultural explorations can be stronger than the passionate desires from Venus.

Neptune in Pisces, however, is in semi-square with Uranus/Mercury in Aries. This can produce some illogical behaviour or decisions based on purely intuition or feelings at the moment. People can be dragged down by illusions, dreams and an emotional attachment to some object, goal or person.

For some people, this semi-square between emotional Neptune and actional logical Uranus/Aries can symbolise the dissolution of boundaries that have been blocking us from what we truly have wanted all the long. This can happen through a spiritual breakthrough in which individuals might feel more attune with the mighty spirit of all-creation and through an positive activation (Uranus/Mercury in Aries) of faith in themselves as individuals part of a whole (Neptune in Pisces).

And as we see, Neptune in Pisces is at 60° (sextile) from Mars in Taurus, so the energies between them are at ease. This experience of freedom, of connection, bliss and ecstasy can activate the individual and provide him or her with a positive look to the universe, which will give him or her all the serenity and peace of heart necessary to strive (or feel the potential of strive).

In different cases, Neptune in Pisces sextile Mars in Taurus can produce a false sense of stability and security, while the individual might indeed be a body of self-delusion, boldness and some fearless overconfidence on whatever they might be doing at the moment.

In any case, that is all part of the adventurousness of Aries. We are having a mega stellium in Aries: Venus, the Moon, the Sun, Uranus and Mercury! That is like a massive explosion of energy and determination. A massive explosion of an enduring stamina to live.

Aries can indeed represent a lot of robustness, courage and vivacity. The impulse can be of the strongest throughout a solar year. The rise of spring, it represents all the energies operating at our Solar System directly on Earth, bringing back the nature life: blooming.

It must be mentioned, however, that a distorted Aries energy can be channelled very negatively and producing, instead of creation, destruction. Some souls, unfortunately, might be victims of aggressive reactions and behaviours, eased pure delusion (a chaotic Piscean Neptune) by repressed feelings or extreme beliefs (Saturn in Sagittarius) and other powerful forces of transformation and evolution (Pluto in Capricorn).

In any case, the thrill will be significant. The mistakes, deceits, impatience and restlessness can also be present. The danger of overconfidence in important decisions too.

But it is all part of the Aries journey. And anything we might do, and then we might find out it was a wrong move, it will all be part of a higher purpose which will lead to positive outcomes.

For the moment, it is time to enjoy the Aries thrill of life. And with the Moon and the Sun together in Aries, literally: this is the time to create new things, to engage in new ideas, new hobbies, new skills, new travels, new goals and new perspectives! It is a time to bloom.

The forces of the Sun and the Moon are together: the inner self and the outer self. Our inner needs and our will. Our emotions are at ease with our determination.

The creative fire of the Sun is on in Aries, together with the wise imagination and the active intuition from the Moon. The result is a feeling of positive connection felt through the veins. It is optimistic, it is cheerful, it is confident and it is fearless.

The desire to live life. New Moons sometimes can be dark powerful times, but this New Moon is indeed something stronger that holds more light, inner light, than ever.


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