Channelling the Mind – New Moon in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra

With the Moon in its closest position to the Sun in the sign of Gemini, this Thursday 25th of May 2017, a new lunar cycle with a strong focus on communication, curiosity and vision unfolds. High levels of mental activity will be engaged during these first days. Gemini is the quality of curiosity, interest, communication exchange, knowledge and learning.

Have you thought about acquiring a new hobby or learning something new? Well, this is the proper time to start doing it. Or maybe to strengthen your scope of knowledge in some specific subject? Have you thought about writing something? Implementing an idea? Focus on that.

As it happens with New Moons, the time itself is a metaphysical “break” or “pause” before a new beginning. A new part of this twelve-lunation year.

The best way is to dive into the nature of this time, which is about learning, communicating and developing a positive sense of curiosity in life and its parts, instead of engaging into compulsive thinking or emotional over-thinking.

The New Moon day allow us to take a metaphysical break from our daily activities, relax, stay at home, take a time for ourselves, and think about something special we are interested in doing or learning about. We can also think about close friends or relatives we would like to get in touch with. Gemini is exchange of knowledge and interest.

On the other side, we are dealing with more planetary dynamics in the moment. Mars in Gemini, for example, is forming interesting aspects. It is in opposition to Saturn (retrograde) in Sagittarius.

Saturn is pushing us to define a solid vision and a strong structure of meaning in this life, but Mars in Gemini is demanding activity: brain activity! Mars in Gemini is pushing us for thought and action. An impatient rush towards doing things, relating, communicating, impulsive actions and all sort of restless movements that do not allow us to sit and think clearly about the “main idea”.

In addition, this phenomenon is amplified by a flow between Mars, and Uranus and Venus in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars. In simple words, we are dealing with an explosive mental drive and impulse.

This dynamic between Mars and Uranus has been already going on, but it is now being amplified. Therefore, we should be careful about making important decisions in this time, especially if these are propelled by emotions and impulses.

If we are forced to take decisions of a relevant nature, we should always go back to “the main idea”, the “main vision”, and try to set aside temporary impulses and emotionally conditioned desires.

Talking about emotions, we find Jupiter Retrograde in Libra in a separating opposition to Venus in Aries. We might be dealing with very strong relationship forces here, either for good or bad.

Libra is a cardinal sign that has to do with our relations with other beings, and in natural opposition it will always be towards Aries: the sign which represents the “I”.  The natural challenge to attain harmonious equilibrium between us as individuals and us as parts of a relationship.

Some might have been experiencing problems with their relationships as a result of wrongly dealt issues. Some might have been dealing with a pull towards personal and individual freedom, while simultaneously being pulled towards the other person or persons. Some will be experiencing this gravitational pull very strongly.

The thing here is to turn the mirror inside. Relationships are an invisible mirror, and most of the times the issues we experience are a mere reflect of us in the other person! In other words, most of the issues we place in the other, are actually our own issues that we have not dealt with. Of course, there are limits on what is fair, and it is important to recognise these limits.

This is a separating opposition that started with the past Full Moon in Scorpio and it will be released this weekend with the opposition coming to an end when the Moon is in Cancer. There will be another challenging time of a different quality when Jupiter and Venus form their final square in mid-August 2017, so that later by mid-November 2017 they join together in the sign of Scorpio for a new cycle.

Returning back to our subject, on this New Moon day, Jupiter will form a yod configuration involving Mercury in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces.

This is not an easy configuration, and tension in relationships can be built up easily. We can see problems arising as a lack of understanding or a lack of agreement in the relationship. There can be very different, fixed and stubborn points of view between the two or more persons.

A strong idea of what reality is to one, can be totally different to the idea of reality of the other. A clash of points of views and perceptions. In an extreme way this can lead to a total sense of disillusionment regarding to the overall meaning of the relationship, partnership or friendship.

We should watch out these dynamics and bear in mind the impulsive, temporary and mutable nature of these times.

Venus in Aries in square to Pluto in Capricorn takes us back to the ground: the solid structure and foundations of everything in our lives. In relationship with Venus, and with all the strong dynamics going on, our emotional structure can be shaken up.

If we are experiencing this type of tensions, we need to think about our structural base. To be strong and pass through the storm, our emotional structure needs understanding, cooperation, patience and an ability to discern with maturity.

It is advisable to go inward and see ourselves. Sense what we are feeling, needing, and hoping. Then think: “Why?”

A personal astrology reading can be very helpful for those dealing with relationship and personal issues.

Finally, the Jupiter yod, on a positive scenario, can take us even closer to equilibrium by amplifying our intuition of destiny and fate within that relationship, strengthening its structure, making us feel the meaning of the relationship, and taking us closer to that sense of fulfilment.

We can reach higher levels of maturity by understanding and sensing the meaning of what love and friendship really is through time.




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Astro Facts: Moon conjuncts the Sun in Gemini at 04°46’, Thursday 25th of May 2017, 14:43 UTC, while forming a semi-square aspect to Venus in Aries. Mars in Gemini is in opposition to Saturn (Rx) in Sagittarius. Mars Gemini in sextile aspect to Uranus and Venus in Aries. Saturn (Rx) is trine to Uranus and Venus in Aries, while Pluto (Rx) is in square aspect to them. Jupiter (Rx) in Libra is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces and it also forms a quincunx to Mercury in Taurus, creating a yod or “Finger of Fate” configuration. While currently in a separating opposition to Venus in Aries, by the weekend the aspect is released and the Moon enters in Cancer.