Our Fruitful Relationships? – Full Moon in Libra

Astro Facts: 11th of April 2017 – Pluto in Capricorn T square Moon-Jupiter in Libra and the Sun-Uranus in Aries. Mars in Taurus is quincunx to Moon-Jupiter, while it trines Pluto. Mercury, now retrograde, trines Saturn in Sagittarius. Retrograde planets: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. This is a good time to take things more consciously. 

During this week, there can be an unconscious need for other people, while at the same time, a strong impulse for independence and individuality can also strike in. As a result, people can be immersed in some sort of a confusing chaos of energies between independence and interdependence.

This Full Moon in Libra in conjunction with Jupiter can take us into awareness of memories, times and people who once were very close to us.

At the same time, this awakening can take us into another level. With the Sun conjunct Uranus in the fire of Aries, this could be a time to open up our eyes to what and who really matters in our lives.

Recent experiences can make us see that old memories about people we keep clinging onto, are nothing more than memories.

People come and go. The important ones will stay, while the rest were part of a lesson or experience we needed to learn on the way.

We might learn from these lessons and acknowledge with more value the persons that are relevant and present in our lives. The persons we actually have feelings for and the persons who are continuously giving their support, helping us grow better and sharing part of their lives with us.

This is the slow process of maturity (Pluto in Capricorn). Sometimes we need to experience some events in order to open the eyes to what really matters and to whom really supports our evolutionary journey in this life.

In addition, this time is highly fertile in all forms and ways.

Figuratively, we plant so many seeds in this journey while only few can endure and give new life. Projects we start and stop. Relationships we get into but fail to survive. New jobs that later turn out to not be what we wanted to make a life of. Friends who after a period do not reap.

However, with Jupiter conjunct the Moon, this time is fertile. So it can be good to dare into something new, a new venture, a new plan, a new hobby, or new relationship or friendship. Why not?

In addition, creativity is at its peak. Aries time is spring time: blooming. So why not to try exploring our creativity in different ways? The Moon is highly intuitive from the inside, and coupled with Jupiter, some people might have a blast of creative ideas.

The Sun is intuitive fire. Coupled with Uranus, they are that last push to go for it and follow the calling from the spirit.

We can fail or we can succeed. But it is all part of our transformative evolutionary journey of self growth (Pluto in Capricorn).

Finally, with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, all in retrograde motion, it is indeed a time for introspection.

Sun-Uranus in Aries represent a very thin line between raw impulses and true callings. But the retrograde activity going on indicates that perhaps what we need is more introspection in our lives and more reflection about the events and people that surround us.

After that, we can hear what the spirit is trying to tell us in order to evolve as the individual creative person that each of us is.


Art: Alexandra Levasseur