A Very Personal Need for Healing and Creating Balance – New Moon in Libra

Lena Kramaric - Yellow Cat
The powerful featured art on this article is by Lena Kramarić

The New Moon in Libra is happening on the 9th of October 2018, at 15° Libra 48at 5:47 AM CEST (+2:00) or 10:47 PM EST (-5:00). Not your time zone? Click here.


These are clearly active days. Very charged with strong energies, fuelled with a wide range of vast emotions running from one side to the other, and of silent but important changes. The previous cycle has led us to where we are now. A cycle which began with the New Moon in Virgo the 9th of September, when a deep cleansing began both physical and emotional; then revealed itself with the Full Moon in Aries the 24th of September, when the gate for creation and destruction opened for few days; and now ends, giving birth to a whole new cycle with the New Moon in Libra: when we repair or re-balance whatever was left from us.

A cycle for reintegration, reshaping, restoration, and strengthening. A cycle for healing and getting in peace with ourselves, before continuing through the wheel of growth, the wheel of evolution. Through the zodiac. Through the personal conscious and unconscious. Through the collective. Through the interpersonal sphere of relationships and connections. Through the field of life.

How was it for you in the past month? What changes took place? What emotions did you experience? Did you have dreams, hopes and illusions? What is the status of those now? Did you receive news? How do you feel about them now? What excesses are you now obliged to let go from? Any feelings of undeserved guilt? Think about it. Has anything exceptional happened? How was it? Are you not conscious of anything in particular from the past month? Then maybe you need to reflect a little more, tune with your inner self and with your surroundings.

In this New Moon cycle, we begin with the union of the Moon and the Sun in the sign of Libra. These two are in an upper square with Pluto in Capricorn, and in trine with Mars in Aquarius. Interestingly, we find Venus the goddess of love and beauty (now retrograde) in Scorpio, in an upper square with Mars the god of war in Aquarius. This square can be a little bit frustrating, and we will discuss it later on.

On the other hand, Jupiter in Scorpio is moving fast on his race towards his domicile, Sagittarius (in exactly one month!). He is now in a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. And Mercury is on the latest degrees of Libra, before entering in the mysterious mind of Scorpio (on the 10th of October, when it will also oppose Uranus in Taurus).

Let us discuss a few topics of interest for this cycle. But first, let us welcome the New Moon in Libra.


A person maintains a balance of feeling

Some are destructive others giving healing

Some give great joy whereas others are sad

They can be good or painful and bad

A balance of life is there for us all

As we rise joyfully high then to depths we fall

We have these two huge extremes

To appreciate the opposite to me it seems

If we were never filled with good light

When the darkness falls we’d not fight

Opposites are always there and always kept

We’ve all experienced joy then to have wept

So next time it seems again all is sadly lost

And life’s meaning and purpose has been tossed

Remember though bad the opposite’s still near

Keep trying have faith and good will appear




We are being waggled by vast emotions and situations. It is quite easy to not understand what is going on, or not getting a clear answer to the experiences we are going through. But don’t think that it is over there. This is just beginning, and great things are on the way.

With the aspects, we can feel we are being drawn into the darkness. The darkness of the soul. A darkness that some will be experiencing at the personal level through the sensation of standing in a void space. Without an understanding of the past, and without any clear direction of where to go from here. Without a clear purpose, without an engine.

For some others, it will be experienced through interpersonal relationships (including friendships and work relationships). The Libran energy is that of communication, and with Mercury there the past month, we might get the idea that communication had to flow clear and smooth. But perhaps it was not the case, or not as we would have expected. For some, there can be issues in relationships. Some might not understand the behaviour of their people.

The square sign-based aspect between Venus and Mars will take a month. During these days, we will be seeing dilemmas between different directions, especially when it comes to the interaction between two persons.

There can be a clash of views or objectives. For one person the focus might be on their desires, whereas the other person has a more emotional focus. One person might be longing for emotional support and connection, while the other person has a deeper focus in financial or material matters. One person might be longing for depth in the relationship, while the other person operates more in the superficial layer. There can be all sort of opposite combinations right now.

Lena Kramaric - Frienship through Time

But we might not be aware that the root of these misunderstandings is communication! While Mercury was in Libra, some sort of contacts might have begun, some actions might have started, and some inclinations, desires, aspirations or needs might have been conveyed or expressed. But something happened and there was a rupture in this flow of communication (and Mercury was not retrograde!).

For example, a person might have had applied for a desired job, but not heard back. A person might have been told about some news, which later turned bitter. A person might have expressed their needs to his or her significant other, but seen no action afterwards. A person might have made a plan with a friend, which never came into manifestation. A person might have had a conversation with their boss, but nothing concrete happened afterwards. A new milestone might have been achieved, but another one fell down. These are just examples, but do you get what I mean?

There might be heartbreak (not just of the romantic kind). There might be struggle. There might be broken dreams, torn away plans, hours of loneliness, hours of expectation, anxiety, lack of spiritual and emotional peace, restlessness and a lot of worry.

And now Mercury is moving towards Scorpio, when things are going to get deeper. Expect action or change. Believe it or not, things are moving.

A good friend told me a few days ago, that the Universe needs time to handle things and make wonders happen. Libra is cardinal air, and it is a positive active sign. At times, it can be impatient. People associate Libra with peace, harmony and balance. But you would be surprised that it is almost never the case. Libra wants these qualities. Libra attempts to achieve them. That is why many Libran people are great artists, because they seek the balance of elements! But just as they can be easily achieved, they can also be easily lost at some moments! And these days we might be feeling anxious and impatient. We might not see the light. We might think that this is it and it is over.

But it is not.

Expect some activity in the upcoming weeks. Expect a revelation in the Full Moon in Taurus. Expect positive flowing energy. Things are changing.

And now, what we have to keep under our heads is that this is a time for self-healing. For self-renewal, self-reintegration, self-repair, and for strengthening the body-mind-soul. We need to gain balance in our overall constitution. We need this personal balance, before wanting to achieve interpersonal balance. We need to fix our stuff before fixing our stuff with others. We need to find the answers within ourselves, before placing those answers in other people.

Lena Kramaric - Under the Sea

Something went wrong, and we are immediately trying to find the culprit outside. This doesn’t mean that we are the culprit. But it does imply a personal search and evaluation. General life understanding begins in the self. Then in nature, and then we can understand better others.

On a different scenario, we might find comfort and relieve in the support and love from others. Libra rules over love and relationships. It can be a massive recharge the experience of hugs and kisses. The sacred union. It can also be a substantial shower of love and appreciation the words and the wisdom we get from others when sometimes we cannot see the light. Give help and accept help. Exchange is important. That is why we are social beings after all. We grow together and we build wonders together.

Lena Kramaric - Duga Slika 3 Blue Moon

But this is a time for restoration, for getting the answers we need in our solitude, for repairing wounds and gaining balance and strength.

Looking at the The Sabian Symbol for this lunation’s degree, 16° Libra, it displays:


“After a storm, a boat landing stands in need for reconstruction”


To which Rudhyar adds: “The need to keep in operation steady links between the vast Unconscious and the ego-consciousness”, “REPAIR”.

Libra is that aimed state of balance. But in the wonders of life, balance can sometimes be disrupted. But it must be regained. Balance disruptions can be seen as lessons of excesses of lows. As a warning that something has gone too far, or something needs more thought, feeling or action. But right now, either or not you experienced some sort of cataclysm, it is a time to look after ourselves and work on those areas that have been broken, or that need more attention.

Interesting is the opposition formed between Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus. Mercury is our mind in the here and now conscious ego. Uranus, on the other side, is the higher mind which transcends the conscious ego. For some, Uranus is the personal unconscious: layers and layers of psychic material, memories, experiences, traumas, joys, inner desires, inner wishes, creative sources, and higher forms of thoughts.

Scorpio is depth, Taurus is simplicity. And we see how our mind is drifted in between fields of consciousness. In most cases, it is an experience not fully conscious. But it can be distinguished by feeling all the feelings, all the odds, all the sensations, all the imageries and thoughts. By paying close attention to our bodily reactions, to our thought patterns. By observing our encounters with others, the synchronicity of events, and the meaning behind them. The Sacred timing of the things.

The “boat” of the Sabian symbol can also point to these voyages, these figurative travels we do in our lives. In our minds and souls. What we want today, versus what we get later. What we dreamed yesterday versus what we live today. What we thought would be, but then it wasn’t. An island of illusions versus the arrival into reality shores. The journeys between joys and disappointments.

And now it is a time to dedicate care to this boat that we are. And live this repair to the fullest. Enjoy it in its own special way. Feel it completely. Not everything is what it seems.


Things are changing constantly. And wonders are about to come. In the meantime, heal yourself, meditate, write, reflect on your findings, and observe life and nature. See the wisdom that Earth gives us. Get to see through the darkness of the night. The Moon is still here. She is never gone. Talk with people. Talk your feelings, your fears and your hopes. Accept their help. And do help others on their journey of discovery. For there is always another point we might be missing. And this might be the missing link for achieving understanding and finding peace.




Art: Lena Kramarić



Are you feeling this? Do you want to understand this more deeply in your life? Contact me for an astrology consultation.



New Moon in Libra 2019




*Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases.


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