The Progress is Here, It is Ours – The New Moon in Taurus

Astro Facts: Moon conjunct with the Sun in Taurus. They are in Trine with the North Node of the Moon. Uranus conjunct Mercury (Rx) in Aries and trine Saturn (Rx) in Sagittarius. Mars squaring the Nodes (applying to the North Node). Pluto in Capricorn (Rx) square Jupiter (Rx) in Libra. Venus in Pisces squares Saturn (Rx) in Sagittarius. Neptune inconjunct Jupiter (Rx) in Libra.


This special time of the year, with the New Moon in Taurus and its interesting positioning on time and space, indicates ventures and new beginnings.

Perhaps new plans, or perhaps a new phase (New Moon) of a journey. In any form, this time is special because it has to do with how we visualise our future and how we keep progressing in relationship to it.

As with every New Moon, the Sun and the Moon forces are joined together: the inner world and the outer world. The act of introspection and the act of projection. Coming in and going out. Feelings and real actions. So it can also be a sensitive time in which we might feel confused and maybe a little bit anxious.

Taurus represents the quality of fixed Earth. Being fixated into our own ways, we can become stubborn in some aspects.

It also has to do with the significance of our resources. Which are our resources? Using and mastering our skills, abilities and how we make use of Earth and its gifts. But it also has to do with acknowledging turning points and the fact that things do take time. So a good deal of Taurean patience is essential.

We should think about our goals, whether they are new or already set before. We should recognise, with consciousness, that whatever might be happening now is part of a new stage, and that in this new stage we have to stop and observe.

Which resources do I have in order to pass this level? What resources I might need? Should I learn something new? Should I experience something new? 

On the other side, happening at the same time, we have Mars in Gemini squaring the nodes of the Moon. Mars represents our will and drive, while the nodes of the Moon have to do with the significance of the past (South Node) and the future (North Node).

Mars is pointing towards the North Node: towards the future. And here things might get a little bit confusing and even wild, since Mars can manifest so impatiently on us.

Mars squaring the nodes can come out as impatience on wanting things our way and now. In others, this can come out as rage or aggression because of dealing with past habits and ideas and the inability to cope with change (and merged with the stubbornness of Taurus!).

The North Node of the Moon is at 1° of Virgo. Looking deeper into symbolism, the Sabian Symbol for 1° Virgo displays:

“In a portrait, the significant features of a man’s head are artistically emphasised”

Taken from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

The significance behind this scene and in relationship to this time of the year, is about exalting or polishing our own unique characteristics, features and resources that each of us as a person has, and aim it towards the future.

Being in Virgo, and together with the New Moon happening in Taurus, we are dealing with Earth purely. The future is pulling us towards it, and we might need to re-adjust a little in order to improve our own capabilities and expand our ideas and visions (Saturn in Sagittarius).  And it can be a little difficult when we are so attached to old ideas and habits (Saturn squares Venus). Sensitivity can arise, and our loved ones pay the price!

Virgo is mutable Earth. So, opening up a little more by accepting new things to polish our own personal features, and with Mars pointing towards the North Node, the idea is to direct our special will and motivation towards change and future.

But let us not get impatient and obsessed with too much thinking, ideas and getting results now (Uranus conjuncts Mercury Rx in Aries). We need patience (Sun/Moon in Taurus).

Taurus is the quality fixated on Earth. And this applies to everyone*. It teaches us about making use of the facilities, tools and abilities that life has given us (Life, God, Mother Earth, the Source or “the Circumstance”). So the message is clear.

We are reaching a new part in our quest, even if we are aware of it or not. We might need a bit more of consciousness in order to observe and visualise the changes that are going on in our lives. New things are coming, either now or very soon.

We are entering in a new phase of the cycle of a purpose. This purpose is yours and only you know it. It can be anything, from a higher life goal to a more personal one.  It can be also a new cycle instead of a phase. The point is that change and beginnings are coming or happening.

And our motivation and energy is on the spot here (Mars). We are being pulled by the past (habits, memories, attachments, past dreams), but we are also being pulled by a stronger force that won’t let us be in peace if we don’t open up to change and improve whatever we must.

Whatever nature calls us to do. This force is the future.

So let us welcome the New Moon in Taurus and connect with the source, appreciate what we have been given and recognise what we must change, adapt or improve in order to move on in our evolutionary journey. Ascend, because progress is on our way.


Art: Human Disguise by Artistic Daria


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