Finding Relief in the Jungle of Society – Full Moon in Capricorn

In this Lunation, the Full Moon is happening in Capricorn in conjunction with Pluto, and opposed to a Sun-Mars conjunction in Cancer. The opposition is also mediated by Jupiter in Libra. The theme of this Lunation is:  the maturity to feel free.

But what do we actually mean with “maturity”? – Well, this is a cardinal Full Moon, which means it is very powerful and initiating. It can also get an impatient tone, and for some, a time of confusion and unease. For others, it can be a time of clarity and precise vision.

The Sun with Mars in Cancer speak about our dreams and illusions. Perhaps those wishes we had and never achieved, or those visions we had of things and experiences we wanted to accomplish, but we never did.

Sometimes circumstances stop us from achieving our true intuitive calling, but most of the times the main inhibitor is called social conditioning or social restriction (which then evolves to self-imposed restrictions, yes, by our own selves!). This is the conditioned Moon in Capricorn. Growing up and being a responsible adult in society.

The Sun in Cancer is the inner child, the dreamer. The Moon in Capricorn is the conditioned self, conditioned by society, norms, duties and responsibilities. The Moon together with Pluto carries an emotional lesson now.

The Sabian Symbol* for the Moon’s degree in Capricorn is:

“A repressed woman finds a psychological release in nudism”

Dane Rudhyar adds to this symbol: “The escape from bondage to social inhibitions and a reliance upon the wisdom of the body”. This does not mean that it is a time to go out naked and wild (of course, if you wish, it is your choice eh!). But what it actually means is that it is a time in which we have to reap an optimal balance between our emotional and psychological well-being and the way we integrate ourselves and our potential into society.

The way in which we learn to cope with life, while maintaining our dreams and our emotions alive and satisfied. It is about how we feel with good with ourselves (not about how we feel with what we do at work).

A mature approach to proceed through life with optimism, integration, with the courage to make changes when they are needed, with perseverance, keeping our authenticity, and following our dreams, but keeping true to our authentic selves.

Finding satisfaction in our everyday and feel really free. Freedom is felt once we come into agreement between the role we play in our world; and the role we play for ourselves as unique individuals with dreams, illusions, and joy. Freedom is obtained through maturity. Maturity is obtained through our attitude.

Attitude is the way through which we approach to life’s events. This can be positive, joyful and optimistic; or bitter, resentful and negative. And the form it takes will determine the circumstances in which we will be found ourselves.

Things are not always easy, and most of the times, our goals do take time, effort and perseverance. Many times we will fail, or other times we will be betrayed. But it is all part of an evolutionary lesson, and our attitude towards these events will determine how things will turn out in the end. It is a journey.

Jupiter, the mediator of the opposition, at 14°29 Libra, carries the following Sabian Symbol*:

“In the heat of the noon hour a man takes a siesta”

Dane Rudhyar adds to this symbol: “The need for recuperation within the social pattern of everyday activity”. This means a break from the social obligations imposed on us. But specially a break from the social obligations and roles self-imposed by our own selves.

The conditioned self, the norms, dictates from society, family, friends, the responsibilities, the need to be ‘adults’, to make money, to get power, reputation, etc. It all accumulates until we feel tremendously pressured, and then essentially dissatisfied.

This Lunation is the time to create awareness on the need for balance between how we play our roles within the community, and how we remain true to our own selves, to our dreams, and our emotional well-being.

Jupiter the mediator indicates a break. A psychological relief. This break can take the form of anything: a new hobby (Mercury in Leo), planning adventure (Saturn in Sagittarius), practising an alternative healing discipline like yoga and meditation to release from restrictions and pressures (Neptune in Pisces), or gradually trying to achieve our dream.

There is some fire up in the sky. A fire grand trine between Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius and the North Node and Vesta in Leo. Each of us has a destiny and a special purpose in life.

With Pluto and Juno together with the Moon, the symbolism tells that each of us has a special role within the Creation and even the smallest contribution plays a role in shaping the world for good. If we pay attention inside (Cancer) we can identify this quality, and work together with it to pursue this special purpose (Capricorn).


Keep an optimistic attitude, keep open for growth, start releasing from societal restrictions or limitations, and believing that eventually it will all turn out good. Just trust.




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Astro Facts: 8th of July 2017, Moon in Capricorn in opposition to the Sun in Cancer at 17°09’. The Moon, is also conjunct to Pluto. Juno is also in Capricorn. The Sun is conjunct with Mars. The opposition is T-Squared by Jupiter in Libra at 14°29’. There is also a fire grand trine between Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, and the North Node and Vesta in Leo. Neptune in Pisces quincunxes Jupiter in Libra.



* Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases