What Makes Us Do Things Differently – Totally Eclipsed Full Moon in Aquarius

Tanja Vetter

The Full Moon in Aquarius is happening at 4° Aquarius 45’, the 27th of July 2018, at 22:21 (CEST +2:00), or at 15:21 (EST -5:00). Not your time zone? Click here.

For the visibility of the eclipse, click here. The eclipse is visible in most of the world.

Enlightening meditation, stones and healing bath for this eclipse here.

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My goodness, what a rhapsodic time is this one for the totally eclipsed Full Moon in Aquarius! It is beyond the scope of this article to completely express the magnitude of this higher psychic and intellectual conversion that is going on in our mental and spiritual body. But let us do our best.

We are immersed in the summer eclipse season, with the Sun in Leo (directly) opposing the Moon in Aquarius. These two are each correspondingly conjoined with the North Node of the Moon and the South Node of the Moon. When this happens, we experience an eclipse. And when this happens in an opposition aspect (Full Moon), the eclipse is lunar.

What is amazing is that this is said to be the longest eclipse of the 21st Century, and it will be visible in the vast majority of the world.

It happens in the fixed air and revolutionary intellectual sign of Aquarius, which indicates that its symbolism may prevail for an extended period of time (let us fixate this time frame until December 2018).

In a nutshell, what we are experiencing is a big transformative period of higher insightful involvement between us as individuals and the world as a whole. And when I say “higher insightful involvement”, what I want to convey is that all of our intellectual, intuitive and unique creative forces are endeavouring for a synthesised concrete and applicable manifestation, so that a substantial positive change can occur both at personal and collective level. But of course, some things really need to change, and sometimes, this change is harder than just saying it.

Let us navigate through the symbolism and the simultaneous transits going on. But first, let us welcome the Full Moon.

I saw, in the twilight of lagging consciousness,

My body floating down an ink-black stream

With its mass of feelings, with its varied emotion…

Its outlines dimmed…

As shadow, as particles,

My body fused with endless night.

-Rabindrath Tagore

Eclipses and changes are exciting. When we experience them in the exact moment, it is just so powerful and breathtaking. But let us see beyond the scope of the simple eye. This total lunar eclipse in Aquarius can indicate a revolution. If we think worldwide, changes or social revolts can occur. Revolts dealing with higher ideals, social ideals and/or even religious. But in this article, we want to focus on the individual. On you, my reader.

A personal revolution sounds quite subversive. Sometimes the change is not as noticeable for us to call it a revolution. But in its core essence, it is still a change. A change that perhaps you get to notice, but then disregard of its importance.

You see, when we go through life, we make so many decisions without realizing that each decision changes our future. We go through many situations and crisis periods. But once they are gone, we no longer realize how those situations impacted our life.

By stating this, I want to emphasize on the fact that yes, indeed, you might be experimenting a shift. But you might not be fully aware of it and then just let it pass by in automatic mode. So, the intention of this article is to create awareness. An awareness level that prevails through the following months of change and transformation. Sometimes quite vivid, sometimes more subliminal.

But becoming aware of those energies playing within us is the key to understanding where, how and why the change takes place. And in this case, we want to take control of those energies, instead of letting them operate like crazy currents swinging and upsetting our overall mental and emotional constitution.

I want you to remember that in every moment you have the power to change a situation. Think about this.

Now, the Moon is not alone there in Aquarius opposing the leonine Sun. She has an escorting knight (and not the gentlest one). She is together with Mars (Rx).

And they are both in the confines of the time immemorial past (the South Node of the Moon), squaring Uranus in Taurus. Nonetheless, Jupiter in Scorpio makes a wide t-square with the Sun in Leo and with the Moon-Mars in Aquarius.

On the other side, we have Venus in Virgo in a nice trine with Pluto (Rx) in Capricorn, and Saturn (Rx) in Capricorn in a nice trine with Uranus in Taurus.

There is a strong vibrating axis between the past and the tangible fruitful future that we visualize and plan so much in our heads. In the past there are memories, lessons, experiences and wishes. But far beyond that, there is a collective imprint that we carry. There is a far distant memory, longer than this lifetime. There is more than what we can remember. An unconscious memory lives in our DNA, dragged by our soul’s journey through existence in all its dimensions.

This far distant memory is unconscious. As unconscious as we cannot remember a drop from our birth. But sometimes, there is a breach in the layer of our conscious brain. And the unconscious material escapes. It escapes through non-understandable feelings, thoughts, inclinations, callings and desires.

It creates confusion. Sometimes we just don’t understand why we feel as we feel and why we want (or don’t want) certain things to happen. Sometimes we don’t understand why we feel drawn to swim against the mainstream. Why cannot we just grasp and accept reality as it is? Why we feel attracted to different situations or people? Why our interests changes all of a sudden? Or why some elements that appeared in our childhood tend to reappear as we grow adults in other different ways?

For example, when I was a child, I used to constantly draw moons and stars. If you are one of my school friends, you probably remember that I was obsessed with them in a weird way. Then as a teenager and younger adult, that stopped. But later in the penumbra of the Saturn Return, all of a sudden I became an astrologer.

With this I want you to understand that we might be tapping into material from the past, perhaps a not so distant past, but perhaps a more distant past than this lifetime.

And indeed, the Sabian Symbol for the Moon’s degree (5° Aquarius) displays:

A council of ancestors is seen implementing the efforts of a young leader.

To this, Rudhyar adds: “the root foundation of past performances which power and sustain whatever decision is made in a crisis by an individual”.

It is not a coincidence that the Sabian Symbol for the eclipse Moon’s degree talks about the understructure or the bedrock that sustains our future, and that this bedrock is made of the rumbles from the past.

Many people tend to associate the “past” with a bad karma, or a family karma, or with some sort of karma or inherited things from our family or ancestors. But it should not. It is true that we indeed inherit from our family and ancestors. But this inheritance is not a dark shadow that ghosts us forever. It is the fuel propelling us to do things differently in this life. To take what’s good and with that, sustain the future.

We cannot remain in the past, nor in the shadows of previous actions. But we should take the lessons from the past, the knowledge from the past, the skills we came into this world (also from the past!).  We got to re-awaken these skills and this knowledge in this life, so that the future can occur.

The Sun in Leo eclipsing the Aquarius Moon is that potential. The potential that lives within us. Built over millennia of transcendental knowledge, experience, lessons and discovery. Part of a larger whole: the collective potential. But we all have a special part which is unique. We often think we have it all figured out. But we don’t. There is still more.

With the eclipse, a big change or awakening will occur. The Sun passes and darkens the light of the Moon. We remain in a sort of mystical darkness. And with full awareness of the moment, of the body, of the environment, the air, and the senses: that is the time to tap into that essential knowledge, that essential insight, that essential feeling or inner striking ray. That is the moment when the change is rooted inside of us. And when the Moon reappears, we also do. But with a new sense of being. This new light illuminates everything. And we discover that there is abundance.

“The process of mental purification can be analogised to the skies two nights before the full moon. Darkness has already established its kingdom. Stars mottle the sky. Slowly the moon ascends above the top of distant pines, casting around and ahead of itself a continuously changing light that enamels the visible world. The spreading sheen absorbs both darkness and individual starlight, until the world is visible in a new light that equally eliminates the golden stars and their black interstices. A single penetrating focus has revealed that in heaven everything can be seen clearly.”**

But the work is not finished once the eclipse is over. No way. That is only the beginning of a real shift process, which takes time, awareness, effort and perseverance. A masterful blend between the spiritual body and the physical body. Between the intuitive realm and the intellectual realm. The capacity to identify turning points along the way, and to recognize “triggering” moments not as bad luck or “why to me?” moments, but as critical powerful lessons.

It takes courage to see and accept the reality of a circumstance. Our first reaction is always to try justify it so that we fit into the standards that we have set about what is right or wrong. But sometimes a circumstance reality is quite different to those imposed standards. It takes courage to see this.

It takes strength to navigate to potential challenges. Our first impulse is to withdraw or hide. To victimize. To cover these obstacles (with the hope that they won’t emerge into the surface!).

It takes perseverance to accept that what we want does not necessarily has to happen fast. That most of the times it takes time and patience.

But it takes a lot of awareness and special sensitivity to be able to comprehend what the voice from our hearts is trying to tell us. We need indeed some detachment from our own lives in order to see without bias. To see the naked reality, the naked truth, the real path binding us with the collective.

And it takes determination to not be derailed from our purpose, from our mission. Because once we feel it, once it speaks, we got to stick with it. Challenges will come. But you know what? They are part of life. They are part of this journey.

May this eclipse bring abundance into your life. Abundance of clarity so that you follow the way that is made for you. Abundance of perspective so that you can see things from different angles. Abundance of trust so that you believe in yourself and in the universe. Abundance of determination so that you achieve your purpose. And abundance of love so that you feel your connection with the universe.




Art: Tanja Vetter




Full Moon in Aquarius 2018




*Rudhyar, Dane (1974) An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases

**Fleischman, Paul R. (2004) Cultivating Inner Peace. Pariyatti Press: Onalaska. Pp. 253-254

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