Amplifying our Sense of Personal Trust – New Moon in Leo + Partial Solar Eclipse

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The New Moon is happening on the 11th of August 2018, at 18° Leo 42at 11:58 AM CEST (+2:00) or 4:58 AM EST (-5:00). Not your time zone? Click here.

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The Sun is in his full radiance and majesty in Leo, and now that the Moon has joined him, we have a New Moon in Leo, a new lunar cycle.

In particular, this one is quite energetically and enthusiastically heightened. The Moon and the Sun together in Leo magnify the special individual personality. But the two happen to be in a wide conjunction with the North Node in Leo, giving birth to a partial solar eclipse, and with this eclipse we close the summer eclipse season.

In the transformative and reintegration process of this summer eclipse season, we experienced the following dynamics:


And now we close with this partial solar eclipse in Leo, which is a time to reintegrate everything with optimism, faith and trust. It is not a time to vigorously act, as this happens during a New Moon, but these are days to come into peace with ourselves, our feelings, our motivations and our purposes. But also with the hard work and the possibly sacrifices needed.

Let us welcome the New Moon.

“A new moon teaches gradualness
and deliberation and how one gives birth
to oneself slowly. Patience with small details
makes perfect a large work, like the universe.”



The Moon conjoins the Sun in the majesty of Leo, but they are also in a close conjunction with Mercury retrograde, who forms a tight square with Jupiter in Scorpio.

On the other hand we have Mars retrograde in Aquarius, just about to re-ingress into Capricorn, his sign of exaltation, where he will be dwelling for about a month before his re-ingresses into Aquarius again. Black Moon Lilith is also in Aquarius.

Interestingly enough, this lunation occurs with a particular square between the goddess Venus in her domicile sign Libra, and the lord of time Saturn in his domicile sign Capricorn.

We are, still, left with the question of: what is going on?

There are so many different currents of energy going on within and outside of us! There is a lot of excitement, but also a lot of fear. One thing goes with the other. There have been many feelings left from the past weeks since the first eclipse in Cancer. But also a strong sense of confidence and an assuring or affirming sort of energy from the past eclipse in Aquarius.

Like with everything in life, there are risks, failures and mistakes. But after all, no failure is ever a failure. Failure actually, does not exist. Every failure and every mistake IS an opportunity.

The strong emotions we are experiencing, the solid thoughts, and the sense of trust, are part of the dynamics from the previous eclipse in Aquarius. Somehow, it happened that we trust in ourselves and in the world. We know it, we feel it.

We have to remember that a solar eclipse occurs when the Sun and the Moon are together close one of the nodes. In this situation, the Earth receives all the power from the Sun and Moon. And even though this eclipse is not visible everywhere in the world, it still represents a deep symbolism.

It happens in the fixed sign of Leo, indicating a dense manifestation of energy. The density of this energy acts upon Earth and upon us.

At this point, we want to concentrate our energy in our essential core of being. Who we are and what can we do. Again, this is not a time to “act” more than what we can, or to try to excel ourselves. This is a time of personal recognition, of personal appreciation, of strengthening trust in ourselves and in life as it is. It is a time to recognise our own capabilities and our creative power as individuals.

The past months have been strong in terms of personal transformation, discovery and even awakening. Strong energies and feelings have been playing. Perhaps some of these might have caused a personal disintegration, loss of faith and destruction of trust in life. A sense of pessimism and the feeling of being drawn or suck deep into the layers of the ground in darkness.

Nevertheless, with this eclipse and lunation, a new self can rise. A re-integrated version of ourselves, ready to embark into new adventures, new goals and new purposes. Ready to keep going through life’s joys and adversities, with a strong sense of identity, inner trust, world trust and wisdom from past experiences. A new person with a new attitude, who accepts and respects whatever life brings or might not bring. A time for celebration.

And in fact, the Sabian Symbol* for this lunation’s degree displays (19° Leo):


“A houseboat party”


To which Rudhyar adds: “The enjoyment of temporary freedom from rigidly structured social behaviour”.

This is what we mean when we say that these are days to celebrate. Not victories, nor losses. But a celebration of who we are, of what can we do, our creative potential, our capabilities, what we have learned, the wisdom gained through adversities, the surpassed battles, the life we have, the people who surround us, nature, and the present day.

It is a time to experience freedom in absolute trust. It is not a time to excel ourselves. But a time to enjoy this sense of freedom and trust. And this in turn reconstitutes us. Sets us ready for the next steps to take (once we move into Virgo) with the head up and with confidence. Detached from expectations, but with one goal. Which is that goal for you?

With the summer eclipse season of transformation, we stand in the end with a final boost of confidence and strength (Leo). But let us remember that the main eclipse (the Aquarius eclipse) and this last eclipse in Leo are in fixed signs. This indicates that we are just in the beginning, and that later on through this second half of the year, the symbolism will still be manifesting.

And it symbolises the revivification of the true self, the maximisation of the personality expression, the discovery of new currents of our creative potential, and the tapping into our long-term memories (even beyond this life), so that we can continue the evolutionary journey of the soul with the learned gifts from the past.

A new person is coming, a new stage in life is coming, new adventures are coming, heavy (or even radical) changes within our interests, or in our professional life (perhaps a new job or position), new friendships, new beginnings, new projects, and new visions of life. But the most important, is the dense wisdom which builds while all of this unfolds.

Getting into more “daily life” things and interpersonal relations, during these days we can experience a confluence of emotions and needs. On one side, we might be particularly needy for social contact, approval, affection, emotional understanding or fun interactions. On the other side, we might be feeling more confident in our creative expression and in our personal expression out in the world. There can be a desire to have fun socially (and/or romantically). Don’t be surprised if your mind gets busy with generating ideas (Mercury is in Leo, but retrograde, so keep it calm).

Venus in Libra in square to Saturn in Capricorn can indicate some situations with money and spending. We got to watch our finances and do not spend more than what we need. On the other hand, this aspect, in an unusual negative manifestation, might indicate power selfishness or interpersonal selfishness in which the person or the ego is placed before our close persons, leading to relationship conflicts, or quite the opposite if we sacrifice ourselves by placing others fully before us. Let us remember, what we need is balance, not imbalance.

On a different scenario, this aspect can also indicate changes or disturbances at work, maybe even a new job. Mars is also retrograding, now into Capricorn, which might leave us thinking about our work and our career.

But on the other hand there will be a genuine desire to offer help and being kind. And this is one of the most beautiful assents of the Sun in Leo, its kindness.

Enjoy these days in serenity and harmony. Accept reality as it is shown to you. Adopt a welcoming attitude and a strong sense of trust. Leave behind expectations and old obsolete visions or ideas. Redefine them. Change your focus, adapt your priorities. Celebrate who you are and your creative power. Learn to say yes when it is needed, and no when it is needed. And when insecurity or confusion arrives, contemplate it and transform it. We are humans and we have energy. Infinite energy which cannot be destroyed, but can be transformed.




Art: Heather Goodwind




Are you feeling this? Do you feel this excitement, but do not know what the next steps to take are?  Do you want to understand this more deeply in your life? Contact me for an astrology consultation.



New Moon in Leo 2018



*Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases.

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