Taking Control of your Life and Purpose – New Black Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Leo

The day has come, the mighty powerful TOTAL Solar Eclipse in the New Moon in Leo, the 21st of August 2017. This is one of the most powerful days of this year. The magnitude of the potential that this day entrails is superior, as well as its symbolism – PURE STRENGTH. For the awakened, the potential will be sensed and experienced vividly. Nevertheless, below we will present what the symbols in the skies mean for us.

But first, let us welcome the eclipsing New Black Moon in Leo.


As the glorious LION

Stands strong in stature

Radiating with a presence

Of Absolute rule

The air washed with

A bristly respect

A natural pride

Beams with  beauty

He guards the gateway to truth

and only the brave may enter

He is the king that needs no crown

as he holds a royal presence as he

sits in his golden coat and main

Lies spark combust just bounce off

dissolve in all his shine.

― Adam Childs


The power of this day is integrated by the symbol of the dignified Sun in Leo in conjunction with the mysterious aura of the Moon. They are also forming a wide stellium (group of planets together) made by a consecutive conjunction with the North Node and with Mars in Leo. This mighty stellium in Leo forms a fire grand trine with Saturn in Sagittarius and with Uranus in Aries.


A month ago we had the first New Moon in Leo, which was a period to remain still and reflect upon our past and present. It was a time for inner deep connection, meditation, and observance. It was a time to activate the senses and the intuition, the silent small seed going down into the dark ground, with an intention.

Now we have a second New Moon in Leo eclipsing the Sun. So this is the seed starting to open, to break its peel, and get out of darkness. It is the first alert of life, the first glimpse of light, the moment of truth, the moment of action. That is what this day means.

By being in the sign of Leo, it could be that this is a special moment to give a new shape to our future and our destiny. An upheaval in our way, which can take us closer to the pure manifestation of the unique creative potential residing in our hearts. For some, this potential has been dormant since their very first beginning; while some others know their creative potential, but have not let go of their fear to pursue it against external pressure. This can be a turning point to go and take ownership and control of this power. It is that first alert calling us to take action.

This can be something untouchable, like a new attitude, or something in the physical world, like arts, ideas, business, career change, movements, or even the exploration of the creative fountain that resides inside us, and which we still don’t know.

We are now getting all the strength of the Sun and the Moon (and Mars!) in the point where the Moon and the Sun orbit meet to go up (the North Node). This energy is directed towards us. It reflects a strong impulse to start something new and pure, and to discard whatever does not work for us anymore, or whatever that goes against the pure radiating potential of the heart in each of us.

It can sound very revolutionary, and it might be. This is a time to make a powerful positive change for our destinies. Eclipses leave an imprint in the zodiac, on Earth and on us. The Leonine imprint of this solar eclipse can last for years. That is such the power of this day, and why it is now recommended to start tuning in the subtle vibration permeating us, through reflection, intentions and meditation.


“Intelligence entails a strong mind, but genius entails a heart of a lion in tune with a strong mind”.

― Criss Jami, Diotima, Battery, Electric Personality


In ancient Mesopotamia, the solar eclipse was considered to be the representation of a malevolent event. This is notion comes from the fact that by the moment of the solar eclipse in the plain daylight, the Moon appears to be the same size of the Sun, blocks its light and darkens the day. Perhaps the mere act of letting go, or the act of change, or the act of transformation, or the fear of the unknown and the new can be indeed hard and difficult. Think about the lion, it takes courage.


“Once you reject fear, you will become the perfect candidate to receive and reflect Truth”.

― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem


While this event happens on the North Node of the Moon, great implications for our future are at hand. These might not be consciously recognisable now, but what this Eclipse reflects might be carried along for many years. If we accept and take the leap of change with courage, we won’t be the same. Mars is activating this eclipse. Mars is our will, our courage and our impulse to be.

Mars feeds our thirst for life, for achievement, for assertion and for taking ownership of who we are. Are you willing to take the risk of change? Are you willing to take the risk to discard what’s known but useless for our evolutionary purpose? Are you willing to revolutionise yourself for the sake of your unique radiant essence?

On the other side, we should not underestimate the faculty of this day. As I have always said, there is the positive and the negative manifestation of energy. Mars is activating this eclipse, and Mars is the god of war. Watch out your emotions and impulses, as these are very sensitive now, and breaking into anger can really leave a negative imprint on you (Venus in Cancer squaring Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries).

Be careful and be wise while going out, since we don’t know how the reality of the people walking next to us is. Just as we have the potential to make the best of this day, some people might make the worst. Again, emotions and impulses are extremely high, and a wicked person with compulsive ideas might get derailed for worse (Mercury in Virgo in opposition to Neptune in Pisces).

In brief, the key to unleash this potential is to trust ourselves, trust our capacity to be who we are, to improve, to get out of the shell, and to start manifesting our special abilities without fear from what the others might say. This is your life, and Leo demands you to take charge of it, like the lion does. It does not have to be aggressive or impulsive. Take your time, but set the intention.

Harmony is crucial. It is always easier to put blame in others or to point at others or to criticise them. Perhaps it is a way we use to not feel hollow. In any case, this is your life, not others’. Harmony resides in that state of being in peace with you and with others. Accepting yourself and accepting others. Accepting your potential and your innate gifts, while looking at them as a way to help the world for better (the opposition of this Eclipse is in Aquarius, where the South Node resides).

Talking about harmony, there is a book that accidentally made it to my hands by mistake from the sender when I ordered it. Now, I took a look at it and found a phrase that might fit with the concept of harmony and Jupiter in Libra.

“When your emotional progress is sufficiently advanced, your response to all the various contacts of life will be pleasurable. You will have outgrown at any time the feeling of irritation, anger, disgust, anxiety, fear, sorrow, or any other disagreeable emotion… The desire and the effort to contribute to the welfare of others in the greatest degree is perhaps the most important and efficacious means of gaining spirituality. You will find opportunity for this in your work.”

―C.C. Zain – The Next Life


We don’t have a special potential just to keep it hiding because we are afraid. It is there for a reason. Use it, make a change in you, and make a change in the world. That’s what this is all about.

Abandon your shelter, get out, unleash yourself and explore your potential without fears. But most important, make a change.




Art: “First Alert” by Terry Lee

A powerful piece of art reflecting the majesty of the lion creature and the impulse of the first alert. Available in Terry Lee’s website. Click on the link above. 



Find details about this eclipse here.

Find meditations, rituals, herbs and crystals here!




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The lion silently awaited the dark shadow taking over the solar disc. He quietly observed, stared at the outer world fading away. He felt the surrounding smell, while his eyes just stared. Humans being teared apart by their fears, it is all so fake out there. Life is death and rebirth, they still have so much more to learn. The dark day has come, and for humans, they just don’t know. Darkness brings truth to the eyes of the sons and daughters of Earth.

And as the solar disc became to gain light again, the lion got the first alert. It is his time now. It is our time now together. To go out and do our best, to go out and persevere. Courage is the way, vitality we will gain. For this is the light calling to live with strength. And yet, the lion knows by instinct, that no matter how much we strive to gain on this plane, life is death and rebirth.

―Mara De Diego

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