Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio: 12 Things to Do in Order to Expand Yourself

Retrogrades! You’ve probably have seen all over the internet about the famous Mercury Retrograde, messing up with all communications and technological things of our daily lives. Mercury turns retrograde three times per year, making of it a proper topic for articles and social media. However, the other planets turn retrograde too.

Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, and larger visions about the world and the spiritual world. Jupiter is the planet representing that aspect of ourselves seeking for a larger meaning of life and our mission in this life. Jupiter is the planet I honour with the name of my astrology practise (after all, “Iovi Astrologia” means “Jupiter Astrology”, since Iovi is the archaic Latin form of Jupiter). And I just love how it sounds.

In 2017 I wrote an article about Jupiter in Scorpio, but now this very mighty Jupiter is turning retrograde (in Scorpio!).

Jupiter will be retrograde in Scorpio from the 9th of March 2018 until the 10th of July 2018 when it turns direct. And this translates into a period of four months for personal inner work for growth.

If we think about the expansive qualities of Jupiter, it is logical that we might think about how can Jupiter in retrograde motion help us grow? It is normal we assume that the (apparent) phenomenon of retrogradation is something slowing us down, stopping us, delaying us, and even affecting our personal growth process. And in Scorpio!

The thing is that while retrograde Jupiter might reflect a slowdown in our (maybe obsessive) expansive plans for the future, reflect (apparent) blockages in our path, and reflect difficulties in this path, this does not necessarily has to mean something fully negative. And in fact, if we become conscious about the retrograde Jupiterian dynamics going on, and if we decide to consciously plan this 4-month period as a personal inner work, the expansive qualities of Jupiter will be reflecting within ourselves.

I have in my phone this app called Buddha Quotes. And the message it popped today is much synchronized with the main subject of this article and Jupiter retrograde. The quote says:

“True change is within; leave the outside as it is”

~ Dalai Lama

If we do not focus on what is happening outside, and we take all those positive qualities of Jupiter and place them inside of us, growth will be from within. And when Jupiter turns direct, this personal inner work we’ve done will radiate outwards with so much strength.

Now, we must consider that the sign that Jupiter is retrograding in, is Scorpio. Scorpio represents the infinite processes of life transformation: generation (sex), degeneration (death/transformation) and regeneration (rebirth). In our culture, these very natural processes still remain as taboo, dark, deep, hidden processes. And should not. If we get into the very core the Scorpionic quality, we can discover so much things about ourselves and about our soul. Scorpio represents an innate need to dig deeper into mysteries. Into our own mysteries.

And if we focus on the individual self, Jupiter retrograding into Scorpio reflects this deeper need for self-discovery. The possibilities for personal growth, and personal discoveries during this time are tremendous! But we need to work it consciously within ourselves.

Let’s review some things that we can do in order to become aware of these processes, and work them through as the retrogradation goes on.

It might be very handy to get yourself a notebook where you can write your own experiences, personal discoveries, feelings and desires. After every two weeks (even better if in New Moon and Full Moon) read the corresponding pages of the past two weeks. And you will be amazed at your own self.

Do this during the four months coming (and make sure you follow me on social media to keep an eye upon the astrological updates). But the most important part is that you make this plan special for you.

1. Pay attention to your feelings

This is the number one task for during this time. Become conscious of your own self. You might be thinking that you are actually conscious of your own self all the time. Or you might be thinking about what does becoming conscious actually mean? The reality is that this is a quite simple task. It literally means to activate our awareness every time we are being emotionally triggered, either negatively or positively.

Pay attention to your feelings, your thoughts, to your heart beat and to your breath. Is it accelerated, is it slowed down? Are you sweating? Are you being hit by a whirl of thoughts of all kinds? Are you feeling sad, are you feeling attacked? Are you feeling excited? Are you feeling obsessed? Are you feeling ignited?

The possibilities are thousands. But simply give further attention to how are you feeling, instead of letting yourself being absorbed by the feeling itself without consciously acknowledging it. Ask why’s. And answer those why’s to your own self. Maybe get yourself your notebook and write about all what’s going on within you. That might be help you recognise emotional patterns within you, and assess them positively.

2. When crisis hits, evaluate yourself

Crisis times are those moments when life is just suddenly falling apart and we become hopeless, depressed, anxious, sad, and in some cases angry. Those moments in which we ask ourselves: Why is this happening to me? What have I done to deserve this? Some see them as bad luck times.

And during these times is when the personal work of Jupiter retrograde becomes denser. The thing is that behind every crises there is a hidden treasure. This treasure takes the form of a personal discovery leading to personal evolution. A crisis might be so overwhelming that it blocks our sight from seeing that there is something more behind it. Something brighter, and something shining.

A crisis is a heavy time of experience. And experience itself is all about lessons. Think of a crisis in terms of lessons. What might you gain after the storm? It might not always be material or physical gain, but in this case, it is likely to be more of a personal wisdom gain. In what ways this difficult period can actually help me?

And the truth is that there is always a way in which a crisis help us. If we change the negative aspect of the crisis, at least for a moment, and we flip it to the other side, we might be surprised to find that the other side is actually shining. Which side are you into?


3. See the hidden meaning behind every blockage or difficulty

This is taking the previous point into deeper evaluation. Jupiter is discovery. Jupiter in Scorpio can be deeper self-discovery. And every blockage on our path has a meaning. Challenge yourself to unlock this meaning.

Meditation can be a great resource to explore the quality of our mind. And if you have not tried it, this can be the perfect time to do it. There are no excuses. In the internet you can find lots of free resources to get yourself into personal meditation.

However, if meditation is not your thing, then just allow yourself to sit silently for some time, and think about what is blocking your flow. If possible, write these blockages. Then think about why are these blocking you? What are they blocking you of? If you could consider them as something different rather than blockages, what would that be?

Let time speak. Sometimes the hidden meaning of blockages becomes visible later. But the key is to remain open to all the positive possibilities.

4. Explore a social taboo

Social taboos are everywhere in today’s world. From sex to magic. You choose. Read about it, learn about it, and study the reasons about why is this considered a taboo?

5. Read a (not so long) book about self-discovery

Go and search for a new book about self-discovery or meditation or philosophies or another cultural tradition. A book that calls your inner self. Don’t get heavy on this. Choose a book that is not so long, but which invites you to discover it.

6. Deepen your sexual life

Jupiter retrograding into Scorpio. And sex is an inherent aspect of Scorpio. This can be a very special time to consciously put more passion and feeling into our sexual life. Scorpio is a water sign (emotions and feelings), and Jupiter is actually a fire planet. Jupiter is loaded with passion. So this is a great time to enhance those intimate moments into something more special and deeper.

While Jupiter in Scorpio might reflect a slowdown on this, does not have to be. Instead, see the sexual experience as something with a greater potential.

Create ambiance, try out with candles, aromas, lightening or oils. Use your imagination (believe me, it is very creative!). But also, it is important to consciously engage with the senses. I read somewhere, I don’t remember where, that optimal sexual experience is when all senses are in action. Looking at each other’s eyes, engaging the skin feel in every corner of the bodies, sensing all smells and welcoming them, hearing all sounds, and feeling all tastes. But also, feeling the heart. When all the senses are activated and positively welcomed, sex can transcend into another level of experience.

7. Go into nature

This is basic. But it is a most! Connecting with nature activates our senses and enhances our creative self. Improves our imagination and is good for health! You do not need to go anywhere fancy, but just the simple act of looking the nature around and appreciating it is more than enough. Listen to its sounds, look at is forms, sense its aromas, touch the ground. Sometimes a natural landscape can be so powerful that it awakens our deeper self, taking us into tears of joy or even ecstasy.

8. Stay in the darkness with your eyes open for some minutes

This is an experiment for self-discovery. By staying alone in the darkness in a room at night, just with the natural light of the night penetrating, turning off electronic devices, just you and the darkness, in that moment we can see and hear our inner self. Keep your eyes open, and look around. See the shapes that the dark creates. Listen to your own breath. And pay attention to your emotions and thoughts. But don’t let any “daily life” thought come into. Just let yourself divagate into the wonders of the heart. Relax, and take your time.

After this, you can evaluate this experience and see what you got from it.

9. Help somebody or a cause with full emotional awareness

When giving our support to somebody in need, or to a cause, do it with a higher reason. If you’re helping a friend, do it consciously and with a pure heart. Don’t let the moment escape once you’ve helped, but let yourself actually feel good about it. If you’re supporting a cause, don’t let the moment go away. Celebrate it with yourself. It is not about self-aggrandizement because you’ve done something good. It is about celebrating that there are good deeds in this world, and that you’ve participated on them. It is about acknowledging that you are supporting this world with your own contribution at that very special moment.

10. When life gets tough, smile to yourself

Just smile! Adversity comes, but you smile. Life gets tough, but you smile. You’ve had a bad day at work, but you smile. Issues with your partner, but you smile. Issues with the family, but you smile. It is not a sarcastic smile, but it is a smile of optimism and of a little bit of fun into those moments.

Life can get so serious sometimes. And there are cases in which we just feel like being sad, depressed, anxious, stressed. It is the difficulty of the moment. But there is also another choice. In the most essential way, we are free. And we always have another choice. If it is very bad, at least choose to smile for a moment. That little smile will make a change.

11. Learn about other points of view and their validity

Oh yeah. This is the cherry on top of the tart! Why not? Destroy those mental barriers limiting your own perceptions! Have you ever been so much in disagreement with somebody else’s point of view? Well, this is a time to consider that, and to actually open that mental gate that impedes you to see the way in which another person sees reality.

You can get deeper with this and actually learn about those points of view you so much differ with. Study them. And see that we are all free to see the world as we choose to. And what you consider wrong, might be right for someone else. Take the time to see their arguments in favour. Take the time to also consider the circumstances that have brought them to where they stand. Take the time to put yourself in their shoes.

You don’t need to change your views, but just recognise the other’s views and learn a little bit more about them.

And you might be surprised once you get to see that you actually changed a little by doing this. Something within you changed. You became more open, more flexible, and more positive. You gained something new for your stock of personal wisdom.


12. Push your limits and get out of your comfort zone

Test your fears. Do something that challenges you to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry you do not need to do bungee jumping or something like that! But just try doing something that challenges you. Dare to do it. You know yourself and you can choose. But make sure it does challenge you.


Image Source: Johannes Plenio from Unsplash

These are just some ways in which we can navigate through Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio within these four months. As you might be able to see that they all have in common the fact that they challenge us, that the invite us to do different things, weird things, and that they all make us see the other side of the coin. The positive side. And

Jupiter retrograding in Scorpio is all about personal inner work, making us discover deeper areas of ourselves. It reflects the strong deep condensation of the process of personal growth and evolution. A process that starts from within.

And while Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio can indeed get heavy and spooky, keep the number one principle in mind: there is always a way to revert a negative situation and make the best of it.


If you need more guidance during these this time in order to access the specific areas of your life in which this time will be more potent, please contact me for an astrology consultation.


Featured Image Source: DasWortgewand from Pixabay

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