What Do You Want to Become? – A Dynamic New Moon in Sagittarius

The last New Moon of 2017. The New Moon in Sagittarius is happening the 18th of December 2017, at 7:30 AM (CET -1:00), or at 1:30 AM (EST -5:00). Convert to your time zone here.


Such a mighty time is this now, so much fire in the sky. But not a constant fire. Instead, a mutable fire. It is fire and alchemy.

A time to learn by experience; a time to discover more; a time to enlarge our visions and our perspectives; and a time to break the rigidity of our mental barriers.Basically, the main themes for this Lunation are wisdom and maturation.

We all started with a seed, with an idea, with a flicker or light. Now it is time for experiencing and gaining wisdom.

Let us welcome the New Moon.

HAIL, sacred Order of eternal Truth!

That deep within the soul,

In axiomatic majesty sublime,

One undivided whole,—

Up from the under depth unsearchable

Of primal Being springs,

An inner world of thought, co-ordinate

With that of outward things!

Hail, Intuition pure! Whose essences

The central core supply

Of conscience, language, science, certitude,

Art, beauty, harmony!

Great God! I thank Thy majesty supreme,

Whose all-creative grace

Not in the sentient faculties alone

Has laid my reason’s base;

Not in abstractions thin by slow degrees

From grosser forms refin’d;

Not in tradition, nor the broad consent

Of conscious humankind;—

But in th’ essential Presence of Thyself,

Within the soul’s abyss;

Thyself, alike of her intelligence

The fount, as of her bliss;

Thyself, by nurture, meditation, grace,

Reflexively reveal’d;

Yet ever acting on the springs of thought,

E’en when from thought conceal’d!

Edward Caswall

Mercury conjoined with Venus in Sagittarius, the Sun and the Moon conjoined with Saturn in Sagittarius. Together, all form a wide stellium (group of planets that are conjoined in one sign, or house).

Particularly, Venus, the Sun, the Moon and Saturn are all in trine with Uranus in Aries.  So what we can see is that there might be some confusion in our lives in the present moment. This situation reflects a cloud of uncertainty, through different life circumstances for each of us. Indeed, a disarray of thoughts or situations can take over our brains and even our will at this moment, making us feel somewhat out of focus, out of ourselves.

However, simultaneously, there is a lot of passion beneath our skin layer! And this passion, this eagerness that we are feeling towards the future, gets into conflict with the barriers that we have to come across on our paths at this moment. We might be feeling very optimistic, very eager about something, very excited about the changes that are coming, and with a lot of energy to get into action! But then,something blocks this unconstrained flow of creative potent energy (call it duty, work, responsibilities, norms, regulations, family, or relationships).

Then chaos! Mental chaos, emotional chaos and even physical chaos. Our brains go into some sort of short circuit (this is coupled with the fact that also Mercury is retrograde and is in square with Neptune in Pisces). In the end, we might be feeling very overwhelmed with everything that is going on.

On the other side, the stellium in Sagittarius is very strong, and it captivates something positive, larger, sanguine, hopeful and cheerful along. Some persons know how to handle whirls of emotions, thoughts and situations, and for them, this can be a very enlightening and energetic time.

Mars and Jupiter are in trine with Neptune in Pisces. I have mentioned this earlier, but dreams can become so vivid and strong. The content of these dreams carry symbols and messages along. Sometimes it is not so easy to interpret the symbols and the messages contained by our dreams. But keeping a dream journal can be of great help to get insights from our unconscious, through our subconscious.What is worrying us? What are we desiring? What do we want? Or what are we trying to avoid/escape? What are we fearing?

Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces are quincunx to the North Node in Leo: the future.

If we consider that right now, the Sun is in Sagittarius (conjoined with the Moon, and other planets), the initiation of this Lunation carries the need to attain comprehension, blend, and enlargement. Sagittarius is the blend between mind and intuition, giving birth to wisdom and maturity; being aware and grounded, while still being able to look far to the future that is about to come. This will all come to full realisation the next time the Moon becomes full (Full Moon in Cancer, 2nd of January 2018).

And of course, what is wisdom without experience? What is achievement without work? What is growth and transformation without difficulties? Think about it. One thing is always connected with the other! Some people say that there are no gains without pains. To say it in a more poetic way: there is no sunrise without darkness before. Sometimes the night is very dark (for a literate example, a New Moon!), and sometimes the night is brighter (for a literate example, a Full Moon!). But the message is the same.

Sagittarius suggests us to remain optimistic, to remain open, flexible, free, and eager to learn and to make the most from every little experience, either good or bad. Because there is always a lesson, a valuable addition to our life experience, in every good or bad experience. When the experience is bad, the lesson is greater! Keep your heart grounded on your long-term vision/goal. The Universe knows its ways to make us evolve.Just trust yourself, trust life itself, and trust the universe.

Finally, during this time we can already start working on our intentions and visions for the next year. We can start to visualise our present, our assets, and the things we need to get or improve. We can start to visualise a goal we want to accomplish, or a life milestone we want to reach. Put all your ideas in paper. Make them physical.

It is not a coincidence that Sagittarius is the sign preceding Capricorn: the grown up and mature adult, the law, the responsibility and the duty. So, this is a great time to make “drafts” about where do we want to go/what do we want to become.


Art: Matt Andres


The year is coming to an end soon! Next Year we will be having Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. It will be an interesting year, but one in which we will need a lot of will and determination. If you’re interested in a personal astrology reading with me to look deeper into yourself, send me a message!


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