Living a Deeper Conscious Life – A Look into the Astrological Symbolism of Jupiter in Scorpio

Another major shift. A shift in consciousness? In action? In attitude? Or a shift in our views of life? In any case, this is quite an exciting moment in which the great lesson from life is about to come to life. Jupiter, the great teacher. Let’s get into some astrology!

Jupiter is the planet of optimism, enlargement, truth, vision, hope, and magnification. Jupiter, is the Roman name for the Greek great thunder god Zeus, king of gods. It is the largest planet of our solar system. From that notion, the symbolism of amplification and greatness is given to the planet Jupiter.

Its original name is in Latin is ‘Iovi’ (Jupiter). Iovis is also the Latin name of the day of week attributed to Jupiter (Thursday).

In astrological symbolism, Jupiter represents positivism, faith, vision, larger horizons, long term perceptions, joy, “luck”, and abundance. Jupiter rules the zodiac sign Sagittarius. When Jupiter connects with another planet, house cusp or sign, it amplifies it. Jupiter will try to search for meaning in that area of life, to expand it, to grow it, and to understand it metaphysically or philosophically.

Jupiter spends around one year in each zodiac sign. It has been in the sign of Libra since September 2016. During this time, we’ve had major shifts in the ways we relate to others. It has been a time about learning more through relationships and partnerships, understanding ourselves better through the other person, learning and teaching from and with the other person, growing together, creating together and discovering truths about ourselves that we would have not found merely by ourselves.

In summary, it has been a time about learning through relationships. Some relationships might have strengthened, some might have weakened or vanished, some might have mutated into new ways of relating an understanding each other, and some might illuminated the ways we relate to our own selves. In the end, this is an evolutionary process. The ups and downs in life always carry a lesson which we must embody without resistance, and with optimism.

From this point, we move into October 2017, when Jupiter will make its final days in Libra before moving into a new archetype: Scorpio.

Before moving into Scorpio, Jupiter is making some final aspects which will prepare us for the new archetype.


Jupiter opposite Uranus in Aries: these will be the final “tensions” with the struggle between a self-centred focus and a mutual focus. We might become a little self-centred or we might give a lot more awareness to the “I” and our individual desire to be, do and create (as we want!). Then these self-centred issues are projected onto the other person, and we assume the role of the victim, thus blaming the other. This opposition calls for balance between the “I” and the “You”. It is about keeping both parts happy. A lot of mutual respect, listening and understanding is important. Put yourself in the place of the other.

Jupiter sesqui-quadrate Neptune in Pisces: something has to dissolve. Ask yourself: What do I need to dissolve in my life? What do I need to let go from? What do I need to embrace with acceptance and compassion? For some, this might be a highly insightful time, in which we might find that things were not as we thought they were. We can experience the rupture from illusion, the destruction of delusions, and start seeing things with brand new eyes. But sometimes, we go through chaotic times, just to find a new stronger version of ourselves.

Jupiter opposite the Moon (6th of October): A potentially sensitive day, in which we expect our needs to be met by the other. Our expectations might be at their peak, in any area of life. Are we being too demanding? Or are we giving too much from ourselves while not receiving in equality? A final assessment about balance and harmony. Think about the Libran scale: both parts should be equal.

Jupiter enters in Scorpio (10th of October 8:20 AM EST)

When Jupiter is in Scorpio, whatever we have started to work on, it will become deeper. In Scorpio we will stand face to face with our limitations, fears and deep desires. If this sounds frightening, you should not be worried.

The Jupiter in Scorpio ride will be a powerful one, but also deep and fun. It is exciting to think about the unknown, or about what is going to happen. How are we going to push ourselves, or be pushed? We all have a potential, but in Scorpio, we will want to push it more (either consciously or unconsciously attract this pull from the environment). Some things will be put on test. How are we going to make it through? The answer will unfold as the time passes, and it is extremely crucial to remain optimist and open to changes, whatever they might be. We see a lot of catastrophes at world level. In scorpioan terms, these are cataclysmic changes. They force us to change, when we have resisted the change itself.

The scorpioan archetype embodies a mysterious hue. A time to discover hidden truths about us and our motivations. It can also be a time to uncover external truths or to make new discoveries.

The Task

Jupiter will be in Scorpio from the 10th of October 2017 until the 8th of November 2018.

Get a special notebook to write about your experiences during this time. You don’t need to be an astrologer to do this. You just need to be fully honest with yourself and share these insights to your own self in this book. Few days later, read them again. Your sensations will be different, and your discoveries will become greater as you go.

Start with some general questions. For example:


What area of life is important me you at the moment?

What are my top three priorities?

What aspect of myself do I want to improve?

In what subjects of my life do I want to grow?

What new things do I want to learn? And for what?

What about my ambitions (or lack of ambitions)? 

What do (I think) I need for me to evolve further?


These are questions than can help us shape the Jupiter in Scorpio ride, and prepare us when the dynamics manifest. One fully answered question leads to other more specific set of questions.

Start to philosophise about your everyday experience, insights, thoughts and sensations. If something went wrong, write about how you feel. Let it out! And then, explore all the possible explanations for such event to have acted in your life.


What can be the gains for me on this?


The key is to remain true to yourself, your motivations and desires. You can make this notebook something 100% private (keep it tight!). In this way, you allow the fountain of your emotions, motivations and desires to flow naturally.

Whatever we are intrigued or mystified to discover about life, this is the time to make it happen. Scorpio is a fixed sign, so its energy is very concentrated.


What part of my life needs to become deeper and concentrated?


In addition, Scorpio is a water sign, and it reflects the control (or manipulation) of emotions. This time is also related to the concentration of energy in the form of power, thirst for power, being overpowered and abusing of our power.


What am I emotionally attached to?

What are my ‘objects of cult’? (For example: money, sex, yoga, magic, health, fitness).

What makes me feel attached to this and why?


Normally, there might be the tendency (especially for those with a taurean, capricornian or a strong scorpioan signature in their charts) to hide emotions and thoughts (to control them). It is a paradox between wanting to lose control and the fear of losing control.

On a different scenario, Jupiter in Scorpio can be a great time to deepen our sexual life. Making of sex something more than a physical act of “fast” pleasure, we can start to explore our sexual life more like a spiritual deeper connection, or like an experience of total trust in the other. Activating the senses to the maximum between the two, and slowly tapping into the other, penetrating and maximising the mutual connection in order to feel the magic of the union and how it can heal us. In this scenario, we might want to explore or investigate (research is a scorpioan trait) about tantric practices, or about enhancing the sexual connection physically, emotionally and spiritually. Some people underestimate this, but touch is a super powerful tool.

Finally, enjoy this time to learn more about that which intrigues you. We all have something that intrigues us to death. Study about this subject. Jupiter wants to see the truth, to explore and to experience. Why not taking this year to do an intellectual/philosophical/metaphysical or spiritual exploration? Or even better, why not taking this time to do physical explorations? Travel, physical activities, disciplines such as yoga, sports, social groups?

Then go back to your notebook and write your findings, your sensations, your own philosophies, your own ideas about what you are going through. Start to dialogue with yourself in this notebook. Doing this will keep you more conscious about the ever present moment and about the magic in each of our actions/experiences. Don’t be afraid of penetrating into your soul. You might find new facets about yourself that you never ever thought they existed within you. And after this, we will be ready for dissemination when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius in 2018!

Jupiter in Scorpio is a deeper penetration into the bloodstream of life experience.




Art: The Moons of Jupiter – Cathy Dobson




Need more guidance? In what area of your life will this energy be more strenuous? By taking a look at your natal chart, we can find the exact position of Jupiter in Scorpio in your chart, by house and aspects. This will help you understand how this energy will be acting out in your life, for what purposes, and how can you make the best of of it. Book a consultation here.


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