Nurturing the Spirit with Vitality – Full Moon in Gemini

The Full Moon in Gemini is happening the 3rd of December 2017 at 16:48 CET (+1:00), or 10:48 EST (-5:00).


The Moon in 11°40’ Gemini is opposed to the Sun in Sagittarius. The Sun and the Moon form a tight T-Square with Neptune in Pisces. There is a deep emotional seed activation in this cycle (which began in the New Moon in Scorpio).  But first, let us welcome the Full Moon.


Your skin like dawn
Mine like musk

One paints the beginning
of a certain end.

The other, the end of a
sure beginning.

 ~Maya Angelou

The Scorpio time, particularly around the New Moon in Scorpio, was a strong emotional time, in which our strength was challenged. Each of us went through different situations that challenged our limitations, both at emotional and physical level.

However, the Sun has now entered in Sagittarius, and the energetic landscape has changed for better. There is an air of optimism surrounding us. Indeed, we must go through the “dark night” so that we can appreciate the bright fire of life that comes in the sunrise.

The opposition between the Sun and the Moon highlights the need for equilibrium between our immediate present environment and the future environment in which we want to be (present vs future, here vs there). In addition, we also see the contrast between logic vs intuition.

So with the Moon in Gemini, we might want to gather as much information as possible, we want to engage in mental activity, generate many ideas of things to do. We can get a little bit obsessive with doing many things and grandiose ideas. But, how do we convey these ideas? Is our logic really grounded? Our ideas realistic? Or are we literally floating in the air?

Gemini is fast and smart. Sagittarius is slower but wiser. The Moon in Gemini reflects our need to have results now and here, to see changes now and here.

And the challenge for the Moon in Gemini is to understand that things do take time. That we can have many ideas, and that is excellent. But we need to learn how to focus on one main important idea. This is a mutable opposition, so we need to adapt, to change our mindset, to adjust ourselves to our environment, and to leave what no longer works for us (ideas, attachments, fears, ghosts, habits, expectations).

Expectations can be a great blockage in our path. We put mental expectations in everything. We analyze too much, and we put too much high standards on things. That is not bad, that is good. But when we fixate ourselves to these expectations, and when our environment and current circumstances cannot hold these expectations anymore: we must adjust. An adjustment is basically: change or leave.

The Lunation degree is 12°Gemini. Its symbol* speaks about fighting for what is ours, fighting for our freedom. Jupiter in Scorpio tightly trines Neptune in Pisces, so we see a deeper theme here.

In a spiritual sense, what is restricting our freedom? Our ghosts, our traumas, our expectations our past failures, and our fear to fail. The symbolism suggests the removal of these blockages, so that our spirit can flow freely. So that our soul can express itself freely.

Mars, our will, is sesqui-square to the Moon in Gemini and to Neptune in Pisces. This day has a heavy spiritual door. But if we are strong enough to push aside our blockages, our limitations, our fears and our own self-imposed burdens, this door has an opening to freedom. If we are strong enough to trust, hold the handle and push the door, we become free to be and express.

Believe it or not, our soul is yearning to experience the fire of freedom. The Sagittarian fire of experimenting this life at the most, and with full awareness of our potential and our interconnectedness with everything. This time offers an escape route, if we open this door.

Not the typical escapist routes such as party, alcohol or distractions (Neptune in Pisces), but a real emotional door to experience and sense the freedom to be aware and alive.

Finally, in a different scenario, Mercury is separating from its conjunction to Saturn in Sagittarius 28°, very close to the “Galactic Centre”. If you had to say what is the centre of your life? The centre of your soul? – What would you say? Think about this.

There is a vital core in each of us. This core holds us straight and strong, so that we can continue through our path in this life. Saturn in 28° Sagittarius represents the link between this vital individual energy and the collective or the universal necessity. Our visions and goals should always be paired with a collective or universal necessity. A mutual fire between the individual and the collective.

To sum it all up, the present conditions might not always be as we would want them to be. Our mind can also generate so many ideas, so many little “visions” which are temporary, and as human beings, it is normal that we want to think and work harder so that we get results soon. Sometimes we ask ourselves: “If I had done all my best, if I had done everything good: Why is this happening to me?” – The main idea of this Lunation is that of LIBERATION.

But to be really free, we must let go of the rigidity of our mental structures, adjust to the present, change what doesn’t work, and keep flowing. Keep your visions grounded in the present, in your necessities and in the collective necessities. But remain flexible.

If possible, enjoy this weekend in fully awareness of your life vitality. Find something special to do, something that makes you feel alive. If that is not possible, at least try to do an activity that ignites your vital fire. It can be anything that you can do with full consciousness. Nothing fancy!

But by being aware of your vitality, you can strengthen the link between the present oriented mind and the vision oriented mind. You can spiritually ground in the here and now, while your eyes are open to a future main goal. But most important, this experience can nurture your soul. By nurturing your soul, you become stronger to the adversities, changes, and unexpected situations that life might bring. You have a vision that you are looking at. You keep moving towards reaching a vision with the fuel of vitality.




Art: Across the Universe by Alex Garant




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Full Moon in Gemini

*Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases.


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