Light on the Exploration for Meaning and Truth – Full Moon in Sagittarius


This is a time to harness general equilibrium. Especially in the way we approach to our interests. Are we being too flexible and constantly changing? Or are we being too closed with our own points of views? 

A curious Sun in Gemini, full of energy to learn, to think and to communicate with others, is shining its light fully upon an opposite passionate Moon in Sagittarius, thirsty for a higher true vision while radiating in pure intuition.


Working in balance with these opposite energies, thought and intuition, curiosity and devotion, implies an exploration in the search of a meaningful ideology, belief or truth to which align with, and with commitment (Saturn conjunct the Moon).


The Sabian Symbol (Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases) for the degree of this Lunation phase describes: “A large archaic volume reveals a traditional wisdom”. We can see the connection between cultivating wide knowledge and building one only idea of truth and wisdom.


The Sun in Gemini and Mercury in Gemini represent open doors for a variety of experiences, knowledge, people and ideas from which to learn (and also teach). It is a proper time for exchange.


But now, the fruition (Full Moon) of this time has arrived and it is lightning up the ever present need for meaning in life. Something truly significant in what we do every day, from the smallest to the biggest of our activities. We might be feeling that after all the learning and explorations of life, we need to align to something which we consider true.


Every new thing we learn helps on forging our own conception or a higher purpose, a vision of truth that we sense with the eyes of intuition.


From the experiences we learn and from the wide diversity of ideas we become exposed to, we can gradually integrate them into one particular vision of our own.


So, during this time, some will be feeling committed to their visions more than ever with enough flexibility to open up for the new updates and improvements in order to refine what there already is.


Others might be involved in too much interests in too much areas, while silently starting to feel the responsibility call  from Saturn in Sagittarius to sense and see something special and purposeful in the vast scope of activities and interests they are into; one thing to commit to, with order, structure and maturity.


Others might be starting to feel the pressure of the changing world upon their stubbornness and closed mindset. Some flexibility in their points of views is necessary in order to keep evolving. This can come up as small internal or external crises of emotional nature involving defensive feelings, in which they will start to literally question others, but mainly, themselves.


At home, this can also be a time for domestic lessons, co-living, organising, planning and arranging home activities.


For some women who have a vision to conceive and become ‘the mother’, this desire might be augmented with sudden feelings of mothering, caring and protecting.


Some men in the parenthood might feel more emotionally engaged with their kids through a playful approach, reliving their own inner child, while at the same time feeling proud of their ‘provider role’.


And in other cases, men and women might feel the appeal to create a “family” (part of our inherited deeply rooted visions and natural instincts of what should be done in life).


Also, when the Moon touches Saturn in Sagittarius, and squares Neptune in Pisces, a sudden emotional sensitivity can arise from suppressed non-executed wishes towards something that was emotionally and intuitively symbolic for us. Even some nostalgia.


The key is trusting in the fact that all situations are part of our evolution as well as lessons we must learn. It is a journey, and we always have a choice.


Jupiter in Libra turns direct after being retrograde for four months. The last few months, there has been an ongoing direction of the expansive Jupiterian energy directed inwards.


During its retrograde time it was coloured with a continual Arian imprint by other planets and by aspects. Through an unconscious dynamic, this period was meant for us to observe our own inner works and our desire for growth and evolution towards our relationships.


Small issues might have become present during those months: a simultaneous desire for independence and for being in the relationship, a stronger focus on our own self (even to a point of victimisation), arguing and discussing, and other situations that made us touch the ground.


All these situations had the purpose to create an implosion in which we were forced to reassess ourselves and observe our real motivations, desires, fears and insecurities; by paying attention to our inner dynamics, we can know ourselves better and allow further positive growth and expansion with others. That is the type of crisis reflected by Jupiter squaring Pluto in Capricorn to promote maturity.


With Jupiter turning direct, there can be a strong new desire to genuinely want to work with other people, communicate with other people, set new acquaintances, or to relate in a much more positive and optimist way with our partners. It is a time to expand our horizons far beyond ourselves and our little circle of familiarity. A real dive into the explorations of the world, not alone, but together.


In addition, this can also be the startup of a creativity wave. Some people might start to appreciate elements of creation through a much more natural way. Some others may be feeling inspiration through observation and the appeal to create and organise something harmonically beautiful.


On the other side, a precise sextile between Mars in Cancer and Venus in Taurus hits 0°. As a result, people might start to feel attraction with the other through a much more emotional and sensual (rather than pure sexual) way.


Mars in Cancer colours our drive emotionally and intuitively. Some might start seeing their partners or the people they meet around with a much more uplifting lens, and wanting to connect with them through a soul-stirring, emotive and inner passionate way. It is a beautiful approach for merging with others with deeper significance.


Indeed, Venus in Taurus can bring a lot of sensuality and physical/sexual attraction. But Mars in Cancer is moulding this into a much more heart touching experience. Real passion.


The bottom line of this is that there will be a strong augmentation both at the heart and sexual level. However, for single people, this can be a time of opportunity to create a connection with other souls, because there will be (poignant) attraction!


And finally, Mars in Cancer might show that our will and courage can be slightly shaken up. Mars is the fire planet that represents our courageous inner warrior and our impulse to do and create things. In Cancer, however, its boldness might become slightly insecure. In addition to the Moon conjoining Saturn, indeed, some fearful attitude might unsettle our self-confidence.


If that is the case, we must remember that we are human beings and it is natural to have fears, to be insecure and to feel emotional stirrups. But being aware of this dynamics can help us not to lose the confidence in ourselves. While this planetary trigger is happening, it is just a short moment, and the great picture of this time is much more of enthusiasm and optimism.


Rise up and know that you are allowed to fail and make mistakes. But again, there is always a choice: to stand up, look back and smile, and keep moving forward. Confidence can be shaken, but we must not lose it. Focus on your meaning, your life exploration, and your Sagittarian vision of truth.




Wishing you pure vibrations, Mara.



Art: Claudio Parentela




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Astro Facts: Friday 9th of June, Moon in Sagittarius opposite the Sun in Gemini at 18°53’.  The Moon also conjuncts Saturn (Rx) at 24°54’, and squares Neptune in Pisces Mercury is in Gemini. Mars is in Cancer in sextile with Venus in Taurus. Jupiter in Libra is in square aspect with Pluto (Rx) in Capricorn. Jupiter turns direct at 9:03 AM (EST).



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