The Magic in Our Metamorphosis – Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces: 6th of September 2017, 2:04 AM (EST)


This is an unusual way to start our bi-weekly astrology guidance, but it must be said: there is a lot going on in the skies! And therefore, in our lives! The past eclipses and moon days have definitely set the beginning of a new journey. I believe that most of you can notice the fact that things are changing. There is some ethereal beauty in this metamorphosis. The new always enthrals some delicious fear, spicy excitement, and a look with hope for what’s to come.

We begin with the easy, the Moon. She is conjunct with Neptune in the sign of Pisces, in opposition to the Sun in Virgo, 13°53’. This can be a time of increased sensitivity at soul and spiritual level. A time of essential self-questioning, wider and stronger connection with others and with ourselves.

Let’s take a deeper look.

Yod Full Moon in Pisces


Venus in Leo is at the head of a yod to the Moon-Neptune conjunction and to Pluto in Capricorn. So this special ‘connection’ that we might be experiencing is associated with a deep yearning to change or to restructure something in our life. This process already begun a month ago with the eclipses. So there is a live need to take charge of our destinies, to assume an eager responsibility of making the necessary changes and adjustments to redirect our way towards a brighter ‘destiny’ resonating with the creative potential beating in our hearts. The optimism that this creates in each of us is then reflected upon others, and the sensation of interconnectedness is higher.


The Moon-Neptune connected to Venus in Leo through the quincunx indicates that there is emerging a new way to relate with ourselves and with others, a deeper transpersonal connection which seeks to fulfil joy, abundance and realisation not just in ourselves but also for the sake of others: partner, family, friends, colleagues, and other people.


In addition, the Sun in Virgo is now approaching to a square with Saturn in Sagittarius, happening exactly next week.


Intuition and empathy might be very high. There might be a genuine kind of way to relate with others. It just feels magically sweet. However, on the negative side, an increased sensitivity can activate wounds that are deeply rooted in our unconscious. Then the focus is lost, the meaning becomes diffused and we get blurred in a dark cloud of negative thoughts, with the potential to come to life.


For some, it is easier to avoid the feeling with some external distraction (party, alcohol, media, eating, or engaging into any activity that can keep one busy and distracted). In reality, a crisis time is meant for us to do self-analysis and observation of the real feelings experienced, to let them flow, and to face them with honest perspective. No real positive change can happen if we don’t face ourselves, our demons. Evading reality is like procrastinating, eventually you will have to face the ‘task’.

Mercury in Leo, turning direct on the 5th of September, tightly trines Uranus in Aries on the 6th of September (the Full Moon day). Already since a few days ago when Mercury retrograded back into Leo, an increase in creative thinking and ideas has been observed among us. We are feeling a strong passion loaded with creativity, confidence and will, running strongly through our veins. It is inviting us to individuate, to liberate and to push the limits of our known potential. The best part is that if the feelings are positively enough, they can really make things happen, they can really make a life change. And because this is a Full Moon in Pisces in conjunction with Neptune, trust your intuition.


With the ingress of Mars in Virgo, we can definitely start working, using our minds to discriminate what we need, what to change, what needs to be acquired, what needs to be discarded, etc. Mars in Virgo is passionate about finding and doing the best way. Do it, but keep your mental state in peace. Do not overdo, do not overthink, and do not become restless. Good things come when our mind state is peaceful and clear, when we are healthy and when we act one step at a time.


Mars in Virgo, on the other side, can trigger a compulsive behaviour towards perfection, health, physical appearance and body. And in a very negative expression, the self-confidence and esteem can get affected by an increased sensitivity, and compulsive negative overthinking. There is a risk of becoming too harsh upon ourselves and others. As previously said, watch out, keep the trust and vision higher and maintain the optimism.


Finally, Jupiter is in the last decanato of Libra, approaching to oppose Uranus in Aries, finalising its passage through Libra, before entering into Scorpioan waters for another year. We want to keep everyone happy, right? But when one has to change, when one has to metamorphose, and when one needs to keep evolving and growing, one won’t make everyone happy. We won’t be able to please everyone. We won’t find the true support of everyone. It is okay, everybody has a different life, with different needs and values. Everybody is on their own path of self-realisation, each one unique, but at the same time all connected.


Embrace the help of those who support you and encourage you positively. Accept with a smile when others do not embrace your ideals. Don’t overestimate or underestimate, and keep going towards your goals. The road is long, dark and rocky. If you’re offered true help and support, take it. If not, don’t look back, don’t stop. Keep moving.




Art: Paradise Bird by Alex Garant




This is an empowering guidance astrology article. All of us experience these dynamics differently and all of us go through different situations, with different difficulties. If you need deeper guidance, please contact me for an astrology reading with me. Readings are through video-conference, 1.5 hour. 




Full Moon in Pisces Chart

Wheel Full Moon in Pisces


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