What are Your Feelings Trying to Tell You? – New Moon in Cancer and Eclipse

Tamara Schreiberova 


The New Moon in Cancer is happening at 20° Cancer 41’, the 13th of July 2018, at 4:48 AM (CEST +2:00), or the 12th of July 2018 at 9:48 PM (EST -5:00). Not your time zone? Click here.

For the visibility of the eclipse, click here. The eclipse is not visible in most of the world.

Healing meditation, stones and herbs for this eclipse here.

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With this Lunation we begin this summer eclipse season, which can represent changes and events manifesting or beginning to manifest within long period (the months of November and December should be kept on observation). This activation begins with the emotional realm represented by the sign of Cancer. 

Perhaps all of us have been feeling it already, as the emotions become stronger and the feelings themselves become deep and pulsating. But these feelings and emotions, difficult situations and challenges, are not here for no reason. There is an underlying message that we need to understand from them, and we need to do this before we can continue moving forward.

Let us welcome the New Moon.

The still horizon,

Gestates over the calm night;

Birthing morning sun.

Raul Moreno

The Moon is in conjunction with the Sun, and they together are in a wide grand trine configuration with Jupiter (now direct!) in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This amplifies a deep dive into our emotions. But what emotions? Are we even able to distinguish them and isolate them?

Standing in the middle between the past and the future; the fear, rage, sadness, and joy, all entwine with each other, creating a state of confusion and recession together with the impossibility to have a clear vision of our own nature and potential.

The Moon is associated with unconscious drives, but also with the past; while the Sun is associated with our conscious life, but also with the future. The Moon is associated with the passive and feminine energy, while the Sun is associated with the assertive and the masculine energies. So we see strong polarities working together, but not precisely in harmony, as they duel with each other inside of us. And with both the Sun and the Moon together in Cancer, we receive directly all this force upon us.

This New Moon, marking the beginning of the eclipse season, can indicate two different scenarios:

  • The Optimal: illumination, inner and outer trust, radiance, intuition, empathy and the possibility to feel comfortable with our own individual power, knowing what one must do, and doing it.
  • The Challenging: a strong sense of fear, a decrease in our own individual confidence, the impossibility to harness our unique power because negative emotions are playing hard within, leaving us in a chaotic state that disempowers us to move forward.

If we fall in the first scenario, we must keep that light burning in a state of peace with ourselves and with the world by incorporating compassion. Not only to others, but also with ourselves. Keeping a kind and compassionate attitude to whatever we might encounter, obstacle or difficulty, can really help us maintain our vision clear and strong. In addition, we must keep in touch with our core being, either by doing meditative practices, or just by adding some moments of silence, contemplation and gratitude.

If we fall in the second scenario, what we really would like to do, with this eclipse and new Lunation, is trying to move to the first scenario.

First, we must pay attention to those feelings and emotions we are experiencing. This means to observe them with total awareness and the perception of an outsider. If this is a difficult task, and perhaps sitting with a sheet of paper and a pen can help the heart flow and pour all what is happening within.

Another good option is to talk or rely on trusted people. Sometimes it is too difficult to look inside and to understand objectively what is happening to us. And if fact, the The Sabian Symbol for this Lunation’s degree (21°) displays:

“A woman and two men castaways on a small island of the South seas”. The focalisation of complex inner polarities in harmonic and concrete relationships.

With this we can see that there is an emphasis in putting focus on these complex polarities that are playing inside us: the need to harness our individual power, but the fearful recessive energy pulling us back. And many times, it is too difficult to navigate through this alone. We have to find support. Talk with a friend, openly, wholeheartedly. The idea is not getting a solution, but building perspective on our situation.

Now, the feelings and emotions have a reason and they represent a warning. It can be even more accentuated if we start to present physical symptoms. There is something that we need to understand and to address in our lives. Negative feelings represent underlying conditions within us. Perhaps trauma, or unrealised dreams, or big hopes, or destroyed expectations, or a strong sense of guilt about something, shame, failure, rejection and denial. And most of the times, these subjective manifestations are attached to an objective experience or fact in the outer world.

If we see, the Moon and the Sun are in a full opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. This is not a coincidence, but instead, this reflects that there are deep motivations fuelling us. Hidden desires, or visions and expectations that have not been accomplished. Goals that could not be reached (and feeling guilty about it). But also, deep fears, or traumatic experiences that were not healed, and are starting to pour out again.

But at the same time, this is a time of growth and transformation. Pluto is the planet of metamorphosis. He brings us face to face with the part of ourselves that we are denying or hiding, so that we can transform this part, and then see the real power that we have as individuals. A power that many times lies beneath layers and layers of masking material, which putrefies into fears, anxiety and guilt.

With this partial solar eclipse and the transformative plutonic energy, we have a strong power to redefine ourselves again. Perhaps in a very different way. Transformation and renewal involves shedding away old layers from ourselves, old methods of operation, and old patterns of association. This is a painful process. But transformation is also a very exciting and enriching experience. And the one who goes through it fully receives the gift of wisdom.

In any of the two scenarios described, the first step is observing our current situation, either personally or with the help from others. The second part is to let ourselves heal by not pushing us hard, but instead, by concentrating our creative energy on self-renewal and healing. After all, a solar eclipse can bring a new insurgence. 

We must get ourselves emotionally and mentally in shape, before we resurge from the darkness into our inner light and use it.



Art: Tamara Schreiberova




Read the Healing Complimentary Actions guide, including a short passage for meditating, stones and herbs for this eclipse.




Is your heart feeling this? Do you feel this threshold?  Do you want to understand this more deeply in your life? Contact me for an astrology consultation.




New Moon in Cancer 2018




*Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases.

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