Harnessing an Optimal State of Clarity – Totally Eclipsed Super Full Blue Moon in Leo

 The Super Blue Moon in Leo is happening the 31st of January 2018, at 2:27 PM (CET +1:00), or at 7:27 AM (EST -5:00) with a total Lunar Eclipse.

At the end of this article, you will find a link to a simple ritual* to attain confidence during this time.

Full Moons and New Moons happen once a month. Whenever there are two Full Moons in the same month, the second Full Moon receives the name of the Blue Moon.

In addition, she is at 360,362 km away from Earth, so she is closer than normal, and enters in the category of a Super Moon, which means she will seem bigger to our eyes.

And to top this, there will also be a Total Lunar Eclipse with this Full Moon.

So, even if we cannot see the Lunar Eclipse this special night, we can still contemplate the majesty of the Super Blue Moon in the majestic sign of Leo.

With this triple category, and with fire and explosive energy, this Full Moon is coming with a great potential and special opportunities for all of us.

The Moon is in the mighty sign of Leo, conjoined with the North Node; while the Sun is in the electric sign of Aquarius, conjoined with the South Node.

Two bombastic words we see here: the mighty and the electric. Looking at these two words,  from a growth-oriented perspective, they indicate important and strong changes, both internally and externally.

On the Sun’s side, we have a conjunction of the Sun, Venus, the South Node and the asteroid Juno in Aquarius. From an evolutionary perspective, the symbolism reflects all the strain and the tension that has been present from the last two months, and which was massive in the past Capricorn month, together with that powerful Jupiter-Mars conjunction that happened in Scorpio. It indeed left us a little bit unwired and disintegrated at a constitutional level.

It was certainly a time of confusion, some chaos and possible suppression. We might have felt as if chained, suppressed, and as if there was not a visible solution for whatever we might have been going through.

We might have felt restricted by the external authority/duties/pressure and as if there was not a viable way to accomplish a dream, or to solve a problem. Some might have felt this time stronger than others. Some situations might have been more tender, or tenser. It depends. But the sensation of limitation and restriction was there.

Now that the Sun is in Aquarius, together with Venus, the South Node and Juno, there is a way out. Aquarius is fixed air, and its smooth breeze comes to us with a core refreshment, with a powerful lightning. Liberation comes along with it, as we start feeling mentally clearer, focused and determined.

As our minds become accessible and uncomplicated, we start to see a way out. We start to generate ideas and solutions. Our attitude becomes plainer and the way we see the world changes from negative to positive. We also start to relate with friends or people with whom we share interests and views.

In love relationships, Juno re-activates the passion and the electric feeling of the relationship at all levels. Also the commitment of learning and growing together, and the acceptance of what the other offers or brings into the relationship is solidified. Some might even say that one of Juno’s secrets is the practise of tantra.

This positive shift brings an electric feeling of excitement for life, for action, for solving problems, and for generating new ways to achieve purposes. New purposes. If we go back to the beginning of this Lunation with the New Moon in Capricorn, we can review those goals we have set for the short-medium-term, and now look at them with brighter eyes. The eyes from the Sun in Aquarius.

Take in all what you have learned from the past, take in your capabilities, and take in your strengths. The freedom of the spirit is around the corner. The action is now!

On the Moon’s side, we have a conjunction of the Moon with the North Node and the asteroid Ceres in Leo. As we know, the Sun’s creative light is being reflected by the Moon. And if we consider that the Sun in Aquarius is the source, then the position of the Moon carries the fruit or the message.

In this eclipsed** Full Moon, the Earth is aligned in between the polarised forces from the Sun and the Moon, reflecting the previous process of disintegration we went through. But as the Moon resurges from the darkness, she brings us the promise to re-integrate ourselves, to balance ourselves and to harness that optimal state of clarity and confidence.

In Leo, the creative energy re-surges. A sudden change comes. We get in touch with our potential, with all our possibilities of becoming and doing. We come to meet the light of our real power as individuals. A power that can bring positive changes not only for ourselves as individuals, but also for the community.

The creative colourful light from this Moon reflects the very same light that we radiate as individuals, a light that reaches far beyond our skins. This is what we are, this is what we can do, and this is our potential. Can you feel the thrill? 

Can you feel the genuine pride? Just as the Lion and the Lioness that goes through long periods of hunger and adversities. They continue their journey, and together with their mates, they support each other because they are after one same cause. And the Lion succeeds, and the lion roars.

The very same way, we as human beings are called to act. Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs, which can reflect at times a lot of self-centredness; but which can never leave behind the power of relating with like-minded persons.

The Sabian Symbol*** as the Moon is in 11° Leo 37’ (12°):

An evening party of adults on a lawn illumined by fancy lanterns

Getting together with our best mates will be good. Sharing fun, ideas, situations, thoughts and words with them can be electrically stimulating.

Ceres activates the warmth and nurturing sensation that comes as we relate with other warm people or persons we esteem. The sensation of having someone who cares for us, who helps us growth, who makes us feel happy, and who is willing to teach us and learn from us.

The Moon in Leo is also in a quincunx with Neptune in Pisces. The desire to let go is strong. Also there is a chance of being overwhelmed at an emotional level, by all the powerful intensity of this Lunation (in a good sense!).

In addition, Jupiter in Scorpio is forming a T-Square with the Nodes. We integrate this via the North Node, via the future, via the realisation of our potential. It requires courage, it requires effort. Just keep alive the courage and cheer of this time and the year will be smoother and joyful, no matter the adversities.

Take in your strengths, your lessons, your best persons, and say yes to the new changes and adventures that are about to come. 


Art: Les Deux Majestés by Jean-Léon Gérôme


Need more guidance through these strong transformation processes? Contact me for a personal live astrology reading me, through video-conference.


* Ritual for Clarity and Confidence

** Want to know where the eclipse will be visible? Check Time and Date for all the eclipse visibility information by clicking here, and placing your location.

*** Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: They Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases




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