Your Sign Weekly Guidance: 11/June/18 – 17/June/18

The weekly zodiac guidance is a very basic and general guidance. If it does not resonate with you, then there are other configurations in your natal chart that have more significance and deserve detailed attention.

If you want to know more, consider booking a full natal chart reading.

How to Read It

If you know your Rising Sign, read that sign first and complement it with your Sun Sign and/or Moon Sign.

If you don’t know your Rising Sign nor your Moon Sign, the first thing you need to do is finding out your exact and certified birth time. Once you know it, you can create your natal chart in and then you will find your Rising Sign (Ascendant) and your Moon Sign.

The Rising Sign is the sign occupying the part of the natal chart where the Sun rises in the horizon (it is located in the left side of the horizon in the chart). It is the most important part of your natal chart, associated with who you are, your character, your way of giving yourself to the world, and your physical body.

The Sun Sign is your creative potential in this life. And the Moon Sign is your sense of “I”, or ego. The Moon sometimes operates unconsciously, so it is a great advantage to know it.

Don’t Know your Exact Birth Time?

The exact birth time is important. Accurate does not mean “around 2:30 pm”. And family memories about the birth time are not always reliable (trust me!). Try to investigate it yourself with the pertaining institutions of your country of birth. In the mean time, you can always read the astrological guidance of your Sun Sign (that one which you  know from magazines!)


Weekly Guidance 11/Jun/18 – 17/Jun/18


ARIES (March 21-April 19)
ariesThis week Pluto and Venus can indicate some tensions, as you feel don’t feel in full control of your feelings. Don’t try to manipulate a situation, instead, face it directly. With the New Moon in Gemini on Wednesday, this can be a great week for you to concentrate upon which areas of your life you need to give more energy into: What needs to be improved in your career ambitions? What can you do in order to favor your finances? How is the health of your sense of independence? Are you nurturing the passion you have on your interests by relating and communicating with others who share the same passion? There is a lot to learn by the simple act of enabling conversation with others. Venus enters in Leo on Thursday, and she will be your ally on getting things moving, how you want them.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
taurusYou begin the week with firm spirit and a proactive attitude. With your ruler Venus on the latest degrees of Cancer, you’re open and approachable, understanding others. However, Mars in Aquarius is shading and even though you are more talkative than normal, do not close the door at any moment when you face strong contrasting opinions. Flexibility, Taurus! With this New Moon in Gemini, you really want to focus on how you relate with others and how effective is your communication exchange. Are you letting yourself learn from others? Are you helping others to learn? Are you being stubborn or egoist with your own views? You might be this week in a social gathering, and it seems to be a good opportunity to establish a good new contact or to deepen the relationship you had with an already known person. It seems that you might get more from this person on the long term.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

You are totally transitioning Gemini. Something’s happening within you, and perhaps you are able to notice it. You begin the week with the Balsamic Phase of the Moon, while your emotional and mental body go through a phase of shedding old behaviours, hollow interests, fake friendships, meaningless relationships or weak goals. In addition, you might feel quite confused with the rush of ideas generated with Mars shaded in Aquarius. But at the same time, your heart feels also heavy as you feel misunderstood by people. This is the preparation for the New Moon in Gemini on Wednesday. No other sign in the Zodiac needs to change old crystallised habits/priorities into new bright and effective ones during this week. What you intent in this New Moon, will come into clarity with the Full Moon in Capricorn on 28th of this month.


CANCER (June 21-July 22)

So Cancer, what have you discovered about your motivations during the past three weeks that Mercury was in your sign? You’ve had a hard mental-emotional time and it was difficult to battle between what you feel and what you think, but even harder: to acknowledge what you know. Now Mercury has entered in your sign in a nice sextile with Uranus in Taurus, and you will get a positive dose of rationale and understanding in many aspects of your life that have been shadowed by confusing opposing thoughts and dreams. By Thursday, the Moon will be conjoined Mercury in your sign, and your common sense will be heightened. You are more likely to bring things into reality with a more practical application of what you already know and how to use and accommodate your creative skills effectively.


LEO (July 23-August 22)

You have been working very hard with all your concentration on your long-term plans. With Mars shading in Aquarius, lately you are a bit fierier and less patient (especially towards your partner and at work). You cannot understand how others operate! But with the New Moon in Gemini, add flexibility to your attitude, and harmony between what you consider worthy and what others do. And you definitely need to give attention to that very special and loved creative activity that you have long forgotten. Or at least, set the intention for this Moon Cycle so that you can get back in touch with your creative self, express and share those talents. But by the end of the week, with Venus in your sign, you’re getting more active in the sense of expressing yourself, more than ever. Socialising, being charming, on the spotlight with your positive cheerful and generous vibe. Keep that vibe up, as it can open opportunities that can last longer.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

The New Moon in Gemini reflects transition in your career or professional ambitions. These days you’ve been feeling extremely confused with a blizzard of ideas, options, paths, changes, escape routes, among other “thoughts”. This confusion can also affect the way you relate with other people (be it partner, family, friends, and people in the professional arena). But this New Moon indicates a change in the way you want to express out in the world. Some sort of “cleansing” from confusing thoughts/wishes and a sense of solid direction towards that what is your calling. Saturn in Capricorn is at your favour, while Pluto transforms the old patterns of compulsive behaviour (which lead you to confusion states), into a much more focused and objective-oriented approach. As the Moon dims and renews herself, so do you. This Lunation cycle directs you to take clear action.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)
libraThe New Moon in Gemini in trine with your sign will likely make you think deeper into philosophical matters. You will be thinking about what is the meaning of all what you do, about why are you here, what is the role of important people in your life, and a lot of metaphysical questioning. It would be very practical for you to dedicate some “me-time” on Wednesday to balance the thoughts and emotions that are following you. But Libra: prepare! Because by the end of the week Venus enters in Leo, and she will be sextile to you reflecting a very evident shift in your vibration. You will be shining in harmony, and expressing through colours, beauty, art, style, creative expression and charm. You will feel more like going out, having fun, seeing people, and very direct with what you desire. This positive joyful vibration will be beneficial, as you make lasting contacts with people who are interesting to you.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)
scorpioThe week starts with the Moon in opposition to your sign, while Neptune is in Pisces and Venus in her latest degrees in Cancer. You begin the week enjoying the simple things, pleasures in life, and detaching a little bit from your common intensity. But with Mars shading in Aquarius and in square to you, prepare for some confrontations with people who differ from your views and methods. The New Moon in Gemini marks a great lunation cycle for you to release from your own opinionated fixations, emotional attachments, and build genuine flexibility and receptiveness towards others.  In addition, this week you should focus on the intentions you have for yourself and for your loved ones on a long-term: who is the person that you want to be in X number of years? How do you see your relationship? What do you consider important in life? A week for reflection.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)

This week’s New Moon in Gemini happens in opposition to you, while your ruler Jupiter is voyaging through Scorpio. From many months ago already, you have been going through an internal expedition discovering your own motivations and desires for this life. And this has made you cross with different people, each with a special contribution to your knowledge. During this week’s New Moon, you will experience a major revelation (coming from the past Full Moon in Sag). In addition, your interests will get amplified, including interest in other people. If you’re in a relationship, it can be beneficial for you to plan a short trip with your partner and/or friends for the weekend. Venus enters in Leo in a trine with your sign, increasing that thirst for experience, fun, pleasure and discovery.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)
capricornThis week Venus is moving away from Cancer and from opposition to your sign. The emotional demands from your partner/friends/family become less strong. In addition, the whirl of unknown feelings and sort of emotional instability that you could have experienced in the last month, is stabilizing again. And this you like. With the New Moon in Gemini, it is important that you evaluate the weight of all the things you put on your shoulders, and detect when you are overdoing, and if it becomes damaging to your health and your relationship. You try to cover too many things, but now is time to think in practical ways how can you manage more effectively your time, while at the same time cutting some extra “responsibilities” (yeah, those ones that are not important) and keeping your physical, mental and emotional health in good shape. Perhaps some things need to be removed from the priority list, while others might be shifted forward. But this week is definitely to reduce the load and re-arrange your priorities with your well being on the top. And rest is needed!

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18)
aquariusThe New Moon in Gemini this week symbolises the intention to bring into manifestation that which you creatively believe in and let it shine. Perhaps all you need is a little bit more of flexibility and adaptability to change old forms and adopt new ones which fit more effectively with what your community needs and how can you creatively satisfy that need. But as Venus enters in Leo this week, the need to use those talents is stronger, and it should be a point for focus. On the other hand, in your personal life, Venus in Leo opposite to your sign can also indicate a stronger need of attention from your partner/close friend/relative. And perhaps, vice versa! Try to work out in which ways can you both meet your emotional demands and at the same time enjoy it.

PISCES (February 19 to March 20)
piscesThe New Moon in Gemini happens in a square to your sign, which can indicate the need to let go from deep emotional and security attachment. Sometimes it is just our fear to the unknown experiences what blocks our free flow. It seems like you have plans and dreams to accomplish Pisces, and  that you have been the last week dwelling in confusion of whether your dreams are realistically attainable or just simple illusions. It is not easy to distinguish between the two. And perhaps for this week, it is better to stay calm and quiet at home, reconnecting with yourself. Mercury enters in Cancer this week, so it might be time for you to accommodate your thoughts properly and identify what feels right and what does not feel right, but separate from your attachment to feel safe and secure. Don’t be surprised if by the end of the year your whole views about life change radically. But start now by organising your thoughts together with your skills, what is possible and feels right.


Zodiac signs icons are from Dario Ferrando at Featured photo by John Jennings [Unsplash].



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