Fertile Days with Impacting Opportunities – New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus is happening on the 15th of May 2018, in 24° Taurus 36’, at 13:49 (CEST), or 6:40 (EST). Not your time zone? Click here!

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She silently observes our mundane lives from above. She reveals ourselves in the flowers blooming, dropping along them her comforting smile. She whispers to our ears soft words of peace. Words that we might not understand, words coming in another language. The language of nature.


The Astro Data

The Moon joins the Sun in the sign of Taurus at 24°36’, in sign co-presence with Mercury and the fresh Uranus in Taurus, both in the first degrees of Taurus.

In addition, the Moon-Sun are in a separating opposition to Jupiter Rx* in Scorpio, but also in an inferior trine to Pluto and Mars in Capricorn.

Jupiter Rx is also in a superior trine to Neptune in Pisces. Saturn Rx in Capricorn is in a superior trine to Mercury in Taurus. Pluto Rx in Capricorn is in sextiles to Jupiter Rx and Neptune.

What we see here are lots of trines and sextiles. And lots of trines and sextiles = lots of opportunities for these days.

These Days: New Moon in Taurus Practical Meaning

This Moon encourages us to rejoice in Earth, to embrace the resources and skills Earth gives us with love by genuinely acknowledging them and using them. In powerful ways, this Moon coincides with the ingress of Uranus in Taurus, a strong energetic time that will revolutionise the way we relate with ourselves in different areas of life. This is the time for new beginnings. The land is fertile, the Moon whispers.

With the separating opposition to Jupiter Rx in Scorpio, tensions from the past week will start to soften much more. It is important here to understand that Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio tenses the Moon and the Sun in Taurus, and that can be a very sensitive point.

The Moon and the Sun in Taurus want tranquillity, a calming breath to connect back with our vital force, but Jupiter Rx in Scorpio knows that there is still much more to be discovered and learned (sometimes, the hard way).

So the sensation of being pulled away from life vitality, from Nature and from the comforts that we are used to is overpowering and can affect different areas of our lives in the current time.

Nevertheless, as this configuration begins to diminish and separate, what was difficult becomes experience, and experience gives us strength and knowledge.

And with this New Moon, we must really sit down with a cup of rich coffee, take a deep breath, close the eyes for some minutes, keep breathing consciously, think about the past, present and future, digest what was hard during that time, and slowly open the eyes with new confidence to keep going forward with what we have learned and with the desire to make the necessary changes. Then enjoy that cup of coffee, get a pen and a paper, and write your own findings about the latest experiences you’ve had (Venus is in Gemini and the mind is stimulated).

The Moon-Sun are also in a trine with the powerful duo Pluto and Mars in Capricorn. This indicates that there is fire there burning. There is motivation, confidence, strength and will to persevere. In the darkness of these New Moon days, we must go through and find that spark of personal power.

What’s valuable is not easy to access. We must search and find. On the other hand, it is always easier to conform and stay where we are. Challenges are frightening, that we know. But there are challenges that are worthy, and that we have to learn to recognise.

This time might also involve issues of controlling of being controlled. This control relationship involves two parts: you and an external figure (work, society, the government, regulations, our family, our partner). The feeling might get strong. But there is a message that comes with this, and we must open the eyes fully in order to understand what some situations want to tell us.

Sometimes we need to take a different path, but it often involves letting go from attachments. And letting go is hard.

But with Mars entering in Aquarius, a serious time of awakening and opening the eyes is here. And with Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in trine with Neptune in Pisces, the signs might get very evident.

Pay attention to your environment, to your gut feelings, to your reactions, to the reactions from others, and the most important: pay attention to situations, especially when these are abnormal. Mars in Aquarius is energetic in a strong positive sense: he puts us face to face with the truth, and he invigorates us with creative ideas in order to assert whatever we must.

Saturn in his domicile in Capricorn is in trine with Mercury in Taurus, and this reflects opportunities in our career. Don’t hesitate. Let your mind be stubborn and become energised with the idea of persevering. The one who perseveres always reaches something, either if it is a new job, or a new position, or simply a new opportunity to start a professional project. The land is fertile!

This is a highly sensorial time, which does not just involve the physical senses, but also the extra-sensorial ones. These days are loaded with opportunities. Because it is a New Moon time, her light is not visible, but she is still present. The same happens with the opportunities: they are not easy to see, but they are there.


Be willed, be confident, trust, and no matter the blockages: just don’t stop. Keep going. Evaluate what happens on the way, project the future, make changes, and keep moving forward. Take breaks, yes!

But don’t quit.

And while you go through the lane of life, pay attention to the signs. These contain messages and lessons of actions we need to take. Identify your best skills, use them tenaciously, and you will reach the target. And remember: the land is fertile and the spark of life is ready to burst.


Are these days confusing? Do you need extra guidance? Book a reading with me.


Art: Veneración Antigua by Italia Ruotolo


New Moon in Taurus 2018

*Rx = Retrograde


Uranus Movements

On this New Moon in Taurus day, Uranus ingresses in Taurus. Read more about its meanings here.

  • 15/MAY/18 TAURUS7/AUG/18 Retrograde
    • 7/NOV/18 Retrograde back in Aries
  • 6/JAN/19 Direct
  • 6/MAR/19 back in Taurus
  • 7/JUL/25 GEMINI

Mars Movements

  • 16/MAY/18 AQUARIUS27/JUNE/18 Retrograde
    • 14/AUG/18 Retrograde back in Capricorn
  • 27/AUG/18 Direct
  • 11/SEPT/18 back in Aquarius
  • 15/NOV/18 PISCES(with fast speed and highly activated!)

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