Your Sign Weekly Guidance: 9/July/18 – 15/July/18


The weekly zodiac guidance is a very basic and general guidance. If it does not resonate with you, then there are other configurations in your natal chart that have more significance and deserve detailed attention.

If you want to know more, consider booking a full natal chart reading.

How to Read It

If you know your Rising Sign, read that sign first and complement it with your Sun Sign and/or Moon Sign.

If you don’t know your Rising Sign nor your Moon Sign, the first thing you need to do is finding out your exact and certified birth time. Once you know it, you can create your natal chart in and then you will find your Rising Sign (Ascendant) and your Moon Sign.

The Rising Sign is the sign occupying the part of the natal chart where the Sun rises in the horizon (it is located in the left side of the horizon in the chart). It is the most important part of your natal chart, associated with who you are, your character, your way of giving yourself to the world, and your physical body.

The Sun Sign is your creative potential in this life. And the Moon Sign is your sense of “I”, or ego. The Moon sometimes operates unconsciously, so it is a great advantage to know it.

Don’t Know your Exact Birth Time?

The exact birth time is important. Accurate does not mean “around 2:30 pm”. And family memories about the birth time are not always reliable (trust me!). Try to investigate it yourself with the pertaining institutions of your country of birth. In the mean time, you can always read the astrological guidance of your Sun Sign (that one which you  know from magazines!)

Weekly Guidance 8/Jul/18 – 15/Jul/18

ARIES (March 21-April 19)
ariesMars keeps on going backwards through Aquarius, and still close to the South Node of the Moon. We also have a dignified Saturn in Capricorn (retrograde) and Pluto in Capricorn (retrograde). Friday is the New Moon in Cancer with a partial solar eclipse. You will be feeling it very strong, regarding to your vulnerability and your hard efforts to protect yourself from strong emotions. You think you are doing it fine and that everything is under “your control”, but don’t underestimate the truth. Whatever you try to avoid, through the sneakiest ways, will eventually come in front of you. The advice here is to not deny what you feel, what you worry, and what you care. Instead, look at it and express it.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

We begin the week with the Moon on your sign, so it feels like a productive week ahead. But Mars is retrograding in square to you, which is making you reflect upon your motivations and drives, and “why do you do the things you are doing”, especially when it comes to work or professional goals. On the other hand, Venus your ruler, has been in the latest degrees in Leo, and you were living it up socially to the maximum. Great days, with great contacts. However, on Tuesday she enters into Virgo, and the “real work” starts. You begin to put more effort (and worry) upon your work, your physical body and health. Friday’s New Moon and eclipse in Cancer manifest upon a cloud of growth opportunities, through which is quite difficult to discern. In any case, some ideas are worth to be put on hold, as your intellect and intuition works on finding clarity upon the next step on the path. Don’t hesitate asking advice.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

The week begins with closing gaps and bringing some plans to an end (either by completion or by withdrawal). The Moon moves from Taurus to Cancer, and on Friday there will be the New Moon and Eclipse, which will represent a new cycle with a deep focus on your sense of independence and your finances. With Mars retrograding in Aquarius, it is not unlikely that you will be mentally going through your life trajectory, visualizing your decisions and where they’ve lead you. It is good, but just observe and reflect without judging. Your ruler Mercury, however, is rocking in Leo. You began the week by bringing some matters to an end, but by Friday, it is time to work together with that Mercury and design new “shapes” and “colours” (plans and ideas).

CANCER (June 21-July 22)

You’re shedding away old layers from yourself. This week is a full cleanse and purification of negative thoughts and unproductive patterns. We’ve got Mars retrograding in Aquarius, while Saturn and Pluto are retrograding in Capricorn opposite to you. Keep in mind that many memories from a distant past will be pouring out, and it can be quite overwhelming. But there is a meaning. In the greater sense, you are letting go from an immature version of yourself, from fears and attachments, while a new person is about to come into life. The New Moon on Friday is happening on your sign, together with a partial solar eclipse. And you cannot turn your back to the future anymore, you cannot deny reality. Make an intention to set yourself free from what is restricting your growth and to take the necessary actions in order to gain that freedom. Make this intention, and reflect upon it every day. And always take into consideration the affection of those who care about you, but also the affection that you should have with yourself.

LEO (July 23-August 22)

There is a revelation for you this week Leo. The Moon is travelling from Taurus to Cancer. You are focusing on solid visions and plans of life and work. Mercury is indicating many thoughts and ideas (perhaps some of them non-realistic or child-like), now that he is on your sign. Venus, however, is saying goodbye to you and entering in Virgo, which might decrease a little the leonine overconfident fire. You are now more reflective and thoughtful. Perhaps changing old priorities, and adjusting them. In any case, your ruler the Sun will be conjoined with the Moon on Friday, the New Moon in Cancer plus partial solar eclipse. A beautiful dark night to reflect in peace, silence and solitude. Because your life potential is about to come fresh and brand new, and set direct towards the future. Feel it in your heart. Feel the emotions and you will get a special revelation.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

There is a mix of energies for you this week. On one hand, your ruler Mercury is having a good time in Leo in co-presence with the North Node, while your mind engages into creative patterns and thoughts about the future that is about to come. Exciting but also fearsome, as you now that there might be some sacrifices. On the other hand Venus has entered in your sign, and this week the word “self-love” is very powerful for you. What is self-love? Read more about it, and try to engage into the practice of self-love. Because even though you are very active this week, there are also shadows and dark feelings towards yourself; and a feeling of restriction to move forward. The New Moon in Cancer with partial solar eclipse can be deeply felt. But hey, Venus is in your sign. Focus this week upon removing emotional, mental and physical toxicity, as an attempt to bring a real authentic version of you aligned with your potential. A potential that sometimes you forget.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)

This week you want to focus on your life plans. Ideas for a solid and secure future are sparking on your mind. But on the other hand, there are some attachments that you might want to consider, because perhaps, these attachments (security, relationship, comfort, pleasures) can represent an obstacle in that pursuit. Your ruler Venus, moves on Tuesday into Virgo, which indicates a more grounded version of yourself, but also some confusing days. However, with the New Moon is in Cancer and partial solar eclipse this Friday, and as you go through the week, you will feel some sort of climax, followed by a sense of peace and balance.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)

Strong week for you, as some conflicts arise in your work or home. There is a strong pressure towards the future, as you must make decisions and actions, but you hesitate between old ideals and the necessary steps to make a way into the future. There are actions you are trying to avoid, as the intensity gains momentum with Jupiter retrograding in your sign in square with Mars retrograding in Aquarius and Mercury in Leo. Themes about power and money are coming out and you feel overwhelmed by work and family duties. However, on Friday there is the New Moon in Cancer with a partial solar eclipse, and this is a day of enlightenment, as your hidden blockages become visible, a new vision of life becomes latent, and you gain clarity, objectivity and courage to move forward. Live this day consciously as you set an intention of renewal and growth in the areas of work and love for the days coming ahead.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)

Sag, prepare. This week’s partial solar eclipse and New Moon in Cancer holds answers to some of the trivial questions you’ve been having. Don’t be surprised as secrets unfold, and a more authentic version of yourself is born. Your ruler Jupiter is retrograde in Scorpio forming massive aspects. Some conflicting creative ideas and thoughts, while some doubts about previous decisions you’ve made in your social/relationships arena. Nevertheless, this week is quite positive for you in terms of growth and vision. The intuition force is superior as Jupiter is in a water grand trine with the Sun/Moon in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. Follow it. And now that Venus has entered into Virgo, the work begins!

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)

The week begins with some every-day difficulties. After all, your ruler Saturn is retrograding in your sign, and Pluto too, while the eclipsed Sun in Cancer is opposing you. You feel the demand from your relationship, and/or family, and/or work responsibilities. The weight is heavy. But also consider this through the opposite lens: perhaps it is you who is exerting weight on the other part as well. Perhaps you are avoiding to face some truths. It all relies on the “environment” (surrounding your relationship or family or work). In a healthy and balanced environment, every part contributes with what they can, and each part works together in order to keep the optimal balance of that environment. Can you see and appreciate how each member of that environment (be it relationship or work) is contributing to keep it healthy and in optimal functioning? Friday is a special day with the New Moon in Cancer. This week you should keep in mind that you have the support from those who love you and care about you, a support that manifests in its own special way. You’ve got their hand. Show you care too. And remember, you are working towards greater things. And these will come into manifestation.

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18)

Things are slowing down this week, as Mars retrogrades on your sign, while Saturn retrogrades in Capricorn, and Uranus is in Taurus. So many emotional forces are playing unconsciously. This is a week for you to take things easy, slow, with calmness and ease. It is a week of contemplation. Contemplating your environment and how your current situation is. You don’t have to take any special action, just what is normal on your every-day responsibilities. In addition, there will be the New Moon in Cancer this Friday, and while it does not aspect you, the moon cycle is indicating a week of cleanse and renewal. Eat healthy, engage into exercise or yoga, and have relax nights. Normally you have a special passion (music, painting, drawing, or creating something). Do it “without commitment to a special outcome”. Just take everything easy. The objective is for you and your mind to tap into your higher knowledge and the creative depths within your heart, while cleansing from fears, obstacles and limitations.

PISCES (February 19 to March 20)

A good week full of creative insights. On one side, Mars retrogrades in Aquarius, indicating perhaps some regrets or burdens about past decisions and where have they taken you. But on the other hand, you know some greater things are coming from you. The water grand trine is augmenting your higher perceptions, and you might experience a strong hunch about the beginning of brighter things for your future. This week Venus enters in Virgo opposing you, which indicates letting go from lethargy and getting ready to work on whatever needs to be improved. At the same time, with the New Moon in Cancer on Friday, you are experiencing an emotional climax, which will then bring you to ground and focus upon the goals you want to achieve, and this time, without escaping all the responsibilities that they demand. Remember this.




Zodiac signs icons are from Dario Ferrando at Featured photo by Maria De Diego.




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