The Gate to Real Progress is Within Us – Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon* in Virgo is happening the 2nd of March 2018 at 1:52 AM (CET), or the 1st of March 2018 at 7:52 PM (EST) 11° Virgo 23’. Not your time zones? Click here.

The night is mysteriously vibrant. Silently calling us. The Moon stands alone in Virgo, taking possession of the sky, while Jupiter in Scorpio is starting to rise in the heaven (see chart at the end of this post).

The Moon in Virgo is calling our spirit to embrace Earth and all her mighty possibilities for us. She shows us the way towards a firmly grounded ideal. She’s the gate leading us to progress. She’s the fruition of the promise from the past New Moon in Aquarius, in which we explore the ways of being unique and authentic to ourselves.

The possibilities that life and our nurturing ground Earth offer us are many. Let us begin with the astrological guidance to understand these dynamics. But first, let us welcome the Full Moon.

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Moon is standing tall and vibrant in Virgo. By sign she squares Mars in Sagittarius. By degree she trines Saturn in Capricorn. By degree she opposes the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. And by sign she also opposes Mercury and Venus in Pisces.

From the symbolism, we can infer that there is a pronounced need for mental grounding. The strong Piscean presence can reflect the possibility for our emotions to drift us away from a clear ideal or objective.

In addition, many of us might be experiencing the emotional upheaval from dreams, “visions”, and (with Mars in Sagittarius) an extreme motivation which might be led by uncontrolled emotions towards unrealistic visions and ideals.

If we pay attention, Jupiter in Scorpio rising can indicate strong emotions, and reflect naïve obsessions coming out from our deepest desires (and fears).

This Moon is signalling the need to ground ourselves into our core. Her trine aspect to Saturn in Capricorn indicates that Earth sustain us, and if we work hard we can reach higher places within our growth and development process. But she is desperately communicating us to sense this ground with our feet. To put ourselves in the real world, and to focus our mind on what is tangible and feasible.

Dreams are beautiful ways to connect with our inner desires and with our creativity. But we should not confuse the guidance represented by dreams, with things we have to accomplish.

We are living in the material plane, for something. And it is here that life teachings unfold. Virgo invites us to discern, to discriminate within the great range of possibilities that Earth offer us, what is best for us in the present moment. Taking use of our mind to analyse what we have, what we can produce with that which we already have, and the gains we can obtain by working with our current assets and resources.

The vulnerability from this Piscean charged time can make look at all sides, look at everyone else, at what everyone else has achieved, and what everyone else has. Comparison, together with inferiority feelings, can bring a lot of dissatisfaction into our lives. A totally unneeded state of being.

If we consider the Sabian Symbol** of 11° Virgo:

“In her baby a mother sees her deep longing for a son answered”

To this, Dane Rudhyar reinforces: “It is the power of creative visualisation.” We can see that the materialisation of our deep longings can be answered. However, that answer can take different shapes of manifestation, not exactly what we dream about.

It all depends of our evolutionary needs as individuals. We can dream, and dreaming is a great Piscean resource to get support from our Inner Guide. But dreams are that: guidance, signs, a snapshot of our desires.

Daydreaming a lot about something can indicate another type of emotional need. The Virgo quality of personal assessment and personal evaluation can be a great aid to really understand our own dynamics and to see the difference between our emotional ideals and our real feasible ideals (in the present moment!).

Sometimes reality can offer us less that what we have been dreaming. Well, at least that is what it seems superficially. But what we have not understood is that growth and evolution happens accurately in the most proper ways for each of us at any specific time. What might seem little to us, can be actually something brilliant, beautiful and magnificent.

This Moon teaches us to appreciate the things we have, the assets we possess, and how far we’ve reached until today (for as long as we live). Not by comparing with what others have achieved, but by acknowledging and celebrating what we have. And by understanding that evolution and growth is forever and comes from within. Its ways of manifestation might not be what our dreams show, might not be the superficial ideal, but they are definitely in tune with the best we can at any specific moment.

On a different scenario, there can also be an overuse of the mind. Mental pictures fuelled by emotional needs. We might want to achieve a meticulous perfection level in different areas of our lives: be it the physical body (this one can be very strong now), work, future goals (and dreams), family roles, and others. Might be of help to think about the core root of such desires to reach certain standards. This is associated to the dreams and daydreams (reflected by Pisces) which we have previously talked about.

In addition, this Virgoan Moon reflects a paradox of Pisces: conditionally unconditional love. What does this mean? Pisces is mutable water, Virgo is mutable earth. Pisces is freely moving around, spreading a peaceful vibe, sharing love (unconditionally), helping others, feeling the suffering in people and supporting people. While this can be certainly true, the emotional whirls in Pisces can get chaotic and out of control. Excesses can happen. And victimisation can also happen when one gives so much without receiving the (dreamed, visualised) response from the others. Then it reflects the Virgoan shadow of guilt, shame, inferiority. The thought that there is something wrong with oneself, or there is something wrong with the world because the world does not understand or appreciate us. And then the unconditional becomes conditioned.

On the opposite, we should become aware of these dynamics by seeing through our own selves. And contemplate in others a reflection of our own self, our strengths and fears. Then it comes compassion, and the feeling of true unconditional love. When we realise that we are all interconnected, we can truly feel love for the other, and truly support the other, without projecting our needs (dreams, ideals) on the other person or situation. That is the balance in the service represented between the Virgo-Pisces polarity. Being sincerely of help, making our help genuinely effective, and honestly feeling for the other person.

Take this silent, but potently wise Moon light to see through yourself, to see what you are, what you can, and what you have achieved. Celebrate it. Feel the ground under your feet. Mother Earth is vibrating.

And take a step forward to see that we never stop growing, we never stop working out this life and we are always evolving. Sometimes evolution is slower than other times. It is all upon Nature’s wisdom. But say it to yourself: You will always do the best you can with the current best expression of yourself.

And you will never be the same as before, because growth is forever, and change is forever.


Art: The Wisdom from Within by Lucy Campbell


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Full Moon in Virgo 2018

*By Full Moon, we mean the exact degree of opposition between the Sun and the Moon. This is the moment when the Full Moon is at her 100% radiance.

**Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases.

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