Retaking Our Strength and Creative Will – New Moon in Leo & Eclipses

A New Creative Process: Lunar Days and Eclipses


With the ingress of Mars in Leo, and then the Sun in Leo, we begin a process that has the potential to create a radical change in our creative will, for good.

Now, with this New Moon happening on the 23rd of July, the Sun and the Moon unite their forces in the fiery fixed sign of Leo together with Mars, forging together a reinforced creative determination that will establish an important seed for our future (North Node of the Moon is in Leo).

This New Moon marks the beginning of this process of creative apprehension and confidence strengthening, a time of silent observation. The next important event will be two weeks later, with the Full Moon in Aquarius with partial Lunar Eclipse happening the 7th of August 2017, and the climax of this Leonine process will be with the SECOND New Moon in Leo of 2017 (or Black Moon) with a total Solar Eclipse, happening the 21st of August 2017, the time to set our intentions and channel our will. This Leonine process will create important changes for our future. It is a seed that is just starting to germinate.

The upcoming lunar events will be filled with the radiant luminosity of the Sun and his (very close) dance with the Moon, providing with exciting opportunities for self-knowledge, discoveries, creative explorations, confidence growth and deep self-healing.

Eclipses are usually surrounded by a haze of mystery and enigma. Their symbolism is quite deep though, and some self-work and preparation is required in order to harness their potential.

An eclipse has the potential to bring something utterly new. It can throw us back within ourselves to make us see (and feel) the light that lives inside our hearts (Solar Eclipse), or it can induce a time of unbalance or confusion, which if properly worked through, can then help us see with a new light something that has been covered or obscured (Lunar Eclipse), and start brand new.


August Eclipses 2017 B


More about the specific eclipses will be revealed later when the time comes. The eclipse meaning and symbolism applies to everyone who is willing to understand it and work it, but you can check if the eclipse will be visible where you are by clicking here.


~This New Moon in Leo~ 23rd of July 2017

23rd of July 2017, we have three personal bodies, Mars, the Sun and the Moon altogether in the first degrees of Leo, and Mercury in Leo 26° 55’. The North Node of the Moon is also in Leo, conjunct with Mercury, so there is a very strong Leo quality imprinted in this special time, each of us with the opportunity to channel it through a positive or negative approach.

The New Moon is always the seed that begins to germinate. After a Cancerian time of strong sensibility, intuition, strong emotions, some confusion, doubts and our after having our own personal confidence slightly shaken up by inner and outer events, the panorama begins to change now. The energies begin to change. The seed of a stronger will, a stronger sense of special purpose, stronger self-confidence. A renewed creative potential is starting to germinate.

Leo is fixed fire, so we have the opportunity to harness determination and solidity on the way we pursue our destiny, our future and our potential. Each of us has a unique potential, and it is in our hearts. Each of us has creative abilities that we might not even know. And each of us has strength. This is combustion time.

This New Moon is the moment to reflect on ourselves and our own creativity. Creativity does not only mean creating art, which is a misconception. Creativity is the fire that burns inside our hearts, the inner radiance and strength to create something new, unique and purposeful for the physical world. This something can be anything that comes from your determination, work and heart. We find creativity from people everywhere we go, from the office desk until the painting studio. And this is precisely what each of us are starting to feel: we have something more, something special, something unique coming from the light of our hearts. We need to pursue it, we need to bring it to life.

This is the seed of this New Moon. The Sabian Symbol* for Leo 1° tells:

“Rock formations tower over a deep canyon”

Rudhyar adds: “The structuring power of elemental forces during the long cycle of planetary evolution”. Nature will always prevail. So, no matter how much we have been conditioned by society, family or religion, there is an inherent nature in each of us, an inherent creative fire burning, and it will seek to prevail. But, will we resist?

Distinction makes us different individuals, each with a different purpose to achieve, each with a different potential to accomplish. None is better than the other one. The designer is not better than the sewer. The sewer is not better than the spiritual guide. The spiritual guide is not better than the great business man. The great business man is not better than the operator.

But, hereby I ask you: Do you feel that creative fire burning inside you? Which activities make you feel this fire? Which activities make you feel confident and happy for what you can do? What makes you especially different? How do you pursue it?

These are the type of questions you might want to ask yourself now. Not to get stressed, but to know yourself more. When we resist to our individual originality or inventiveness, to our natural true potential, we get to the negative side of Leo. When we look for approval, when we strive for recognition, when we do what others will acclaim us for, or when we just don’t trust ourselves, we are in the negative pole of Leo.

What we want to do now, is to work a little deeper within ourselves, and ask us these questions. What do we need to change or metamorphose in order to grow this potential in our lives? What do we need to open to, in order to start harnessing our own special creativity? Are we waiting for recognition? The real question here is: Do we really need that recognition? The real answer is no.

Good things happen with hard work, time and a strong determination. Becoming impersonal to recognition, that we as human like so much, is key in the process. Saturn is in Sagittarius in trine with Mercury in Leo, and with Uranus in Aries, thus forming a powerful fire grand trine. We want to stay focus on the vision, on what we saw radiating in our hearts, that potential.

Mars is in Leo in conjunction with our conscious self (the Moon) and with our vitality (the Sun). Mars is our will, our strength and our active power. This is a great time to start growing this potential, or to improve it, or to channel it actively through new ways. The vibe is positive in the skies. However, inside you, this positivism lies entirely on your attitude towards success and failure, towards social approval or dislike.

The impulse is also calling us for individuation, with Uranus in Aries in trine with Mercury in Leo. We might see inner signals which can come as sudden thoughts or visions that propel our creative mind into action. Uranus is also in square to the Sun-Moon-Mars conjunction. In fact, this impulse can be a little bit intense for some, depending on your own natal chart**, and it can deviate us from our real vision.

Now that you know, are you willing to take the challenge to strengthen and redefine the realisation of your creative will?  Are you willing to open up to your inner radiance in ways you have never explored before? Are you willing to let go from expectations and dive yourself into the shining realm of your heart?

Letting go of the old is crucial. This includes old patterns of behaviour or expectations, obsolete standards of accomplishment, previous self-imposed limitations, but most important, this means we need to let go from fear. The sky is with us. This is the time to start doing it.


Art: Cosmic Lion by Ken Church 

“Stars in the background sky and some stars in front of the lion’s face symbolise the iconic power that Leo provokes as a part of our cosmos”.  ~ Ken Church





*Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases

** If you want to have more guidance on how the archetype of Leo works in your own particular life, the lessons that it has for you, the work that you might need to pursue during this time, and its transformation effects, you can ask for a reading with me


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