Transformative Shift ~ New Mode of Action: North Node into Leo & Full Moon in Scorpio

North Node of the Moon Shifts into Leo


We are now being pulled, collectively and personally, into creative realisation. This is Leo.

Eighteen months before, the North Node of the Moon was in Virgo, reflecting a time of personal and collective analysis.

A time about sorting out our ideas and skills. A time of discrimination about what works and is really effective in our lives, discarding what’s left as excessive or unimportant for our evolutionary growth.

And finally, it has been a time for assessing our own personal circumstances and what we need to change or improve in order to align with a future that resonates with our true calling.

Now, with the North Node moving towards Leo, the future is drawn upon how we manifest creatively our full potential as individuals. Upon how we attune with our inner radiance, our inner Sun in the heart.

The Sun, carrier of all the strength and special creative power that each of us have, pushes us to develop this original talent as a way of creative expression, self-realisation and the creation of a brighter future together. What is so special that I have to offer?

We are made of energy. The Sun is part of what we are and vice versa. We have this energy potential to creatively use it.

After eighteen months of refining and polishing, to attain a concept of the future we are aiming to, now is the time to manifest it. To bring it forth and express it. This is fire. This is Leo.

Love who you are, love what you got, manifest it, do it, and share it.

Keep in mind these keywords for the next eighteen months to come: energy, action, expression, generosity, creativity, unique potential, joy, light, radiance, love.



Full Moon in Scorpio


Look at me in the eye,

stay quiet, stay calm.

Let us fixate our stares

Let us connect and penetrate.

I want to guide you.

Trust, take me by the hand.

I aim to take you there,

where the real you dwells,

and your desires are set.

Are you afraid?

Why so?

Trust me, I will take you there.

Genuine power is not something to be scared of,

it is something to take care of and face.

Let go and trust,

because freedom is in there.

Look at me and trust,

because the strength lies in there.

Let us connect, let us penetrate.

I aim to take you there,

where the real you dwells,

and your desires are set.

Mara De Diego


This Full Moon in Scorpio is carrying a mysterious essence inviting us to penetrate into our own souls. Into the darkness inside, a place we never go. It invites us to face and recognise what are our desires, wishes and hopes. But also which our fears are.

In the polarity of our current Sun in Taurus, the light from the Moon in Scorpio illuminates the darkness inside our being, bringing out to visibility (or to sensation) all those yearnings beyond main needs, and all those fears or feelings that shatter our own sense of self-worth. That which make us feel not in ease with ourselves.

In reality, this is a step that is quite simple, but not so easy. Simple and easy are not the same. It can be as simple as to sit down in quietness and observe what is inside of us.

Observe the dynamics of your feelings and thoughts. It can be as simple as to be shameless with our own selves, and in the secrecy of us, face and admit what are those desires or fears.

A key of self-knowledge is to face ourselves. To face ourselves is to see, admit and recognise the truths that lie inside of us. We don’t need to do this with other people, we only need to penetrate inside of us. Of course, resistance will come up. It is normal to be scared to face our true yearnings and our fears. This is the difficult part: the recognition.

Again, we live so fast, that we don’t even notice that a great part of our daily activities have to do with the fixed work towards security and survival (Taurus). But do we ever stop to see what is beyond that main need? What is the capacity of our real power? Of our potential? Think about creativity.

And our limitations? Do we know the source of them? Astrology can help this on a deeper level. But for now, have we acknowledged our own limitations, both by circumstances and also those that are self-imposed?

Self-imposed limitations can be overcome, but first we need to face them. Then real transformation can occur, and we can build a new structure of consciousness and stability (Pluto in Capricorn in sextile with the Moon in Scorpio).

On the other hand, with Venus in Aries in a wide orb opposition to Jupiter in Libra, we can see a need for balance and harmony between our own emotional needs and the needs of those who surround us.

There can be a sense of obstruction or antipathy, or even some hostility, in how relationship dynamics are going on. We have to deal first with our own identity or personal issues before we start projecting these on others (opposition to Jupiter in Libra).

In addition, with Mars in Gemini in square to Neptune in Pisces, there can be a compulsive impulse to think too much ideas, too much plans, too much to cover in a fast and short time span. This is maximised by Uranus/Mercury in Aries.

At the same time, this impulse can get us stuck in non-ending circle of an idealised reality, leading us nowhere, messing with our relationships, work, health and well-being.

The obstacle is mind against intuitiveness, restlessness against peace of mind, and fear of not doing enough against trusting.

Finally, with the fire grand trine between the Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus/Mercury in Aries and the North Node in Leo, we are indeed living a momentum of action and creative blast.

However, the fire element even though it can be irrational and impulsive, it also teaches us to trust. Trust ourselves, our capabilities and our creative power.

Trust is important in order to overcome the compulsiveness of the mind. We need to have a larger and solid true vision that embodies our own distinctiveness power and skills.

With the nodal shift, it is time to start expressing it creatively in order to make a change. A transformative shift.

Let us go inwards this Full Moon in Scorpio time, and let us know more about what each of us can do beyond the main outer needs.


Art: Lilith by Jessica Ballantyne


Astro Facts: Astro Facts: Nodes of the Moon shift, taking place this 9th of May 2017. The new archetype will be present until the end of October 2018. Full Moon in Scorpio this 10th of May 2017. Jupiter (Rx) in Libra in opposition to Venus in Aries.  Mars in Gemini in square to Neptune in Pisces. Fire grand trine of the North Node of the Moon in Leo, Saturn (Rx) in Sagittarius and Uranus/Mercury in Aries.