How to Transform your Attitude after the Dark Night – New Moon in Scorpio

On Saturday 18th of November 2017, 12:43 PM CET (+1:00), or 6:43 AM EST (+5:00), we will be having the New Moon in Scorpio.


Once a year, the Sun and the Moon join together in the sign of Scorpio, to make us become aware of how deep, passionate, mysterious and enchanting our own life can be. It is a very strong time (energetically speaking), in which the only way out to discover more, is through facing our own self.


The night is dark because the Moon is below the horizon with the Sun. Through this darkness, let us welcome the New Moon in Scorpio.



How the stars are placed in ordnance so perfectly in the sky,

You think of who created them and all the reasons why.

Besides the science of the universe, there must be a poetic side.

An artist much more articulate than you and I.

I sometimes watch them for hours and hours at a time,

Hoping to see a shooting star to wish away the pain held inside.

To think of how beautiful the light disappears into the darkness of the night

And how the next morning will bring back the light.

A reoccurring circulation that every day we watch arise.

Every day we see it happen, but only a few of us realise.

It’s almost become human nature to let this beauty pass us by.

We almost never take the time to admire the art that stands before our eyes.

A perception that is only seen through the vision of the wise,

Knowing there’s something bigger than what we see on the outside.


Rabab N. Hammoud



Interestingly, the Sun-Moon are in a quincunx aspect with Uranus in Aries. In classical astrology, Aries and Scorpio are the signs ruled by Mars, and Mars is the lower octave (or the conscious version) of Pluto (our more unconscious desires). Now, Mars in Libra is forming a square with Pluto in Capricorn.

So, the main topic we see here, is the relationship between our desires and our will. Do you even know what do you truly desire the most? You probably know, but, can you face it? Say it? Out loud?

We desire many things in life, and we also have many emotional desires, longings, dreams and hopes. So the question itself here is: What are you doing now in your life regarding these desires?  What is it that you do, every day, in order to be a step closer to that which your soul yearns for?

All of our actions, activities and responses are deeply rooted down in our soul’s desires. And therefore, also the consequences of these actions.

We think we deserve what we want, and that we deserve it now. We think that if we want something, that if we desire something so deeply, so emotionally and that if we have done all well, we must have what we want (Aries). But Scorpio teaches us that there is still a long way before, and that is the conflict between Aries and Scorpio.

A way through which we must learn the lessons so that we can move on. If we are feeling stuck, Scorpio teaches us that there is a lesson that we have not learned yet. And it won’t be until we learn that lesson, that life itself will transform, we will evolve, and we will discover more about these desires, these inner unconscious motivations that we have, and about what is good or wrong.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is 26° Scorpio:


“American Indians making camp after moving into a new territory”


To this, Rudhyar* adds: “The ability to adjust swiftly to a new situation by tuning in to its requirements”. This reminds us that even though we would want things to be through a certain way, through the easier way, the fast way, and, the real scenario is not always like that.

Relationships fail, dreams do not always come true, dream jobs become hell jobs, loved ones pass away, people get fired, people argue and fight, there are financial crises, goals and purposes change through the course of time, plans do not always work as “planned”, and illusions can become disillusions.

Life is a bowl full of lessons, many of these type. The Moon in Scorpio and its degree symbol suggest us that we must adapt ourselves to whatever our circumstance is. We must go with the flow, not against it, and while doing so, we must learn. There is always a lesson that must be learned, so that transformation and evolution can happen. So that we can discover new depths, new strengths, new visions and new facets within ourselves, that we never ever lived or thought we could have.

This time can be strong, through many different ways for each of us. The Mars-Pluto square is a strong one. This can manifest itself through relationship problems where one person has suppressed feelings/thoughts and/or seeks to rebel, problems with society, financial issues, difficult situations in the workplace, difficult situations with the family or friends, and through personal desires to liberate and rebel against the status quo.

With Saturn in Sagittarius in trine with Uranus in Aries, the desire to break free can be tremendous. The desire to do things our way, to follow our missions, to go for our beliefs and customs can overtake us. But then reality hits us back and we become disillusioned (Mercury in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces). Then chaos! Emotional distress, and disappointment with life.

When a crisis is persistent, think. Why is this situation still happening to me? Think: there is a lesson you have not learned yet. What is that lesson? (If you need more guidance, please contact me for a private personalised and live astrology reading with me).

To finalise, Venus is in Scorpio separating from Jupiter. We need to take this time to not fight our circumstances, to not fight reality, and to not victimise ourselves for whatever we might be going through. On the other side, Scorpio suggests an inner transformation. Scorpio suggests us to take what it is, accept it, embrace its lesson, and use all the strength and power that lies within us to overcome whatever obstacle might be on the way. There is power, there is intelligence and there is really peace within all of us. The first thing we need is a change in our attitude. A change in the way we see things. Everything has two sides. We have the option: Which side are you in?

We are all magnificent beings living in a play. Don’t be too serious. Give yourself some joy, give yourself some humor. Treat yourself. Once we learn how to master the beautiful quality of self-love and self-appreciation, things will start looking different. Once we learn to have compassion for ourselves, that we are not perfect, that life has its rocks and that these rocks are small challenges to make us better, then an inner process of transformation takes place. And then, our life quality changes.




Art: Agnes Cecile




New Moon in Scorpio 2017


*Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases”.

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