End of the Year – A Glimpse into Saturn in Capricorn Lessons

The year 2017 has come to an end, and along with it many experiences have also come to pass. Life lessons have been a major theme this year, in different situations for each of us.

I didn’t have the intention of publishing an article for the end of the year, and not even about the upcoming 2018, as I did the previous year (You may want to review it here).

But many thoughts have lately come into my head, and now I think it is a good idea to reflect a little on what has happened this year in our lives. Because I am convinced that whatever has happened, has been a preparation for what is about to come.

Let’s reflect and take a look a little bit farther into some events in 2018.


The Saturn Ingress in Capricorn – 20th of December 2017

This event is the starting point for what is about to come. But, what is about to come? Nobody knows. But it will certainly change the structure and the shape of our lives. Saturn is traditionally called the Lord of Karma, the Lord of Time, (in medieval astrology, it was called “The Greater Malefic”). Sounds spooky. But it does not need to be so.

In reality, Saturn is the planet representing our capacity to endure. By “endure”, we mean the capacity to survive, preserve oneself, sustain oneself and persevere. In the end, all of these take us to personal achievement (which is a great joy for everyone).

This is related with understanding the structure of reality, of society, (politics, finances, laws), and our capacity to adapt to this reality, to handle it, (or manipulate it), and to use it for our benefit so that we can achieve success, and therefore persevere.

But by now, we know that the path of achievement is not an easy one. We need to work hard, we need to pass through all sort of lessons, obstacles, life tests and situations. This is Saturn.

But the most important part, is to know what is that which we want to achieve? What do we want to do in this life? What is going to bring us the sense of life achievement? What is worth for us to fight for? We need to know the “what”. If we don’t know the what, then in the meantime the focus must be on finding it out. And this what, needs to be true and authentic for each of us. Saturn makes us stand up for ourselves (not for what society, our parents or friends think).

This can sometimes bring some confusion. Saturn is not the external law, but Saturn reflects our capacity to work with that law (use it, manipulate it, to our advantage, for our own sake, for our own beliefs and our own goals). Take it, analyze it, use it, and gain. If you’re goal is not aligned with society, your parents or friends, it is up to you to stand up for yourself and fight for what you believe in.

This has been the lesson of Saturn in Sagittarius, and in 2018, in the 8th of November, Jupiter will enter into its own sign, which is Sagittarius! Fighting for what we believe in!

So yes, Saturn can sometimes suggest hard situations, obstacles and “karmic or life tests”. However, the great purpose behind all these difficult steps in life is to teach us lessons, to make us stronger and wiser. To bring us closer to that in which we must become. And if we look at it with this perspective, Saturn is the Teacher.

In astrology, all planets “rule” a specific zodiac sign that has affinity with it. And when a planet is in its own “sign”, it is said to be in dignity and magnified. It amplifies the symbolism of that planet, and of that sign.

Saturn rules Capricorn, and it will be entering in Capricorn just now. It will stay there until March 2020 (when it will make its ingress into Aquarius).

Saturn in Capricorn is all what has been just described, and amplified. But no need to fear. On the contrary, it is a time to re-strengthen our personal constitution, the pillars of our own individual selves, our self-knowledge, our capacities, our visions, our patience and perseverance. It is great time to become better, and to push the limits of the very perceptions we had about ourselves. The limits of what we thought we could only do.


North Node in Leo – “Creative Bursts”

Currently the North Node is in Leo. We are carving our destiny, indeed. And it is not a surprise that we might be experiencing creativity bursts lately.

In the first half on 2018, the North Node in Leo will be quincunx with Neptune in Pisces (the intuition, the dreams, the infinite love, the doors or perceptions, the endless), and at the same time it will be quincunx with Saturn in Capricorn (the practical, productivity, structured plan, obligations, limits).

So there might be some conflict between logic and intuition, between structured plans and going with the flow, between practicality and creativity. There might be some tension when the laws and our obligations block the free flow of the creative energy. An increase in our sensitivity can occur. Balance between both is essential.


Opposition between Venus and Mars – “Stubborn Fixtures”

By the middle of the year, Venus and Mars will be opposing each other (in Leo and in Aquarius, respectively), while both being squared by Jupiter in Scorpio. By this time, we can become a little rigid regarding to our views, beliefs, and our very personal ways of behaving, feeling, expressing and thinking.

Again, a stubborn sensitivity can arise and be at its peak (especially in terms of love expression, love giving and receiving). Who is giving? Who is not receiving? Who is silent? Who is expecting too much? Someone will have to let go from attachments. And probably also from fixed crystallised conflicting habits.


Nodal Shift to Cancer-Capricorn – The Great Feminine

The North Node is associated with the future, while the South Node is associated with lessons, experiences (both good and bad) and skills (both currently useful and not anymore useful) acquired from the past.

On the 6th of November 2018, the North Node of the Moon will enter in Cancer, while the South Node will shift into Capricorn. As we have been creatively carving, forming, molding and giving shape to our future, with the usage of our creative energy, through the exploration of our unique potential, through the push of our creative boundaries and strength, now the focus will change.

The unspoken characteristics and traits of the “feminine” are associated with the archetype of Cancer. By “feminine”, we do not mean “women”. The soft, caring, nurturing, intuitive and creative traits of the yin principle are socially assigned strictly to women. And this is completely wrong. Indeed, we live in a world of stereotypes, in which one thing is strictly assigned to another. And we forget that the world irregular. The Earth is not perfectly circular. Matter is beautiful chaos. And we are living entities possessors of BOTH qualities: the yin and the yang. We have all the oppositions in ourselves, and therefore, we have all those traits (socially assigned to the other sex).

Of course, we are indeed different. Some of us are more active, challenging, playful, vigorous, willed, practical and logical. Some of us are more passive, silent, quiet, intuitive, creative and caring. Some people have more of a yin, some people have more of a yang. We see men with more sensitivity, creativity, intuitive-oriented, or caring love for others. We see women who are fighters, willed, ambitious and rational-oriented.

With the ingress of the North Node in Cancer, regardless of our sex or sexual orientation, there will be a shift in our consciousness, in which we will start developing a higher sensitivity to our environment. We might start searching for more love, more affection and more care from others, and vice versa: we will be feeling more affectionate, more caring, more comprehensive and empathetic with the ones around us.  It suggests interconnectedness among all (not interdependence).

This suggests looking at our environment (home, work, family, and friends) more as a one living entity, in which we are all supporting each other, in which we need to look after one and another. It is an increase in sensitivity, in creativity, in intuitive language. It might reflect the rupture of human-imposed limitations and the destruction of social cristallised and obsolete structures blocking the freedom of the spirit.


Final Thoughts for 2018: “We as Reinforced Steel”

This doesn’t mean that the upcoming years will be full of difficult situations. Each life is a unique world, and keep in mind that we are the builders of our own world. We make our lives as they are. And we are the only ones responsible for the actions, decisions and courses that we take.

To me, it is exciting and thrilling, just the mere idea of throwing myself into the unknown future, with excitability on the lessons (soft or hard) that will come, on the “tests”, on the experiences that I will choose, and on everything that I will gain after it. Because all are gains! And all these gains are summing up, building the wisdom that each of us craft.

But be prepared mentally. Be prepared with optimism, with excitement, and with an open mindset. Be prepared with a flexible attitude that can help you mould the rigidity of your mental structure into whatever might pop up on the way. Be prepared for the exciting lessons, for the obstacles on the way, be prepared for the unexpected upheavals, but also for the unexpected joys!

Be ready to receive, and be ready to give. To learn and to teach. Be prepared to fail (but know that nothing is failure, all is experience!). Be prepared to lose (but keep in mind that losing makes you stronger). Keep present all the way, keep conscious and aware. There are always signs, there are always “messages” around, and also “messengers”, people coming into our lives with a lesson!

This year has been a preparation, has been a year carrying the initiatory seed, which must undergo through its exposition into the environment and all the beautiful, soft and also harsh conditions and elements! The seed that has the sole purpose to realise itself, to bloom, to fruit, and to mature.



ART: Axel Astro Art

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