Your Sign Weekly Guidance: 4/June/18 – 10/June/18

The weekly zodiac guidance is a very basic and general guidance. If it does not resonate with you, then there are other configurations in your natal chart that have more significance and deserve detailed attention.

If you want to know more, consider booking a full natal chart reading.

How to Read It

If you know your Rising Sign, read that sign first and complement it with your Sun Sign and/or Moon Sign.

If you don’t know your Rising Sign nor your Moon Sign, the first thing you need to do is finding out your exact and certified birth time. Once you know it, you can create your natal chart in and then you will find your Rising Sign (Ascendant) and your Moon Sign.

The Rising Sign is the sign occupying the part of the natal chart where the Sun rises in the horizon (it is located in the left side of the horizon in the chart). It is the most important part of your natal chart, associated with who you are, your character, your way of giving yourself to the world, and your physical body.

The Sun Sign is your creative potential in this life. And the Moon Sign is your sense of “I”, or ego. The Moon sometimes operates unconsciously, so it is a great advantage to know it.

Don’t Know your Exact Birth Time?

The exact birth time is important. Accurate does not mean “around 2:30 pm”. And family memories about the birth time are not always reliable (trust me!). Try to investigate it yourself with the pertaining institutions of your country of birth. In the mean time, you can always read the astrological guidance of your Sun Sign (that one which you  know from magazines!)


Weekly Guidance 4/Jun/18 – 10/Jun/18


ARIES (March 21-April 19)
ariesThis week marks new beginnings for you. There is the possibility that new people will come into your life; or something new and fresh will come out of a contact you already have. With the Sun in sextile to you, this can be the object of deep interest, which will likely activate your motivation in a very bright way. Aries: take advantage of opportunities! For this week, set aside the responsibilities, fears of the future and the uncertainties that might be ghosting you lately, and open up for what is new. The weekend will be specially energising for you, as the Moon enters in your sign. You love new things.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
taurusThis week things are going smooth at work, as you are making the most of it now that Saturn is in Capricorn activating your strong sense of commitment and perseverance. In addition, this week you’re likely to receive a message or an unexpected confession from a close person. You are normally quite reserved with your things and your emotions, but this week you should consider sharing a little bit more from you to someone. Share your values, fears, and what you esteem and appreciate in life. Will be a nice pleasant feeling, now that Venus is in Cancer sextile to you.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)
geminiYou begin the week with innovative spirit as the Moon is in Aquarius. But by midweek, things with other people are likely to sound the red alarm on you, and you might try to escape getting into deeper stuff with people (especially sentimentalism at the workplace!). The emotional waters are wild this week, and you don’t like it. And with the Sun conjunct Mercury on your sign, it can all get quite confusing, as you don’t understand the reactions from others, nor your own! Try not giving too much thought to these things. Consider getting busy by writing down your interests/ideas on paper, and evaluate the feasibility of each.  And of course, this is your time to socialise! So go out and party!

CANCER (June 21-July 22)
cancerBy Wednesday as the Moon transits Pisces, you are going to be feeling very intuitive, but also very loving, nurturing and willing to help anybody! This will give you a tremendous uplifting feeling. Venus in your sign, however, is taking over your emotional body, and Saturn-Pluto in opposition to you is demanding for a change in your priorities. This can be frightening for you, as there are some comforts you are strongly attached to, but something has to change and you got to take that first step to improve both your sense of freedom and your courage to step into life’s situations. This week can be good for you to create an “inception” with your intentions for the next New Moon in Gemini the 13th of June.

LEO (July 23-August 22)
leoLeo, this week begins strong, as the Moon travels through Aquarius, where Mars is also opposing you. You are likely to be more defensive of your own things (more than normal), and less flexible. Mind with whom! On the other side, with the Sun-Mercury in Gemini, you are also bringing new ideas for your projects! New creative solutions, and inspiring visions which can represent good opportunities with visible results by the last quarter of the year. Keep the good work and the concentration.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)
virgoThis week you are in obsession mode, as the Sun-Mercury is in Gemini in square to you. This obsession is likely to be composed by “many subjects” but its main focus is on your career and your profession, and that sensation that you are not good enough. You might be feeling stuck where you are at the moment and not knowing which door to take in order to get out. There are just too many possibilities, but you are uncertain. By midweek, the Moon opposes you in Pisces, which you can use at your favor to bringing some calm and peace. Try meditating on Wednesday. In any case, there are some negative trapping patterns of behaviour that need to be destroyed. And this is the way out of whatever is happening. Saturn in Capricorn is crystallising old approaches, and Pluto demands their destruction so that you can experience a transforming renewal in your spirit and your body.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)
libraDuring this week there is an opening in your heart, where a soft, kind, helpful, loving and nurturing you is pouring out into the world. Perfect for socialising, making new friends, or new romances. You feel extra sensitive and empathetic to other people, and more inclined to contact old friends too. But also at work it can be incredibly helpful to tap into that caring, sweet and charming aspect of yourself and bring it out! And consider doing a short trip this weekend, grab your book and enjoy. We know there are some struggles with the pressure of living right now as reflected by Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn, but this weekend is for you to relax!

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)
scorpioThe week can be emotionally exciting/challenging for you, with Jupiter retrograde in your sign in a grand trine configuration with Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. You are reaching parts of your soul that you never knew, being embraced by those powerful waters. Some things are changing Scorpio, and you can feel THIS is the time to embrace that change. This week you are extra intuitive and getting all the special feelings about those areas of your life that need to be transformed, and soon. You are finally grasping the view of that future that you dreamed about. For you it can be a good week to create an “inception” intention into that which you want to manifest by the end of the year.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)
sagittariusThis week will be powerfully uplifting for you. The past Full Moon you gained special clarity on larger visions for your life. You are getting rid of obstacles that were limiting your creative flow, and embracing your authentic self. You are feeling grateful with all the good people you’ve met on the way. Even though you have enjoyed the ride, you know you have to move forward, and this can mean changing your most immediate surroundings: place of living, workplace, old views about what is important, immediate belief systems that do not match your authentic self anymore. Can be tough, but you cannot escape this anymore. You need to take action and embrace a new adventure.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)
capricornThis week Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in your sign by degree. This can reflect being overpowered, or overpowering others. In which scenario do you fall? On the other hand, this opposition can reflect an intensification in the power within a relationship: a powerful relationship. Bonds become stronger, and love becomes more intense and rich. You might be surprised by realising how much you emotionally need from the other person, or how much the other person emotionally needs from you. By the weekend, the Moon in Aries squares your sign. It is sometimes difficult for you to say “no” to your responsibilities, but take a break, do something fun and different, something out of your work-routine. It is time.

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18)
aquariusFor you this week is electric. Shadowy Mars in your sign co-present with the Moon is fuelling your ideals. You might be putting a lot of effort into manifesting those ideas in the public world, but also you realise that it is not so easy, and that not everyone really follow those ideas, plans or visions. You might not react the best way when hearing a negative feedback. And it hurts in the heart. The antidote is flexibility. Every head is a world, each one with its own ideals and views. Each one with its own authenticity. And that is why we are all different. Sometimes there will be people that follow the same ideals, sometimes not. Don’t let that obscure your positive vibration.

PISCES (February 19 to March 20)
piscesSeems like this week with Sun-Mercury in Gemini squaring Neptune in your sign, there might be arguing with some family members or close people. Do not let yourself be totally bothered by what others have to say. On the other hand, the water grand trine in your sign reflects an emotional opening which can make you vulnerable to whatever happens in the environment. It can be easy for you to fall into escapist routes to “get rid” of anxiety (especially trying to find relief in romances, or in self-indulgence of all kinds). A better solution is doing a short trip to a place that can be calming and pleasant for you. And if you want to take it into the next level, do meditation, or it can also be great to make an “inception” intention for the upcoming New Moon in Gemini the 13th of June. What do you need to release? What practical ideas do you want to embrace?




Zodiac signs icons are from Dario Ferrando at Featured photo by Ryan Graybill [Unsplash].




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