Pouring the Creative Flow from Within – Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Let us welcome the partially eclipsed Full Moon in Aquarius


“But about the first watch the Moon in eclipse, hid at first the brilliance of her heavenly body, then all her light was sullied and suffused with the hue of blood.” Curtius, History of Alexander.


The Moon in Aquarius opposes the Sun in Leo, in a close approximation to the ecliptic, thus creating a partial Lunar Eclipse. In this type of eclipse, the light of the Moon is partially covered because the Earth is in the middle between the Moon and the Sun. A slight red hue can be seen in the Moon at the moment of the eclipse. Click here to know eclipse visibility.

Because the Earth (us) is between the opposing forces of the Moon and the Sun, this eclipse can bring a sort of disintegration* or unbalance in some people. On the other side, the Moon light is covered, which means a partial time of darkness on Earth. This is a proper time to go deeper into ourselves and allow us to experience inner healing. A time to face our shadows and see our own demons. The demons that block us from being, from feeling free, and from expressing our truth.

And once the Moon is back from her misty reddish darkness, we can see life with a new perspective and a new reborn attitude. In this symbolism, we are given a time to balance our own inner dynamics and integrate them positively into ourselves. See the good and the bad, the motivations and the fears, the limitations and our desires, our creativity and our sense of duty. Face it all, and come back renew.

Together with the Sun in Leo, we find the Mars, and the North Node of the Moon. This is a highly energetic time, in which the creative flow is looking for alternative routes to flow. For some others, this creative flow might just be starting to find a “leak” in order to escape and manifest itself. In any case, Mars in Leo brings determination and a strong will. Some people might feel more “powerful” or fearless. Some people will be experiencing the courage to try different things without fear. Some others will be going through a creative boom. In any case, during this particular time, we need to go deep, meditate and reflect upon where are we now and where do we want to go. Set intentions this night.

The Moon, on the other side, is in Aquarius, together with the South Node of the Moon. So the Sun is focused in a conscious personal creative realization, while the Moon in Aquarius pushes for more, for creating a stronger social change. Some people will find themselves rejecting totally the status quo, rejecting norms, views, society, regulations and order. Yes, some people might go a little wild and create rebellions, in the worst case, to an extremist point.

Nevertheless, the Aquarian energy is actually symbolizing the need to go back to the past and see our wishes, our modes of operating, our views, whatever we considered important and what we thought the world needed to change in order to become a better place. Perhaps these ideas are still latent, perhaps some have been forgotten. What does the world still need? What changes should we make in our lifestyle, in our attitudes, in our views, opinions and behaviour? How can we work towards making a change? Together? – That is the key.

The Sabian Symbol** for this Lunation in Aquarius 15° tells:

“Two lovebirds sitting on a fence and singing happily”

To this, Dane Rudhyar adds: “The blessing upon personal achievements by the spiritually fulfilled consciousness of the Soul”. Each of our soul seeks to fulfil consciously, by allowing its creative flow to pour into the world. Aquarius and Leo both have to do with this realisation. Leo does it on a personal level, while Aquarius pushes far beyond the ego, into the community, into the collective One Soul.

The collective change starts at the individual level. Different views are not bad. On the contrary, by being different a change can be made. Today there are many obsolete practices, views and attitudes that need to be reconstituted into something meaningful. It starts with each of us.

Jung said in his book, Man and His Symbols***:

“If a man no longer finds any meaning in his life, it makes no difference whether he wastes away under a Communist or a capitalist regime. Only if he can use his freedom to create something meaningful is it relevant that he should be free. This is why finding the inner meaning of life is more important to the individual than anything else, and why the process of individuation must be given priority”.

In the same book, he adds:

“…in order to bring the individuation process into reality, one must surrender consciously to the power of the unconscious, instead of thinking in terms of what one should do, or of what is generally thought right, or of what usually happens. One must simply listen, in order to learn what the inner totality – the Self – wants one to do here and now in a particular situation”.

Venus in Cancer is trine Neptune in Pisces and sextile Mercury in Virgo. We need to start feeling. We need to start sensing. Life can be too material, too, physical and too fast. We do not allow ourselves to meditate and we do not allow the good thoughts and the good ideas to emerge from within. We should slow down, reflect and feel. This Full Moon is a time for gaining a new light through the darkness. A light that can create a change both personally and collectively. You can take a look at the suggested ritual and/or meditation technique for this special day by clicking here.

Do not be afraid of change. Do not be afraid of what others have to say. Trust your intuition, trust your call. Sometimes it is needed to face what lies inside, for the blockages to be removed and the creative energy to start its flow.

And after the eclipse, the Moon will still shine.




Art: Santiago Savi



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*Dane Rudhyar’s The Practice of Astrology

**Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases

***Carl G. Jung’s Man and His Symbols

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