The Luminosity of Fulfilment – Full Moon in Cancer

The first Full Moon of the year is happening on the 2nd of January 2018 at 3:25 AM CET (or 1st of January 9:25 PM EST) in Cancer at 11°Cancer 38′. 

We start the year with a lot of power (energetically speaking).

The first Full Moon of the Year is in Cancer and she is the head of a pattern called “kite” (see figure below, and chart at the end of this post).

Sin título

As we see, she opposes the Sun in Capricorn, which is conjoined with Venus and Pluto (big changes and life restructures), while Saturn is not too far there!

The Moon is also forming a water grand trine: on one side with Jupiter/Mars in Scorpio (very deep stuff), and on the other side with Neptune in Pisces (sensitivity whirls might be adding up).

This Moon is the bright fruition from the past New Moon in Sagittarius seed (wisdom, setting visions). Now that the Moon has reached Cancer in opposition to the Capricornian Sun, we come to a point in which all the intentions, motivations, experiences and the visualisations that we have set before, are now shining in front of our eyes.

This Moon is the reflection of the promise from the Universe, and the reminder that the potential to accomplish (Capricorn) is alive within us. And the way to achievement is through the destruction of all (pointless) attachments, fears, obsolete views, outmoded patterns of behaviour, and self-imposed limits or obstacles.

It is very important for us to understand this, now that the year is just about to begin. This Lunation holds the promise of self-realisation. But we must destroy all negative and self-destructive patterns of behaviour.

What are these? Our own fears (fear to fail, fear to fall, fear to lose something or someone, fear of being criticised, fear of not being good enough, fear of rejection, fear of loneliness, and so on).

What else? Negativity. Oh yes, negativity. We must become wary of our own thoughts. Vigilant. Because within a short second, a bad thought can take us over. And we just need one bad thought to ruin all what we are striving for. To ruin all our progress, and to destroy our will to achieve whatever we want to accomplish.

This does not mean that we will become the Oh Yes Holy Master. But we must watch out our thoughts pattern, ring the alarm when these thoughts become toxic, taking us over.

And looking at this pattern led by the Moon, we see that deep emotional things might arise to the surface from within. For some people, contents from the past can show up. Perhaps, to make us overcome fears or to assimilate past experiences which held a lesson that we didn’t learn.

For some others, the temptation to dig deeper into the unknown, either by studying or by experiencing, can be very strong. Some people might just feel fascinated and ignited during this strong time, to discover more. To discover more in the well of knowledge. The methods employed to achieve this range from strong meditation and/or yoga practise, to the use of substances to experience different psychic states. However, mystic, occult and spiritual studies might also be employed during this time.

On the other side, this time might just be a hard time for some people, either financially, personally, in relationships or with family issues. We might be going through strong changes, and the strength of these changes can create some chaos. Maybe our close environment has radically changed. Maybe we have undertaken a major life decision to change something, and this is good, but major changes require major work.

As I have always said, a crises has the sole purpose of forcing us to learn something. What do we have to learn? Time will tell. But pay attention to your environment and to your own feelings.

Cultivating the ability to trust. Cancer is a water yin sign. It is associated simultaneously with the mother and the inner child. In these two archetypes we see the keyword of trust.

We need to trust ourselves, to trust our intentions and to trust our potential. Trusting requires us to destroy fears and attachments. By trusting in ourselves, we validate our capabilities, we break dependencies, we destroy reliance on things and people. We become able to stand for our own selves.

This does not mean to go the path alone and to not ask for help when needed. This means having a grounded sense that this is our life, and that we are in charge of it. That we can make, and achieve whatever we want. But it will only be each of us the agent of realisation. Not somebody else.

Because this Moon is in Cancer, we can take this time to strengthen the supportive ties with our dear ones. It can be a great time to meet with our tribe, or just to get in touch with good friends. To show concern one with the other, and demonstrate our caring and our support genuinely.

Feeling what the other is feeling, understanding what the other person is going through and deeply nurturing with our support and with our personal unique wisdom insights.

Intuition and sensitivity are qualities associated with Great Mother, and therefore with the feminine archetype. However, this is not strictly so. As we are shifting into the Age of Aquarius, and as the North Node is approximating to its ingress in Cancer this 2018, more and more people become conscious of their feelings, more and more people, despite of their gender or inclination, are becoming more connected with their emotional body and intuitive higher mind. We are allowing ourselves to feel. To feel all emotions, all hopes, all desires, and all physical and sensual sensations. We are letting go from repression and fears and we are becoming one.

Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability to your friend or sister. And don’t be afraid in front the vulnerability of your friend or sister. Instead, embrace them. Feel that special connection that binds us together as sensitive human beings.

It is crucial during this time, since some people might be going through a hard one. Showing our concern, and manifesting our support is so healing to the other. Remember that life is an infinite web and our actions of today determine our future.

In any case, the energetic flow is very strong now, including pushes and pulls. Strong energetic tides moving us. But the light of the Moon is there, and the promise of realisation is also there. We just need to let go from the old to embrace the new.


Art: Jessica Ballantyne 


If you need guidance through the way, please contact me to book an personal astrology reading with me. Keep in mind that these articles are general and that each life is a unique world. 


Chart Full Moon in Cancer

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