Raising Astral Vibrations – New Moon in Cancer

With the Sun ingress into Cancer, the energy vibration suddenly changes, from the mind restlessness of Gemini into the subtle warm touch of Cancer.

With this New Moon in Cancer, ruling the full stellium, our wills and emotions join forces.

This time is for tuning inside and raise our vibrations into a higher level.  Therefore, the potential for healing, self-nurturing, self-knowledge and self-compassion is tremendous.

Cancer is the archetype of the mother and simultaneously the child. Some might feel the energy of this time through a loving and nurturing attitude; some re-connect with their inner dreams and illusions.

We can also feel the need to rest and give our minds a break from the intensity of the previous archetype, and retreat into ourselves for a while. Self-retreat moments are good, because they encourage a deeper knowledge about the roots of our emotions, our dreams, and about that which motivates us.

With Mars in trine with Neptune, some people might feel a sudden change in the ways they see their own realities and break delusions that have been deeply rooted in the unconscious.

Additionally, the possibility to connect with something beyond ourselves, or to reach a higher consciousness level is likely. Others might feel a strong intuitive calling towards an important step or mission, which will channel their will and motivation.

And with Saturn applying to Uranus in a trine aspect, these fast breakthroughs or changes in the rigidity of beliefs or habits are very likely.

Right now, with such a strong water element power, it is not uncommon to intuitively recognise systems, habits, beliefs or old rules that do not longer work for us. It is very likely to experience changes in our core ideas that can also mould differently the way we see life and our purposes.

And talking about changes, there can also be a transformation in the way we tend to indulge life, the superficial ways we use to seek for emotional and physical security. Venus in Taurus trine Pluto indicates that people might want to experience life in a deeper level, rather than through a plain superficial manner.

Fast comforts such as possessions, money, entertainment and sex are not enough to feel that beat of life, and with Pluto playing its role here, it is possible that some will experience small critical points intended to shake them up, and to find that sense of emotional security and peace from within, rather than from outside. So after reading this, you should not be surprised if people you know suddenly turn away for a few days.

Finally, with the cardinal T-Square, there is the possibility of tension between rigid ways of behaviour affecting our relationships and emotionally shaking our courage.

Duties, responsibilities and structure. The famous “let’s just stick to the plan”. All of them are important, but when they become the main matter without flexibility, they can create a negative effect that can trigger tension in our relationships (either with colleagues, friends or love), especially when we embrace a rigid dominant way of communication without properly trying to understand the other persons’ needs or input.

As a result, this can trigger our feelings, and cause a sense of demotivation. Additionally, this can lead to emotionally charged defensive reactions towards others.

Life sometimes can be felt like it is too much. The key is in this time: Cancer. When we retreat into ourselves, at least for a moment, and we just feel, our vibrations are raised, we have a stronger sense of who we are and we can then see the outside with a more compassionate and loving eye.

This will translate into a kind and warm approach to others, which will raise their vibrations too.

When we heal ourselves, we can heal others. When we understand ourselves, we can understand others. When we find peace within ourselves, we find peace with others.


Wishing you pure vibrations, Mara.


Art: Claudio Parentela



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Astro Facts: June 23 2017, Moon joins the Sun in Cancer at 2°47’. Both, are conjunct with Mercury in Cancer, and Mercury is in a wide conjunction with Mars in Cancer, giving us a cardinal water wide stellium (Cancer). Mars is trine with Neptune in Pisces. Uranus in Aries trines Saturn (Rx) in Sagittarius. Venus in Taurus trines Pluto (Rx) in Capricorn. And a powerful T-Square of Jupiter in Libra, squaring Pluto (Rx) in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer. Neptune and Jupiter are in quincunx aspect.