How Our Intuitive Knowledge is calling for Practical Changes – Full Moon in Pisces

Georgina Vinsun Toty

The Full Moon is happening the 26th of August 2018, at 3° Pisces 12at 1:56 PM CEST (+2:00) or 6:56 AM EST (-5:00). Not your time zone? Click here.

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The Full Moon in Pisces is happening with such an interesting layout of placements! There is a strong earth grand trine kite, with Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus, the Sun in Virgo, but then the Moon in Pisces, a water sign, opposing the Sun and sextile to both Saturn and Uranus. In this configuration, the Moon is taking the lead.

So with this placement, we see a strong focus on the earth element, but led by the mutable waters from the Moon in Pisces. There needs to be an integration between our emotional and intuitive body as sensitive human beings, and the physical and practical realm as the earthy beings we are. That link can be called Nature, which basically means to follow actions that are natural to us but also smart; decisions that bring efficiency and sensitivity together; improving ourselves while remaining humble; and being conscious of our creative power and capabilities as the complex beings we are.

This is easier to say than to actually put in practice, as sometimes things seem so complicated, that our tendency is simply to succumb to pessimism and negativity, thus blocking the free flow of creative and useful solutions and actions which align with our main purpose and with Nature itself. The key is to let go from tight thought patterns and expectations, and begin trusting ourselves and the universal wisdom.

We will be seeing during these days a lot of activation in the topics of career, profession and jobs. There can be a sensation o fulfilment in the path we have chosen and a strong sense of trust in life itself. This can represent a powerful urge to keep evolving and improving in that area of expertise we have chosen to develop ourselves professionally.

On the other hand, there can also be a strongly opposite feeling to that. Many persons might get a substantial feeling of nonfulfillment, of being stuck in a wrong direction, and the urge to mutate, change and move on to a path that aligns with our natural strongest capabilities and our desire to create a change in the world. This can lead people to crave for a change, either within a corporation, or to change job, change profession, or simply a desire to start developing latent imperative skills that are slowly beginning to manifest.

And in some cases, there can be problems with work, jobs and career. This can mean a literal chaos for some people. An emotional, mental and physical chaos. However, should not be so. Any hardship we experience has an ultimate lesson and the power to make us become greater. Remember, a hardship is another substantial load of wisdom and experience in your life.

In either case, these sensations are heavy, both physically and psychically. After all, Nature encompasses all, and when Nature needs to speak, it will find the most curious ways (either by physical ailment, anxiety, dreams, or gut feelings) to let us know that something needs to change.

And curiously, Jupiter in Scorpio is also in a water trine with Neptune in Pisces, so this really amplifies the psychic connection between body, soul and mind, and the need to transform or to evolve.

Don’t be surprised if all of a sudden you feel anxious, restless, thinking about the future, extremely helpful, sensitive, or meticulously detail-focused. After all, the Sun has begun its journey through Virgo, and it comes with a lot of dynamism from the past Leo season and that magnificent eclipse season which just occurred.

There might be certain other topics that will be the focus during these days, perhaps at home, future plans, family plans, or “seasonal plans”. And this is a plus, since we can really concentrate and dedicate the necessary effort to carefully arrange and prepare ourselves for those potential future events.

On a different scenario, some people might be experiencing a reawakening of wisdom from the past, either through direct family ancestry, or cultural ancestry, or the long-lived mankind wisdom revived from past cultures, civilisations and ancient traditions. After all, the Sabian Symbol* for this Full Moon’s degree, 3° Pisces, displays:


“Petrified tree trunks lie broken on desert sand”.


To which Rudhyar adds: “The power to preserve records of their achievements which is inherent in fully matured cultures”.


Read, discover, learn, assimilate, understand, adapt and utilise the universal knowledge gained through millennia of mankind presence on this world. Do not conform to what we are directly taught. Question yourself, investigate, read different points of view, discriminate, and make your own conclusions about what feels and works the best for you. But expand your scope of knowledge. There is so much wisdom in the small grains of sand in this planet. A single discovery can hold the key to solve many of the questions you might be having now. Follow your intuition and trust.




Art: Georgina Vinsun




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Full Moon in Pisces 2018




*Rudhyar, Dane (1974) An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases

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