Renewal & Transformative Healing – New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon in Virgo is happening the 20th of September 2017 at 00:30 AM EST.

Virgo is an earth sign ruled by an air planet. So it bonds our physical resources and capabilities, with our analytical and thinking capacity. This New Moon is a very personal one focused on our proximity to our environment. The archetype of Virgo reflects the need to think and find the ways of making something better, improving something, “perfecting” something, and changing/eliminating what is not useful for us.

With the whole bunch of personal planets: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus all in Virgo we definitely have to make some detailed observations about our current status: work/career, home/family, identity, motivations, friends, love life, attitude and our ways of dealing with crises/losses.

We tend to form a bonding with things, ways and people, and these can turn into attachments. Some of these attachments will be good, but some will be detrimental for ourselves or useless. This Virgo time shows the need to change this by discerning among “our attachments” what is useful, what is not, what needs to be improved, and how can we do this. Because Virgo is mutable, it needs to adapt to changes and be open or receptive in order to understand.

With Venus entering in Virgo, this could mean the need to purify, cleanse and purge ourselves from earthly excesses, from excessive ego and pride, wanting to become more objective about ourselves and our relationships with others. This can include improving our relationship dynamics, giving more love in, more understanding, more flexibility, building more romanticism and sensuality. On the other hand, this can include relationship crises in which some people can react negatively or just “drop out” from relationships/friendships/work partnerships.

The Virgo archetype can also bring mental “excessive” behaviour (compulsive thinking or compulsive perfectionism) as well as crises.

With Saturn in in square to the Moon-Sun, there can be indeed some friction at a personal-motivational-belief level; a sense of obstacles or limitations, and the possibility of some fears. However, we should look at crises through a deeper lens. The Virgoan crises in our personal lives has the function of creating “awareness” of our situation and make us do the necessary self-analysis, environment analysis and discernment in order to find the root causing the problem. So, in a very peculiar way, a Virgo crisis is a slow process of healing and renewal.

In addition, because the New Moon is a time to go back to our inner core, to ourselves, to get in touch with our soul and our emotions, it is indeed a time for healing and renewal by nature. Take this Virgo New Moon as a special process for inner-connection, personal renewal and soothing healing. You can make a special personal “ritual” (a special bath, creative art, a comfy personal space, prayer, candles, silent meditation, breathing techniques, or go out to Nature!).

Now, moving our attention out of the Moon, there is a very interesting and mystical symbolism in the skies, which holds an informative sign for us. A special rectangle with Uranus in Aries in opposition to Jupiter in Libra, Neptune in Pisces in opposition to Mercury-Mars in Virgo; Uranus in semi-square to Neptune and Mercury-Mars in semi-square to Jupiter; Uranus in sesqui-quadrate to Mercury-Mars and Neptune in sesqui-quadrate to Jupiter.

This rectangle encompasses all elements, all the energy substances of life: the physical/material plane (earth), the thinking/communication arena (air), the feelings/intuitive world (water), and the initiative/energising principle (fire). All the elements of life come to play together in this symbolism.

The quality is mutable and cardinal: a gradual process of unfoldment or transformation into something new and very powerful. This is a total radical transformational process. We are changing as individuals, we are changing as a whole. Something is mutating in our consciousness, and this mutation will affect ourselves as individuals and our ways of relating to the environment and to others. This transformation will affect the way we experience and perceive life, the universe, the principles of cause and effect, our beliefs and core values, and how we appreciate what we are, what we have, and the world. Resistance to change is one of the causes of suffering.

A final reminder: everything is connected. Nothing is by coincidence. There is cause and effect in every experience, even in the slightest. The smallest decision we make creates an impact. It doesn’t matter if it is a small impact, because it has already changed something. Think about a grain of sand, and then think about the sand coverage worldwide. It is huge. Small actions and small decisions accumulate over time. The world in which we live today has been created by our ancestors, by the good and the evil, by the good decisions and the bad ones. In the air we breathe, there are the same atoms that the primitive man once breathed. Everything is connected.


Make the most of this Virgo time, connect to your inner core, give yourself room to feel your individual calling, give yourself room to think about the best way to go through, give yourself room to sense your inspirations and aspirations, and give yourself time for you: don’t remain attach to obsolete or useless ways, persons and things. This healing and purification time will bloom into light the next Full Moon in Pisces. If you stay grounded, you will know how to proceed on your evolutionary journey.


Art: Barbara Fetis




This is an empowering guidance astrology article. All of us experience these dynamics differently and all of us go through different situations with different difficulties. If you need deeper guidance, please contact me for an astrology reading with me. Readings are through video-conference, 1.5 hour. 




New Moon in Virgo



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