We are the Conquerors of our Lives – New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries is happening the 16th of April 2018, in 26° Aries 02’, at 3:57 AM (CEST, +2:00), or the 15th of April 2018, at 8:57 PM (EST, -5:00). Not your time zone? Click here.

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A new Lunation, within a new solar cycle. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac representing the return of life. With the Sun and the Moon in the last degrees of Aries together with Uranus, the power of this lunar cycle is very strong, with potential energy ready to be released into new creations.

But with a natural square loaded with Saturn, Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, with Saturn owning that last term of Aries where the Moon/Sun/Uranus are, and with Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio, the way towards unleashing and utilising this creative potential is not an easy one.

Without ornamenting this text, the planetary landscape in the skies is not the most harmonious one. Tough challenges are on the way. The culmination of this Lunation will take place when Uranus moves into Taurus the 16th of May 2018. We will look at this deeper, but first, let us welcome the New Moon.


“We must accept our reality as vastly as we possibly can;

everything, even the unprecedented, must be possible within it.

This is in the end the only kind of courage that is required of us:

the courage to face the strangest, most unusual,

most inexplicable experiences that can meet us”.


Letters to a Young Poet – Rainer Maria Rilke


In General

With the Sun and the Moon together in Aries, special beginnings are coming, which will have lasting outcomes. Together with Uranus, we almost can feel that electric thrill of excitement. We feel that the airs are going to be changing soon, for better or for worse, but that things are never going to be the same.

And we feel that creative energy burning deep inside, but we are unsure about when or how is it going to be unleashed and used. Impatience hits in, and a sense of anxiety or incapability of moving forward, while we feel so eager and excited towards doing new things. On a deeper level, this also leads to a feeling of insecurity or fear about whatever might happen the next day. A deep fear of failure.


The Issue

Saturn and Mars play a very important role on what is going on right now.

Focusing on signs, there is a strong tension between the impulse to do and achieve things right now, and the feeling of being limited by external agents, such as work, family, the government, society or even financial matters.

The pressure can be such that we might feel trapped within the confines of our world, the confines of the physical reality we live in, and the impossibility to liberate the potential creative energy burning inside.

In addition, Mercury has been retrograde for about three weeks. While the manifestations of Mercury Retrograde might be for some very subtle, or very strong in communication and paperwork matters, it has indeed signified delays and obstacles on the flow of communication, building up more tension as things get more complicated or delayed. This can really test our endurance and patience.

Also, Saturn and Mars are in a square with Mercury in Aries, which can reflect a very impulsive way of reacting towards things or towards people. Not thoroughly thought words or responses, impulsive decisions, impulsive reactions, defensive ways of speech, and martyr-like way of assimilating messages from others.

And with the Sun together with the Moon in Aries, we might take things very personally as threats to ourselves or to our capabilities.

A mix of feeling competitive towards the others, and feeling unworthy or incapable. Competitive about matters of success with other people, while losing the main opportunity to see other’s success as a learning tool for ourselves, instead of a threat.

And all of this happening just in that very tense moment of a Capricorn-Aries square dynamic. The result is just too much for some. Too much pressure. Especially for people with a prominent Capricorn in their natal chart, and a little bit less for people with Aries, Libra or Cancer. But still strong.


But Transformation Has to Occur Someway

Pluto is in Capricorn is in a square with the Sun-Moon-Uranus in Aries. While the presence of Pluto in Capricorn together with the “malefics” Saturn and Mars might aggravate the crisis-like period we might be going through, it does holds the promise of a revolutionary transformation of our whole being.

But for change to occur, something has to come to an end (more dramatic: something has to perish). And with Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio, in opposition to Venus in Taurus: this is the time to reflect upon what needs to be eliminated in our lives so that transformation can occur and the new can arrive.

In addition, Mercury supports this kind of “personal investigation”, having just turned direct in Aries, and getting all that creative thinking energy forward!

But also Saturn and Pluto turn retrograde, the 18th and 22nd of April each respectively. This retrogradation, while still being active in Capricorn, gives us some time to work within ourselves on a personal level, so that we are ready whenever the next intense steps come.


On the Personal Level

On a personal level, take the courage to look deep into yourself and discover your (real) motivations towards certain plans or goals you have. Inspect these motivations, study them. Find their root, find their engine and what is fueling them. What do you want to achieve from that?

Then go even deeper, and think about the times you have felt “attacked” in the past few weeks. Why did you feel attacked? There will be an interesting answer.

And then think about what stops you from taking the first step towards change. And in this arena, you will also come in front of fears.

You fear failure. But what can happen if you fail? Is it the end of the world? No. It will only give you the chance to get yourself together and start a new adventure, but with more experience and wisdom.

Think then: are you being too harsh on yourself? Too demanding? Are you trying to satisfy an imposed standard? Do you have the courage to say “no”? Do you have the courage to challenge the world with your own authenticity and your own desire of what you want to be and what you want to become?

It is a time to remove “dead layers of skins” from ourselves (this on a symbolic meaning). There are obsolete behaviors and compulsions which do not bring any good anymore. There are “outdated” ways of thinking and assimilating our world, our attitude. Get rid of the old to welcome the new.

Just think about these things and the light will be emitted and received.


On Relationships

Through hard times we come to see who the real valuable people in our lives are. Pay attention to them and take the time to be grateful for having them around you.

Think also more carefully about how you react towards people. Although this time signifies impulsivity in speech and reactions, remember this: stop and think twice before you say something hurtful or something just totally out of place.

And if there are things that are indeed wrong intentioned towards you, the best thing you can do is to fully let them go, together with the bitter feeling that came with them.

On a totally different scenario, Venus is in Taurus, her domicile sign. She reflects the comforting sensation of being related with other, specially our significant other, and if the interaction itself involves affectionate expression or sensorial contact.

Talk and say your concerns, your fears, your wishes and your hopes. If not a significant other, then with a special friend.


On the Physical

The astrological phenomena reflects sudden important changes in our lives. But Nature is also changing and evolving. Take a walk or a trip to connect with the higher natural source and appreciate her beauty and her own special way of evolving and transforming.

In addition, with so much emphasis on Mars and Saturn, Aries and Capricorn right now, there is a good way to liberate that tension, and it is through exercise or physical activity. Yoga postures can be an excellent way to use this energy with a constructive way, as Saturn likes to control and Mars likes activity, asana brings the two dynamics into place: activity and control of the body and mind.

But watch out. There is always an easier way to escape from our problems. Venus in Taurus in opposition to Jupiter in Scorpio, while Mercury is activated in Aries, can reflect excesses of the “not-so-positive-kind”. These can be over-eating, over-drinking, unnecessary shopping, and unnecessary spending. Take care of your finances! Money runs out. Balance what is needed and possible now, and what needs to wait.


Final Thoughts

Don’t let the intensity of this time take over your burning flame. Instead, use this time to learn from all the experiences you might be going through. There is courage within us, believe it or not.

Courage does not have to be expressed in the idealistic ways we see everywhere. Sometimes courage happens in more subtle but still powerful ways.

Daring to say no, for example. Or changing radically some aspect about yourself (be it motivations, career, relationships, interests, stereotypes or archetypes in which we’ve fallen on the way). Or not being afraid to show our emotions and fears, it takes courage to acknowledge them and even more to express them. It takes courage to give ourselves the place we deserve and to recognise our potential as individuals. It takes courage to ignore whatever others might think, and just be who we are. It takes courage to go for what we believe in, even if it is against the mainstream.

Whatever form of courage you need right now, it is the way to liberate yourself from self-imposed slavery. And once you are free, your potential is liberated and ready to be used. Use it, don’t be afraid of failure. Because like I said before, if you fail: you just get another chance to start a new adventure.




Art: M Carson




Are you feeling the intensity of this time? Do you need extra personal guidance? Book a reading with me.




New Moon in Aries 2018

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