Your Sign Weekly Guidance: 18/June/18 – 24/June/18


The weekly zodiac guidance is a very basic and general guidance. If it does not resonate with you, then there are other configurations in your natal chart that have more significance and deserve detailed attention.

If you want to know more, consider booking a full natal chart reading.

How to Read It

If you know your Rising Sign, read that sign first and complement it with your Sun Sign and/or Moon Sign.

If you don’t know your Rising Sign nor your Moon Sign, the first thing you need to do is finding out your exact and certified birth time. Once you know it, you can create your natal chart in and then you will find your Rising Sign (Ascendant) and your Moon Sign.

The Rising Sign is the sign occupying the part of the natal chart where the Sun rises in the horizon (it is located in the left side of the horizon in the chart). It is the most important part of your natal chart, associated with who you are, your character, your way of giving yourself to the world, and your physical body.

The Sun Sign is your creative potential in this life. And the Moon Sign is your sense of “I”, or ego. The Moon sometimes operates unconsciously, so it is a great advantage to know it.

Don’t Know your Exact Birth Time?

The exact birth time is important. Accurate does not mean “around 2:30 pm”. And family memories about the birth time are not always reliable (trust me!). Try to investigate it yourself with the pertaining institutions of your country of birth. In the mean time, you can always read the astrological guidance of your Sun Sign (that one which you  know from magazines!)


Weekly Guidance 18/Jun/18 – 24/Jun/18


ARIES (March 21-April 19)
ariesA perfect week for giving a fresh twist to your style. Lately you’ve been going through some pressure at work and with your family, so consider doing some creative relaxing work for you during this week, or investing time in refreshing your physical expression. This week is a lucky one for you, as Venus just entered in Leo. All you need to do is keeping an open and receptive attitude, looking at your environment with positivism and taking every opportunity as a chance you have to grow wiser.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
taurusVenus in Leo is activating the passion fire on you. You are dwelling between the past and the future as you’re placed in between the North and the South Node of the Moon. At the same time, you’re feeling confused between real feelings of love and pure desire, while Venus and Mars are also square to you. This can get your mind cloudy as you feel that there is something wrong. Remember that some experiences are quite strong enough to leave an imprint on us. Consider taking all those past experiences as gifts from life, instead of letting yourself become fixated upon them. Do not deny your desire, but instead, accept it as something naturally human and as a manifestation of some of your innermost emotional needs.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

With the Sun in the latest degrees in your sign, this week is for putting it all together. This year’s season on your sign was to strengthen your ambitions in this life and to learn to discern between plain curious interests and real ambitions in life. Sometimes you try to assert in too many things while cutting your efficiency or your productivity. Think about your top three strengths as a human being, and put them on your game board for the upcoming months, with one goal: your real ambitions in this life.


CANCER (June 21-July 22)

With Mercury in your sign, your mind is operating closer to your intuition. But you’re also more vulnerable to the “challenges” and “difficulties” that life and society have for you along the path. These can make you feel trapped and unable to move forward as you deny yourself, deny reality, deny your capabilities, and deny your potential to achieve your goals. In your relationship this can also be seen as a pressure coming from your partner. But the Sun enters in your sign by the weekend, and even though the pressure from the external authority can be at times damaging, trust your intuition. With Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, intuitive knowledge is surrounding you. Trust it and trust your own insights. But at the same time, keep grounded and keep solid priorities so that you do not get derailed.


LEO (July 23-August 22)

Leo, there is a lot going in your sign as Venus has taken it over, conjoining the North Node of the Moon, while your ruler the Sun is about to enter into Cancer. Small problems can arise as you keep swinging between past modes of operating and future-oriented ones. You might get a bit problematic regarding to your own particular opinions, ways and views when these differ others’. And with Venus in your sign, this can augment the “Leo Drama”. On the other hand, this week holds a beautiful and positive vibration for you as Venus beautifies everything around you and gets you more social, extrovert and friendlier (than normal!). Your desire is also ignited, and your need to love and feel loved. Remember to see every act as one of kindness, and apply this on your own judgements.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

The Moon in your sign and opposed to Neptune in Pisces symbolises the need to stop fearing and letting go. You’ve been thinking TOO MUCH lately, more than normal, and this has brought you instability in your mind and confusion. But this week the Sun is entering in Cancer, and it is time for you to stop worrying and thinking too much. Believe it or not, once you calm that constant mind of you, abundance will come. Sometimes all you need to do is attain stillness, contemplate, and let the rest manifest as it naturally would do. This week is one of those. Change that obsessive mental machine in your brain, and switch for one that is calmer, focused, and channelled towards something in specific, and allow that abundance to come naturally.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22)
libraPay attention at work when you feel that something “doesn’t fit” or when something gives you a bad feeling. At the same time, you are feeling pulled between family and work, and if it applies, also by your relationship. However, Venus your queen is in Leo, and you deserve time off to enjoy, socialise, see people, delight with nice food, and explore your creative passions. You might even want to go further and do a change in your personal style (haircut, hair colour, or shopping).


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)
scorpioThe week starts with the Moon in opposition to your sign, while Neptune is in Jupiter in your sign is in trine with Mercury in Cancer and with Neptune in Pisces. So this week you want to cut some unhealthy habits, addictions, obsessions or outmoded priorities and objectives. You are in a transformational phase since Jupiter entered in Scorpio last year, and some things are shifting in your life, including your priorities and plans, but also your own views and ideologies about life’s meaning. So keep this on mind. On the other hand, Venus has entered in social Leo, so you might want to get a bit out of your zone and relate more with other people, especially different people than you. Do other activities than the ones you are used to, and who knows? Perhaps you meet some of the “right people” who can help you on the way. You are very charismatic and this is a week to express that.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)

This week you’re getting exuberant with your passion for life. Your mind is sensitive and vulnerable to dive into new experiences and new knowledge, but also to let go from old views and obsolete points of view. You feel attracted to discover new feelings and sensations now that Venus is in Leo. But with your ruler Jupiter in an emotional water grand trine, your emotions can also be shaken during this week. A short trip for the weekend to a new place? Think about it.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)
capricornDuties and comfort are oppositely pulling you. On one side, you have a strong sense of commitment to a goal, and you know you have to work hard. But lately, you’re feeling tired and demotivated. You miss the comfort, or the joys that you once had in a time when things were easier. In life there are always times when the sea is angry and times when it smooth. But we are in a journey, and all of these experiences are for us to discover something more. Black Moon Lilith is conjoining Saturn, your ruler, this week. So perhaps this amplifies this sense of feeling shadowed. But as the week advances, your bond with your loved ones becomes stronger and helps you move forward in this process of experience. And the interesting part is that new discoveries and new experiences are in sight for you. Wait and see.


AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18)
aquariusVenus in Leo opposed to Mars in your sign this week is quite dynamic for you. You are navigating through passion and love. And it can get quite exciting if you are in soft waters. But when the waters are turbulent, this placement can symbolize the incapacity to bring together genuine love and passion, and clinging into one of the two extremes. And some passions are dangerous. Venus in Leo symbolizes the need for balance between wanting things to be your way, and accepting that there are other ways. A balance between what you consider important, and what your significant other does. For you, the ability to be clear in what you want and in what you believe in has always been a blessing. But sometimes, and especially with this placement, you have to give in and welcome the needs from the other, their points of view and beliefs (even if these do not match), without compromising yours. In addition, consider this week opting for a kind attitude towards the collective, towards people that are not your relatives of friends, but people to whom you might well give a helpful hand.


PISCES (February 19 to March 20)
piscesThere is light upon you, as you get more clarity upon what are the next steps you should take while the Sun ingresses into Cancer. Something new in your creative-professional arena is being formed underneath and it will come into surface soon. In addition, you are getting strong intuitive insights and psychic experiences this week, which will bring you to a better understanding about many of the questions and doubts you had before. Venus in Leo, and Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn can indicate coming together with people with whom you share a special affinity, but in order for this to happen, you have to come out of yourself and simply let go without fear and with firm decisiveness.




Zodiac signs icons are from Dario Ferrando at Featured photo by Ornella Binni [Unsplash].




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