Crazy, Sudden, Radical and Unforeseen – Reflections of Uranus in Taurus: Seven Years Are Coming with Steady but Radical Changes

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So, Uranus in Taurus? What does this mean? Well, in the sky there is always activity going on, especially now that we have a lot of strong planetary aspects. But with the ingress of Uranus in Taurus, a special shift will happen.

Uranus is one of the gas giants. It is the next planet after Saturn. But Saturn is the last planet that is visible to the eye. Uranus is far, and for us to see it, we need a telescope. So with this on mind, the transits of Uranus are slow, spending around seven years in one sign.

Uranus enters in Taurus the 15th of May 2018, until the 7th of July 2025, when he will make his first ingress in Gemini.

In these seven years, radical and important changes will happen. However, because it is such a long time span, it is not easy to notice these changes as we are in the middle of what is happening. Perhaps some years later we will look back and see the changes that took part during that time.

But the impact of Uranus in each of the signs reflects massive and radical changes: in consciousness, in reality, in the mindsets of people, in the motivations of people and in the physical world. The types of changes that one today might think that “they will never happen in reality”. And then we don’t even notice when we are already taking part of the change. That is the way Uranus works.

Uranus in Aries in the World: 2011 – 2018

During the years that Uranus has been in Aries, starting in 2011, if we stop now, and look back in time with careful attention to the way we related with ourselves, and the way we express our identity, we will see that there has been a very strong and radical change: social media.

Of course, during the years that social media has been developing more and more, with new social platforms and apps, and all the possible ways to express “who we are”, we got immersed on it and we just flowed with it.

But if now we look at it with a critical eye: we have virtualised our identities. Our self-expression has become a virtual reality. Even more: we live now in different realities, each one with an individual personality and identity.

We are someone on Instagram, we are someone else in the real world. We go on a holiday and we forget to actually enjoy of being there, just because we are too focused on getting the perfect photo to post on our social networks!

And this would be a major change that happened during those years of Uranus in Aries. Aries is the self. And Uranus in Aries reflects radical changes on the self, on the identity.

Now, is it good or bad? The answer to this depends on the use we give to social media, and on how much importance we give to it. Is it so important? To the point of sacrificing our real identity just for the thrill of showing a virtual identity that fits with the “ideal concept” within the mainstream? To the point of forgetting to be the persons that we actually are? To the point of stopping doing things in the real world, just for the sake of “showing” things to a virtual world?

The ingress of Uranus in Taurus reflects an important crossroad now in terms of the relationship of ourselves with the real physical world. Taurus is physical reality. And Uranus in Taurus symbolizes changes in that physical reality.

Uranus in Taurus in the World: 2018 – 2025

Uranus is a planet of unpredictability. It is a planet associated with electricity, shocks, fast movements, sudden visions, sudden reactions, sudden ideas, and very radical unforeseen changes. So with that on mind, we cannot actually know what those changes will be, because they are sudden and unimagined!

But with astrology, we can at least get a core idea of what that can be about. And this can help us have light on these subjects, think about them with full consciousness, reflect upon our position now and allow ourselves to think and act outside the box (completely!), so that changes can go the smoothest.

Uranus is sometimes referred to as the higher octave of Mercury. Mercury is associated with our lower mind (the mind we use every day, all the time, and for every single task we do). So if Mercury is the lower mind, Uranus is then the higher mind: that one which is not easily attained by us, but that often operates subliminally and unconsciously.

Now that we are familiar with the nature of Uranus, let us get into Taurus. Taurus sign represents the quality of all which is physical: the reality, all what we can touch (and have), nature and her resources, the connection with Nature and her resources. It has to do with the ways we relate with the physical world and our physical bodies. It also has to do with feeling safe and secure: both physically (land or possessions) and financially (money, investments, profits, financial stability).

Going Real with Nature

So with Uranus in Aries, we have experienced a major shift in our identity as physical human beings, and this one becoming more virtual than real. But with Uranus in Taurus that notion of a “virtual identity” will be challenged, and for some, possibly changed.

There might be movements of people wanting to become more real. It does not mean the end of social media, but it can certainly mean a change in the way we use it. An awakening to how we are putting our identities in risk, our real selves in risk, and a desire to go back to our real core. A desire to feel the real world, and engage with it by being there, doing it and feeling it. People might want to be more connected with their real selves, than with their non-selves. This is just one possibility. It can be all the opposite: that the virtual reality becomes solidified! Again, Uranus is unpredictable!

It can also signify a strong awakening and consciousness on how we use Nature’s resources. More concerns with the environment. People bringing up different ideas and some of those ideas having the potential to revolutionise how we can protect and wisely use Nature’s resources.

Together with this, it can bring into full manifestation the revolution on how we eat. During Uranus in Aries, there has been an increase of vegetarianism and veganism, little by little, individual by individual. There has been more consciousness in how inhuman the practices of food production are. And with Uranus in Taurus, this movement can get stronger, so that it starts to be perceived as something real that is happening and is going to change it all.

This does not mean that everyone will become vegan, but that people will make more conscious choices on what they eat, where is their food coming from, and how it has been processed.

Virtual Money?

About a month ago I was talking with a friend about our relationship with money. She mentioned that money is a type of energy that is available to us, and that money has the potential to do harm, it is true. But also has the potential to do a lot of good to the world. And that we should change the way we see and relate with money. It left me thinking.

Some days later, I listened to a very interesting podcast with Chris Brennan, Eugenia Krok and Adam Sommer, and in that chapter, they discussed their thoughts on Uranus in Taurus. And that was the second time that I heard about a topic that I discussed previously with my friend: our relationship with money and the monetary system.

We have already been seeing changes in the monetary system. Years ago cryptocurrency was speculation, but it is becoming a reality more and more. You can now see the logo of Bitcoin in the payment methods when shopping online. And it probably won’t end up there. People are becoming interested in these new “money technologies”, as a way of forming part of the changes that are coming while simultaneously making more money and feeling more secure.

The economy is getting crazy. Together with consumerism, costs are raising, while the money in people’s pockets is not enough. People are trying to find new ways for making more money. Everyone is trying to do this through different ways.

But with Uranus in Taurus, the monetary system will go through some radical changes. Some people are more attune with the topics of finances, money and investments. If this is of your interest, feed that interest with more research and make decisions.

For the rest of the people, it is better to keep our perceptions open to this change. This does not mean that you need to get into that. But it means to think wisely and creatively on which ways we can use our individual skills and knowledge to keep the flow of money energy going, smooth and clean. And make decisions that can help our financial stability stronger.

I am not a money expert, so I will stop here. But it was important to give light on this.

Uranus in Taurus in Ourselves: by House Position

On a personal level, Kaypacha calls Uranus the “personal unconscious”, whereas Neptune would be the “collective unconscious”.  Flickers of unreachable memories from the early life and from past lives. Flickers of creative ideas that we never thought they would be possible for us to think about!

It is the (unconscious) genius that has the potential to become conscious if it becomes liberated, and the knowledge it brings is radical. But if it remains trapped, this energy operates underneath, as underground waters flowing, but not emerging to the surface to be fully and properly used.

We all have a unique creative potential that lies underneath, hidden, deep down through the underground streams of creativity, longing to be unfold, but yet, remaining covered as the mental barriers stop it from pouring. Mental barriers fortified by the notions of the society we live in, the duties, responsibilities, the pressure, the social ideals, etc.

It can be very hard do recongnise this potential. But Uranus is a planet that reflects sudden “signs”, of important knowledge within ourselves. If just pay attention to these signs, we will recongnise it. And the collective changes start by each individual. Each individual changes, and the whole world changes too.

In any case, transformations will come, either through the good way or the bad way. If it is through the latter, remember this article and remember that an important knowledge comes along. Take this knowledge and say yes to the change.

I will now present a very short description of the areas of our lives where these changes might unfold. You just need to have your birth chart, and see the house* or houses in which Taurus is. Uranus will be transiting in those areas. You can then compare that current position of Uranus with the original natal position of Uranus in your natal chart.

The following are potential changes that might manifest in the houses where transiting Uranus is in your natal chart. However, we must take into consideration the aspects to Uranus, and how other planets can improve or challenge these symbols. But this rough guide can give you a general idea. Find the cusp where Taurus is in your natal chart, and read the description of the house below.

First House

Radical changes in the self, in the identity and freedom to be who we are. Awakenings, visions of the real self, creative bursts. Changes in the body or physical appearance. Liberation from impediments.

Second House

Changes in our relationship with money, investments, financial stability (or instability). Possessions or dispossessions. Investments. Wins or losses. Security or insecurity. Disruptions in the comfort zone. Changes on how we perceive Nature, awakening to our connection with the Natural. Changes on how we perceive life’s worth.

Third House

Sudden thirst for learning different things, especially about innovation, or the environment. Sudden apparition of interests. Acceleration of curiosity. Changes in our close environment and close people. Radical changes in our community, either by us or by others.

Fourth House

Changing home. Radical change of our surrounding. Assimilation of a new place to call home. Opening the eyes to feel better with ourselves and our capabilities. Becoming more independent.

Fifth House

Creative bursts, radical ideas, seeing signs on art creations. Radical change in one’s life by the arrival of children. Radical changes in the way children grow. Radical changes in our social interests. A desire to play and enjoy. A desire for new physical adventures. In some cases, a desire for new romantic adventures.

Sixth House

Radical changes into our health habits and lifestyle. Acceleration of our working rhythm. Disruptions in our health, or health improvement. Changes in the physical body. Improving the mind-body-soul connection. New ideals.

Seventh House

Changes in our love relationships, friendships and working colleagues. Disruption in partnerships or associates. Changing jobs. Impacts on legal level. Better understanding of how other people feel. Attainment of harmony or disharmony. Getting married, forming a solid relationship with someone.

Eight House

Radical transformations. Deep changes in one’s life, especially changes regarding to money and power. The death of old obsessions, but probably the beginning of new ones. Death of certain attachments, and a whole new mutation of oneself.

Ninth House

Radical change in our life’s views, or on what one might call religious inclinations. Awakening into higher forms of knowledge about the mystery of life. Connection with a stronger intuitive power. Strong and radical connection to Earth. Studying again.

Tenth House

Sudden changes in our profession or career path. Awakening to our real creative potential to be used as professional individuals. Liberation from social chains. Liberation from family chains. Liberation from the past. New ambitions.

Eleventh House

Total awakening, radical experience of freedom. Radical ideas, radical thoughts. Creative bursts. Getting our voices heard, joining like-minded people. Changing friends. Memories from the past, enlightening memories, enlightening thoughts.

Twelfth House

Changes in our spirituality. Liberation from spiritual or religious views. Forced awakening through crises. Smooth awakening through a total act of surrendering and letting go. Letting go from unneeded worries. Sudden mind patterns, sudden visions. Freedom to flow, or blockages of this flow with a lesson to be seen.


Are you sensing this change? Have you had signs already? Do you want to dive into this more deeply and personally? Contact me for an in-depth astrology reading


*There are many house calculation systems. The most popular is Placidus. However, I personally work with Porphyry, and I am slowly exploring the Whole Signs system. House calculations are complicated to explain in an article of this type. But if you still want to know more about them, visit this link. I use Porphyry because I understand it and its logic makes sense to me. As Jeffrey Wolf Green would say, it is focused on the number three: matter, spirit and mind; past, present, future; cardinal, fixed, mutable; by trisecting the space between the Ascendant and the Mid-heaven, having the 4th and 2nd quadrant the same size, and the 1st and the 3rd quadrant the same.

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